Darwin Dilettantes

Darwin Dilettantes

Dilettante n. Lover of the fine arts; amateur; one who toys with subject or studies it without seriousness.

Darwin Dilettantes hail from the capital city of the Northern Territory. Australia and are the touring arm of the famous Darwin Cricket Club, one of the most successful Clubs in Darwin. Darwin has been touring for many years all over the world and this will be the 31st occasion that Darwin has played in the Chiang Mai Sixes.

This year we are joined by a strong contingent from Stanthorpe, in the Granite Belt of Queensland and have a total of 6 virgins amongst our playing group, all champing at the bit to survive the Beavers post match fines session!


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 14.15 Floggers Juniors 52/2 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 53/0 3.1 Won by 6 wickets
31/3 16.45 Darwin Dilettantes 76/0 5.0 Stuffed Beavers CC 41/1 5.0 Won by 35 runs
2/4 14.00 Red Lion Wombats 52/2 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 55/0 4.0 Won by 6 wickets

Round Two (Bowl Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 13.20 Blythswood 50/2 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 53/0 3.5 Won by 6 wickets
4/4 09.50 Darwin Dilettantes 65/1 5.0 Perth Postels 53/0 5.0 Won by 12 runs

Bowl Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 10.40 Sons of Pitches 57/3 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 58/1 3.3 Won by 5 wickets

Darwin Dilettantes Players

  • AA Troy Harvey "Ha sip, ha sip"

    Debut: 2005, Player #55, Dilettante tours 7, Shirt #20 Maybe the senior Dilettante player, following the move of Bickers & Roger to the retired list, although who knows what could transpire with Khun Loso on the sidelines. One of the many Dilettantes to join us from far flung parts of the globe, Harvs has been seen on the park with Warathais and Yarrambat in his earlier tournaments but has racked up 7 tourneys with the Darwin boys. Athletic in the field and dead eyed with the bat are the attributes that Harvs aspires to but those years are well behind him. Still clobbers the occasional ball but not a keen runner between wickets or when he has the gloves on :)

  • Andrew Einam - Big Bird

    Dilettante Player # 87, Debut: 2023, Tours: 1 Einy will be back in 2024 bigger & better, leading a contingent of virgins from Stanthorpe in the granite belt of southern Queensland. The Big Bird has no doubt regaled them with his derring-do on field in Chiang Mai - his first over with 3 slips & a gully is one for the memory. A pity it was delivered at half rat power with several wides sprinkled among the tripe. Off field, Einy speaks fluent Esarn and is a handy man for ordering ham/cheese toasties cooked to perfection.

  • Andrew Strangways - Beans

    Dilettante Player # 88, Debut: 2023, Tours: 1 The most decorated tour virgin in history in 2023 - his visit to Chiang Mai had it all: police, ladyboys, emergency dental work, ham cheese toasties by the bucketful, beer snorkels, sleeping in the Beaver's tent, fines galore and endless insomnia. Will be welcomed back by many, including his team mates, bigger and better expected in 2024.

  • Anthony Coup - MRF

    Debut: 2000, Player #43, Dilettante tours 2, Shirt #4 The Stanthorpe "man behind the scenes" for cricket arrangements, expect to see his bowling reach even greater heights this year (in altitude not achievement). Accompanied by his partner Lisa, they make a formidable team in keeping the rest of the Stanthorpe boys on the straight and narrow.

  • Anthony Marino "Woggy"

    Debut: 2024, Player #92, Tours 0 Virgin, nominated team shooter taker. Expecting big things off field, on-field appearances expected to be brief!

  • Chris Pargeter - Hustler

    Debut: 2024, Player #89, Tours 0 Virgin tourist and can lay claim to being the only regular Darwin CC player in this year's Dilettantes. Should slot straight into Ravi's place, launching slow hand grenades at opposition batters in the hope of getting them caught be non-existent fielders in the deep. Also doubles as Darwin CC money-man, looking forward to his eyes popping at the post Stuffed Beaver's match fines session 5555555

  • Danny Folkers "Bald Eagle"

    Debut: 2024, Player #91, Tours 0 Another Virgin tourist from Stanthorpe, the sensible one hoping to be led astray! His emergency services expertise should help handling the smog in Chiang Mai from traditional burn offs in the hills during the Sixes.

  • Jamie Carnell "Rowdy"

    Debut: 2024, Player #90, Tours 0 Virgin tourist and erstwhile captain of various Stanthorpe representative teams. Rumoured to be a handy player but will soon have that sorted our with plenty of Pina Coladas. A chef by trade, team mates are waiting with eager anticipation for his professional opinion of a 7-11 ham/cheese toastie.

  • Reserve - Brendan Smith - Apprentice

    Debut: 2024, Player #93, Tours 0 Virgin. Dilettante's specialist bench player, hoping for a cameo appearance on debut against Beavers, to add to his sporting resume.

Darwin Dilettantes Supporters

  • Afiya "Fi" Einam

    Dilettante # ??, debut: 2023, Tours: 1 Fi returns to Chiang Mai with mum & dad, everyone will be delighted to see her happy face around the cricket.

  • Barry Bulow

    A late withdrawal without a debut👨‍🏭👷‍♂️

  • Chris Heron "Bird"

    Dilettante Player # 27, debut: 1991, Tours: 26 A late starter in 2024, expect a fleeting visit to town for the opening party and departure after destroying the Stanthorpe virgins.

  • Gary Hancock "Loso"

    Debut: 1997, Player #39, Tours 18 Another year of hoping not to grace the playing fields will leave Gaz prepared for many long nights exploring the Chiang Mai scene.

  • Greg Bicknell - Bickers

    Dilettante Player # 1 Debut: 1991 Tours: 29 Manager - definitely non-player this year after the disgrace as losing captain versus the Stuffed Beavers last year. Looking forward to the re-match observing from the side lines.

  • Inthira Silakort

    Fi's mum and Big Bird's better half, a return to Chiang Mai after 2023. Has the biggest job in the team of keeping Einy under control or, failing that, emptying his wallet on shopping expeditions.

  • Lisa Coup

    Coupy's better half, back for a repeat tour after debuting in 2023. Expect her to be leading the pack in shooter & cocktail design and demolishing.

  • Maree Bicknell - Jasmine

    Dilettante # ??, debut: 2024, Tours: 0 First tour for Bicker's daughter, will keep him well behaved during the week.

  • Matthew Harvey - Manchild

    Harvs offspring & veteran tourist. Expected to smash his record for demolishing his own body weight in burgers, pizzas, french fries and other health food over the week - keeping Harv's pockets empty 55555 Everyone is looking forward to the day he graces the field as a player at long stop for his old man's keeping.

  • Michael Burns "Burnsey"

    The dulcet tones of Burnsy will ring out across the Gymkhana Club ground again this year, with his commentating adding to the professionalism of the tournament - apart from when he is sledging Harvs!!!

  • Michael Heron 'lucky"

    Umpteenth visit to Chiang Mai Sixes, making a brief trip with his dad. Expect him to go toe to toe with Man child in the eating stakes.

  • Roger "Heavy Hammer" Weckert

    Dilettante Player # 40, Debut: 2000, Tours: 23, shirt#10 Expect to sight Roger at some stage over the Sixes week, after he drags himself away from Samui. Self declared playing retiree, looking forward to enjoying a frothy in the comfort of the Gymkhana Club environs.

  • Steve "Tats" Tatzenko

    We sadly lost Tats in early December 2023, after a brief illness.

    Tats was a stalwart of Darwin Cricket Club tours to Zimbabwe, Malaysia and 13 tours of Chiang Mai. He was made a life member of the Dilettantes, to recognise his contribution at the Sixes. A mentor of Loso, great friend of the Malakas and many others at Chiang Mai - he will be missed.


  • Wilailak Harvey - Noi

    Better half of HaSip HaSip. Always great to have her on tour and she is looking forward to catching up with the many friends she has made over her numerous visits to Chiang Mai Sixes.