Chiang Mai Chassies

Chiang Mai Chassies

The Chassies are back! Bigger! Better! Stronger! and equally unskilled in the game. Sadly we’ve seen some departures from last year. Natasha, Michelle, Robyn & Lek – hope you follow us online and come back and join us next year. We’re pumped, a pile of new recruits, some snazzy new outfits with sponsorship and we've been stockpiling the gin all year! Bring it on!


Round One (Ladies Cup)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 16.55 Beaverettes 59/0 5.0 Chiang Mai Chassies 41/1 5.0 Lost by 18 runs
2/4 16.15 Thai Angels 49/1 5.0 Chiang Mai Chassies 35/2 5.0 Lost by 14 runs
3/4 13.40 Central Spirit 60/0 5.0 Chiang Mai Chassies 18/4 5.0 Lost by 42 runs

Chiang Mai Chassies Players

  • Ann Fink

    Ann has apparently played before, but so long ago no one can remember - so we’re wrapped to have her back! You will recognise Ann, simply because it will look like she’s not wearing the same uniform T-shirt as the rest of the team. Ann tends to manage to make her compulsory shirts look like she’s dating Jack the Ripper and turns up wearing a number of shredded tassels - as opposed to a shirt! We’re all confident her cricket abilities are at the same standard as her creative clothing designs! Welcome back Ann!

  • Anne Schoch

    Great to have Anne back after missing from last year. Given Anne is about 7’5 its an amazing feat that she’s such a competent wicket keeper! Certainly a good target for our bowlers to aim for - although it still hasn’t improved our bowling. Those great ‘inspector gadget’ limbs of Annes are perfect for the job. Anne’s request to have an ashtray near the wickets is being considered by the Committee.

  • Anne Teague

    If we can drag Anne out of retirement (and we’ll give it a really good shot), she will be back! Although a good number of us are increasing in the 55+, Anne is still our impressive ‘veteran’ of the game and there is a rumour that Anne dated Don Bradman!! As mentioned, you’re more likely to find Anne at the bar - telling everybody how well they’re playing despite being thrashed! That’s why we love her - she’s just too nice!!

  • Dylan

    Dylan is another new recruit. As at the time of production the editor and the TEAM have never seen Dylan play - so she’s off the hook for being a target of ridicule here. We DO have it on good authority that Dylan is a PE teacher with unlimited energy. … with an equal amount of knowledge of cricket to bring to the game as the rest of us - NONE! Thanks for joining Dylan - hope you get to practice before the start of the season!

  • Heather

    After Heather’s season ending injury in 2017, it was great to have her survive 2018 and back again in 2019. If Heather puts the same amount of physical energy into her game as she does wrestling the other cricketers behind the bar - we should clean up this year. Personally her display on the water slide WAY outdid her performance on the cricket field but we’re optimistic this year. Sadly Heather leaves us after this season - so no-one will be safe - I’d avoid her.

  • Janet

    Our Janet’s BACK and has been huge for cricket all year. As part of the Committee (we need all the umpire favouritism we can get), Janet also secured sponsorship for our team! Great effort. Janet’s commitment to the sixes is exemplary - turning up every Thursday for training and dragging all the gear along every week. We just needed her to put her bag down, stop chatting and practice!!

  • Keri

    Despite being Kiwi/Australian and never playing the game, Keri apparently was around to play last year, and had plenty to say about the lack of ability of the entire team and then did a runner when it was time to front up and play. After seeing Keri practice - she probably should have run off this year as well - but we’re desperate (that’s what she told us!). As in the entertainment in the Royal Courts, Keri has been inducted as part of the team for the ‘jester amusement’ factor - so make sure you wind down your sensitivities when Keri is around!

  • Tania

    Welcome to a new recruit. Tania will be our ‘double agent’ this year, filling in for any team that needs her! Tania brings to cricket what we all do - enthusiasm, sense of fun and absolutely NO knowledge of the game. We’re yet to witness her drinking abilities, however rumour has it she missed a significant party having to spend a few days in the ‘bathroom’ so perhaps her reputation precedes her!! Welcome Tania

Chiang Mai Chassies Supporters

  • Rin

    What can we say about our captain only sadness that she won't be playing for us this year! Given Rin is the only one in our team who can actually 'play the game' the loss is significant. Fortunately Rin will be on the sidelines in full voice for the team.