Perth Postels

Perth Postels

Perth Postels

Back for our 26th Tour. Nowhere near the old days, however have managed a few recruits to hopefully carry the team through the event.

Old faces will be back, with some Awali Postels to again enjoy the delights of Chiang Mai with us.

Feel Free to drop by for a chat and a beer when near us or look forward to seeing us around town in the evenings, or at the DTW Hotel Lobby Bar.


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 14.00 Perth Postels 68/2 5.0 Red Lion Wombats 69/0 4.0 Lost by 6 wickets
2/4 09.00 Perth Postels 42/1 5.0 Floggers Juniors 37/2 5.0 Won by 5 runs
2/4 15.15 Stuffed Beavers CC 60/0 5.0 Perth Postels 62/0 5.0 Won by 6 wickets

Round Two (Bowl Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 09.50 Darwin Dilettantes 65/1 5.0 Perth Postels 53/0 5.0 Lost by 12 runs
5/4 12.30 Perth Postels 46/1 5.0 Blythswood 49/0 3.3 Lost by 6 wickets

Perth Postels Players

  • Edward Rimmington

    A Perth Postels Tour Virgin, most welcome to join us. Needed all tournament we believe, some younger legs will assis greatly. Part Australian, part Filipino, lives in South Korea and Melbourne, if you need Visa's sorted Eddie is your man.

  • Garrard "Bulli" Hall

    Mr Awali himself, does a great job nowadays keeping the English side of the Postels being strong. Has been a long English winter, so looking forward to all the jokes and laughs that we have in Chiang Mai. May even have a game or two while at it.

  • Ian "Reds" Liddell

    A huge welcome back to Reds whom is due to join us mid week and play some matches. Been a brilliant Bowler, Batsman and Fieldsman for many years at Waratah-Mayfield CC in Newcastle, Australia for many years. An absolute pleasure to have him with us again.

  • Ike Bekker

    A big welcome to Ike, a young man who loves his cricket, but also enjoys a good time. Originally African from South Africa, nowadays lives in Phuket. Most happy that he has been able to join our squad and is certain to be a big part of the playing Six.

  • Imran "Batman" Idrees

    Our long term good friend Imran may be called upon to give us a hand during this years Chiang Mai Sixes. Has been a close part of the group for many years, always a pleasure to chat and mix with such a gentleman always. A very good player was Immy. Looking forward to seeing him again.

  • Khurram Rauf

    A welcome back to our good friend Khurram, a local in Chiang Mai. Always busy helping with Scoring and generally with the event, there may again be a need to call upon Khurram during the tournament. He is very enthusiastic and loves playing cricket, he really enjoys it.

  • Michael "Cat" Maher

    Back for his 26th Chiang Mai Tour with much pleasure. Hoping to get back on the field for a game or two if needed after another Hip Replacement, simply happy to be able to return and enjoy lovely Chiang Mai. Helped build the tournament during his days on the Committee, now most happy to enjoy the great tournament that it is.

  • Pavit Grover

    Also a new addition to the group, another young man who is passionate about the Lovely Game of cricket. Is making the trip up to Chiang Mai following a business trip, will very much enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Perth Postels Hut. Excited to welcome Pavit to the team,

  • Rosano "Rosco" Martins

    A huge welcome back to Mr Chiang Mai Rosco. Has taken a liking to the lovely city, so much so that he now visits semi-regularly. Very much enjoys a beer and the Postels socially. A senior Leader of the group, always does his best for what is required.

  • Satpal "Satnav" Hunjan

    Sat is always an impact Player and Supporter of the Postels Group, like he was in years gone by with Awali. Badly influences Bulli at times and goes beyond for the group often. Rumour is that he is In Form with his Brand New cricket bat!!

Perth Postels Supporters

  • Barrie Raeburn

    Looking forward to seeing Barrie around throughout the Sixes, been a fixture at the event for many years with Awali. Barrie did a brilliant job over a number of years being the Team Co-Ordinator for the tournament.

  • Geoff Stearn

    A huge welcome back to Geoff, who continues to offer support and guide us the Perth Postels (and do we need it). Enjoys the Gymkhana Ground, the cricket and the many nice people who he knows at the Chiang Mai Sixes. Has always been a huge Supporter of Junior Cricket in Chiang Mai and Thailand generally.

  • Ian "Judge" Kellow

    The Judge keeps the troops in order, those that are smart know to behave when the Court is in Session. Always has a smile on his face and has brought all the fine Awali Vodka Slamming Skills to the table for us the Perth Postels. A huge welcome back to Ian.

  • Ian "Pappa" Steele

    Pappa back again in his glory, this time Batching it without Luvie! Has warned Cat that he is good to go for a few beers this year, a change of course, NOT! A great friend from North Queensland, a fine Ambassador for the Postels, enjoys every minute of touring. He could be dangerous as has a new hip also!

  • Ken "T/Bags" Bushell

    Hoping that TBags will again be with us for the Postels. Has always since the first tour to Chiang Mai, been the Leader from the front, especially in the days of Bubbles Nightclub. Kept an eye on Slydog back in those dark wild early days of touring. Nowadays relaxes in lovely Albany in Western Australia.

  • Kevin "Nemo" Lovegrove

    Always has an interesting take on the game of cricket, especially while enjoying a very cold drink. Has been one of the Father figures of Awali over years and now is giving his knowledge and knowhow to us lucky Perth Postels (Awali). A pleasure spending time with "Nemo" always!

  • Ms Wanvisa Dezell (Jen)

    So lovely to be welcoming Jennifer back to Chiang Mai after a long time. Has been a big part of the Postels Family since she was a little girl, looking after us during those fun Sugar Shack days, along with Oi, Grandma and family. Now hails from Los Angeles where she continues to achieve, gaining her Pilots License and could be flying Commercial Planes soon.

  • Paul Lack

    Lacky will be with us for a few days at the start of the Sixes and it will a great chance to catch up with some Banter over a beer or three. Loves the game of cricket and travels far and wide enjoying it. Looking forward to a catch up seeing we were all restricted throughout Covid 19.

  • Richard "Richie" Sulway

    Thanks goodness for our Mr Steady Richie to guide us through what is a tough week. Always ensures that there are beers at hand and cold. Somebody has to keep us all in check. A total joy to be on tour with and is at hand at all times to discuss Geology (rocks). Gone are the playing days however, he makes that very clear!

  • Stan "Humpty" Spink

    Humpty has been a big supporter of the Postels over a number of years, but sadly because of some health issue's he is not able to be with us this time. Will surely be missed by us all!