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Health & Safety Policy

The Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes Tournament (Sixes) is making a positive commitment to achieving high standards of health, safety and welfare for all the teams, staff and visitors who may be affected by the activities of the Tournament.

It is the responsibility of every person at the Sixes to take reasonable care for their own safety and the safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

The Sixes Organising Committee (“the Committee”) will make all reasonable efforts in the following areas:

Risk assessment

  • The Committee will regularly review and monitor all aspects of the Tournament that may pose a threat to the safety of players, teams, staff or spectators.
  • The Chiang Mai Sixes will regularly service, check and update all machinery and equipment.
  • The Chiang Mai Sixes will provide adequate facilities and arrangements with regard to welfare and First Aid.


  • Contractors (eg. food vendors) are issued with contracts and will be vetted by visits to their establishments in order to establish that they meet local, relevant health and safety criteria.

Emergency Services

  • An ambulance will be available at the ground during the Sixes.
  • A defibrillator will be available at the ground with a staff member trained to use it.
  • It is the responsibility of the team captain or his representative to escort a player to the local hospital if required.

First Aid

  • A hospital (currently McCormick Hospital) will be contracted to provide nursing services to render first aid or medical treatment, either at the ground or by hospital referral.
  • A stretcher with wheels will be available, and the Committee recommends that injured players should not attempt to leave the field unaided.
  • A physiotherapist will be contracted to provide prophylactic or remedial services.
  • First aid advice on climate and dietary factors are on the Sixes website under FAQ and available upon request at the ground.

Responsibilities of Players, Staff and Spectators at the Sixes

  • All persons at the Sixes must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for that of others who they may affect by their actions.
  • All persons at the Sixes are actively encouraged by the Sixes to communicate to the Sixes any health and safety matters which may affect themselves or others.
  • All persons at the Sixes should cooperate with the Sixes on health and safety issues. For example, everyone in the spectator/bar area should stay behind the protective nets if you are not actively following the cricket action. *Players should correctly use protective equipment. For those without their own helmets, the Sixes has loaner helmets available.
  • Food vendors are located in areas with reduced risk of being hit by a cricket ball. All persons are recommended to consume their food in this area.

Place of Safety

  • In adverse weather conditions where the safety of all those on and off the field is in imminent danger, any game in progress will be stopped immediately and everyone will be evacuated to the Boundary Bar area. This is a covered / sheltered area which has been extended in order to accommodate 200-300 people if necessary.
  • Weather conditions can deteriorate very quickly here in Chiang Mai, so the decision to suspend play will not only rest with the onfield umpires but also in urgent consultation with the Tournament Director and the person responsible for Health & Safety issues.
  • An announcement to evacuate the field and/or your team tent will be made via the Public Address system but in the event of a power failure, a tannoy will be used.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguishers are now available and are located on the ground floor of the Match Box and in the bar area.
  • They are a Dry Chemical type so are suitable for use on electrical and wood fires only.
  • Please do not attempt to use these if you have not had any training in their use.

Covid 19 and Flu

  • These are both caused by respiratory viruses and are contagious but they are caused by different viruses and can have similar symptoms.
  • Please conduct a home test (available at any 7-Eleven) if you are unwell or go to the nearest hospital or see the nurse in the medical tent.

Head blows

  • The medical service are fully qualified to test for concussion should it be required during the tournament and it is sensible for all batters to wear helmets at all times.
  • It is required that all under-18s wear helmets when batting or standing up to the stumps when keeping wicket.
  • Helmets are available to use from the Match Box.

As at March 2024