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  • Most runs

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  • Highest strike rate (min 6 balls)

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  • Fastest thirties

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    For a complete list of thirties each day, see Best of the Day

  • Most thirties

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  • Most sixes

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  • Most sixes in an innings

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  • Most fours

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  • Fewest balls per boundary (min 6 balls)

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  • Boundary percentage (min 6 runs)

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  • Lowest dot ball % (min 6 balls)

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  • Most wickets

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  • Lowest economy rate (min 6 balls)

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  • Highest economy rate (min 6 balls)

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  • Best bowling

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  • Fewest runs conceded in an over

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  • Most outfield catches

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  • Most dismissals by a wicketkeeper

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  • Highest total

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  • Lowest total

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  • Highest successful chase

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