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Team Entries

Team Entries

The Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes is a 'by-invitation only' event. We are pleased to invite and welcome several new teams every year, while preference is traditionally given to teams that have participated in previous tournaments. Invitations are traditionally sent out in the autumn preceding the Sixes which will be held in April of the next year.

The Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes is generally scheduled for the first week in April, and is held at the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club ground in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

New teams interested in taking part in the Chiang Mai Sixes should contact the Teams Co-ordinator as soon as possible so that you may be added to the waiting list for new teams. Preference will be given to teams who play a high standard of cricket in their home country. Please email us at:

[email protected]

Any Sixes regulars who have changed their e-mail address are reminded to inform us of their new details. The Chiang Mai Sixes is a not-for-profit event run by volunteers. It is an amateur club cricketer’s competition, in which teams are allowed to play, in any one match, only one player who is deemed a current first-class professional or former international (Test, ODI, T20, IPL) player.

The event’s guiding philosophy is 'making friends through the sport of cricket', and to this end, the social side of the tournament is treated with the same enthusiasm as the cricket itself.

What you get

Teams entered for the Chiang Mai Sixes can register up to 8 or 10 players for the event, depending upon the quality of the team. The better teams play in the Players Section and are allowed 8 registered players, while the other teams play in the Gentlemen’s Section and are allowed 10 registered players. Additional team supporters are always welcome at the Sixes!

A team entry fee is payable once your team has been given a tournament slot.

The entry fee covers:

  • 1 x cricket cap per player
  • 1 souvenir towel per player
  • 1 souvenir bag per player
  • 1 copy of the tournament magazine/brochure for each team player. The magazine has details of all competing teams, tournament rules, tournament history, advertisers and other local information
  • team entry to 3 catered, evening social events during the tournament week
  • your team tent with tables and chairs on the boundary at the ground
  • a week’s six-a-side cricket including a minimum of 6 matches per team (more if you reach the finals of five different competitions)
  • there will be a competition for ladies teams with a final/
  • winner or runner-up awards for members of each team taking part in a final
  • the enjoyment of a unique week’s holiday in the friendly northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, meeting and playing against teams from many parts of the world

Tournament logo

You may download a variety of logo formats for the 2024 tournament here:

Download 2024 Chiang Mai Sixes Logo (PDF)

Tournament format

Six tournament trophies are contested at the Chiang Mai Sixes, namely: Cup, Bromley Shield, Bowl, Plate, Spoon and Ladies’ Cup. This accommodates a generally high class of cricket competing for the Cup and Shield, to a good average standard at Bowl and Plate level, and a social cricketer standard in the Spoon competition.

The exact tournament format depends on the final number of teams entered. In general, play occurs in four phases: round one, round two, and semi-finals and finals. In round one, teams play three matches in groups at either Gentlemen’s or Players levels; results in each group determine the group placement in round two. In round two, teams again play in a round-robin format with the winners and runners-up proceeding to the semi-finals. The semi-finals and finals are played on a knockout basis. When competitions involve four teams, etach team with play three matches with the top two teams playing in the final.

This page is intended only to give an overall feel for the Tournament. For more detailed information or queries on team entry for the Chiang Mai Sixes contact:

[email protected]