Event Info


Q. What are the opening and closing times of the bar at the ground? A. Open from the start of the first match until 6.00pm (8.00pm on BBQ night).

Sponsors Q. I would like to: (a) be a sponsor, (b) advertise in the Sixes magazine, or (c) have banners at the ground. How do I do this? A. Send us an email. We will arrange a meeting to discuss the details.

Q. What time are the events on? A. Saturday, 7pm Welcome Party, Wednesday BBQ & Entertainment, straight after the last match and Saturday Presentations and Farewell food and drinks at the ground shortly after play has finished.

Q. Can we run off a wide? A. Yes. For the 2019 tournament, a wide will count as three runs and the ball remains live so that extra runs may be scored. However, the maximum total runs from a wide is capped at five. For example, a boundary wide scores five rather than seven as in 2023.

Q. Can we have power supplied to our tent? A. Please contact George prior to the tournament if you require power, misting fans etc. To organize these requests during the tournament can prove problematic.

Q. How do we get to the ground? A. Taxi, Uber, Grab, Maxim, or tuk tuk is the best option as public transport does not cover the route.

Q. Can we erect our own banners at the ground? A. Please contact George or Chops for approval in case banners carry advertising that is not sanctioned by the event.

Q. I wish to make a complaint, how do I do it? A. (a) See George or Chops or (b) email the Committee. Please do not cc every team in the tournament when doing so.

Q. How good are the Hospital Services here, should a family member need an urgent medical assessment or treatment. A. McCormick Hospital provides medical services during the tournament with an ambulance, two nurses and a spotrts physiotherapist on the ground every day. The nearest hospital is the Rajavej. In an emergency you will be taken there by ambulance but will be expected to find your own way back, with a tuk tuk. Have an escort and copy of your passport ID page. Chiang Mai Ram specialises in medical tourism and is internationally accredited by the JCI. They provide a full range of services, MRI Scans, physiotherapy, etc. There is also the Lanna Hospital on the Superhighway, which is much cheaper.

Q. What first aid services are available on the ground. A. There will be two nurses trained in first aid who have a full ranges of medical supplies to treat, headaches, diarrhea, sprains, and gastric problems (to name a few maladies). Emergency resuscitation equipment and a cardiac defibrillator, with a trained operator, plus a stretcher on wheels, will be available.