Chiang Mai Chassies

Chiang Mai Chassies

The Chassies are back! Bigger! Better! Stronger! and equally unskilled in the game. Sadly we’ve seen some departures from last year. Keri and Dylan. But happily we have a new player Fiona joining our team – hope you follow us online and come back and join us next year. We’re a small team with snazzy shirts ready to take on the competition.🥂🍻🍸🍺🍷🤪🤪🏏🏏

Chiang Mai Chassies Players

  • Anne Teague

    Anne Our residents “Granny Anne” has retired as a player from our team, she will take up the new role as one our food and drinks managers. It’s will be her job along with Carina to ensure the team is well fed and will never run out of drinks.🍷🥂🍺🍻🍹

  • Carina Schaefer Da Silveira

    Carina Carina is a long term royal supporter for our team. She will continue her role as food and drinks managers along with Granny Anne. She is the best dressed Chassies, always looking immaculate at every game. Her “naughty” laughter make for great entertainment🤣🤣

  • Heather Thom

    Heather Nice to have Heather with us again . We have missed her since she moved to Philippines. Her overall talent as a batter and a bowler are a wonderful asset to our team. Heather’s bubbly personality and crazy antics makes for lots of laughs and fun during the week🤣🤣

  • Janet Kirwin

    Janet Finally she will play cricket for us this year and hopefully she not forgot how to play after a few years sitting on the side line issues the girls with fines. Janet also secured sponsorship again for our team! Great effort. We just needed her to concentrate on cricket this week instead of diving🤣🤣

  • Rin Wood

    Rin We’re pleased to announce our captain is back playing for us this year! Looking forward to seeing her sprinting between the wicket and make lots of run. Her cheeky personality helps keep the team on their toes!!!!