Event Info

Format & Rules

To avoid delays in a packed schedule, all matches will be played in pairs. The first innings of Match A is followed by the first innings of Match B, then the second innings of Match A is followed by the second innings of Match B, and so on.

Round One

For the 2024 tournament we have a likely number of 28 men’s teams. The men’s event will revert to its Gentlemen’s’ and Player’s format.

In Round One teams will play within their Gents/Players sections to decide placings for Round Two and there will be a league table for each section.

Round Two

Round Two will be split into Cup comp (all Players teams), Shield comp (all Players teams), Bowl comp (a mixture of highest placed Gents teams and lowest placed Players teams), Plate comp (all Gents teams), Spoon comp (all Gents teams).

There will be six teams in each competition where possible and the teams will be divided into two groups of three depending on their seeding. If there is a competition with four teams, each team will play three matches in a league.


We will have semi-finals for any competition with six teams with the top two teams in each group of three progressing. In a group of four the top two teams will progress straight to the final/


Finals in Cup, Shield, Bowl, Plate and Spoon. Winners of the semi-finals in any competition will meet in the final as would the top two teams in a competition with four teams.


There will not be play-offs in 2024 as there are more teams entered in the Sixes this year but every team will get a minimum of five matches with those that reach the semi-finals or finals playing six or seven matches.


Teams will be ranked in the league tables according to points and net run rate off the bat. The second round placings may be adjusted to avoid teams meeting who have already played earlier in the tournament or for any other reason.

Ladies Cup

Four ladies teams play each other on a league basis and the top two teams meet in the final.

Tournament Rules

Download the Tournament Rules in PDF format

(Last amended 2019)