Darwin Dilettantes

Darwin Dilettantes

Dilettante n. Lover of the fine arts; amateur; one who toys with subject or studies it without seriousness.

Darwin Dilettantes hail from the capital city of the Northern Territory. Australia and are the touring arm of the famous Darwin Cricket Club, one of the most successful Clubs in Darwin. Darwin has been touring for many years all over the world and this will be the 30th occasion that Darwin has played in the Chiang Mai Sixes.

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Round One (Open Round)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
2/4 13.15 Warriors 69/1 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 63/0 5.0 Lost by 6 runs
3/4 12.15 Gymkhana Cavaliers 63/3 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 60/3 5.0 Lost by 3 runs
4/4 09.15 Darwin Dilettantes 52/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 47/1 5.0 Won by 5 runs

Round Two (Bowl)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 10.45 Darwin Dilettantes 52/1 5.0 Blythswood 53/0 3.4 Lost by 6 wickets
6/4 09.45 Stuffed Beavers CC 65/1 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 64/0 5.0 Lost by 1 runs
7/4 11.00 Kimberley Crusaders 38/2 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 40/1 3.0 Won by 5 wickets

Bowl 3rd place

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
8/4 12.45 Kimberley Crusaders 53/0 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 54/1 4.1 Won by 5 wickets

Darwin Dilettantes Players

  • Andrew "Beans" Strangway

    Dilettante Player # 88, Debut: 2023, Tours: 0

    Virgin Dilettante - likes a bit of cricket between beers.

  • Andrew "Big Bird" Einam

    Dilettante Player # 87, Debut: 2023, Tours: 0

    Virgin tourist - gun fast bowler from Queensland, regularly bowls in the 140's and hits the ball a loooong way!

  • Chris "Turtle" Hubbard

    Debut: 1993, Player #14, Dilettante tours 1

    The turtle is staging a return to the hallowed playing fields of Chiang Mai after a 15 year absence - after leaving a swathe of broken hearts behind him in the kingdom. This modern day Lothario has been collared but still rolls his arm over in the local comp in Darwin.

  • Greg "Jai Dum" Bicknell

    Dilettante Player # 1 Debut: 1991 Tours: 28, Shirt #1

    A relic from many tours past, our only Dilettante who played way back in 1991. Also played in inaugural tournament way back in 1988 - but his cricketing days are but memories now 555555!

  • Kym "Kymbo" Lawrence

    Dilettante Player # 86, Debut: 2023, Tours: 0

    Virgin Dilettante, rumoured to be able to play a bit - current Darwin Cricket Club Senior Coach.

  • Roger "Heavy Hammer" Weckert

    Dilettante Player # 40, Debut: 2000, Tours: 22, shirt#10

    Another rusted on Dilettante like Bickers, Roger is a familiar face at the Sixes. Really only returns to Northern Thailand to check on his vast landholdings in the region!!

  • Tony "Goodyear" Coup

    Debut: 2000, Player #43, Dilettante tours 1, Shirt #4

    Coupy is also staging a triumphant return to the Sixes after a 22 year break. Will be hoping the Pornping car park was renovated to get rid of the tyremarks from his last tour. Now resident in Queensland.

  • Troy "HaSip HaSip" Harvey

    Debut: 2005, Player #55, Dilettante tours 6, Shirt #20

    Harvs is another well known veteran of the Sixes, having played with myriad teams over the past 15 years. Will be happy that Gaz is the nominated team drinker this year, although will be in attendance to keep a close eye on him.

Darwin Dilettantes Supporters

  • A.N. Others

    Several players will be ably assisted by partners - Praow Weckert, wife of the Heavy Hammer - Noi Harvey, wife of HaSip HaSip and the inimitable man-child Mathew - Tuck Hubbard, wife of the Turtle - Mrs Coup - Mrs Einam and daughter

  • Chris "Will-o'-the-wisp" Heron

    Our inestimable Team Manager/Shirt sponsor

    Dilettante Player # 27, debut: 1991, Tours: 25

    Opposition bats can count themselves lucky that Wally is recovering from a shoulder operation and won't be able to unleash his thunderbolts (again) this year. Will be in and out of Chiang Mai like the Scarlet Pimpernel.

  • Gary "Loso" Hancock

    Debut: 1997, Player #39, Tours 17

    The wobbly knees have finally given out! Officially a severe finger injury means a stint on the side lines this year, but the rumour is that it is just so he can represent the Dilettantes in any/all slammer sessions! Keen basketballer in his spare time, is joining us from deep in the outback where he has been enjoying the lifestyle of Mataranka.

  • Kevin "Bloody" Peters

    Dilettantes Tourist # ?? - Tours - 0, Played - 0 The much vaunted visit to the Chiang Mai Sixes may be about to happen!!! If not interrupted by pressing engagements on Bueng Kan Province rubber plantations (most of which he bankrolled). Despite several years as captain of Darwin CC 1st grade team, he refuses to pull on the whites for a foray onto the playing fields in Chiang Mai.

  • Michael "Fence Sitter" Burns

    Dilettantes - Tourist #122

    Our favourite finee and Harv's nemesis with the raised digit!

  • The Coleraine Boys

    Our Dilettante Life Members from Coleraine will be missing in action this year. Springy, Bear, Pouch & Walter are unable to escape important jobs back on the farm, so won't have to coerce them out of Pattaya to try and get them to play this year.