Perth Postels

Perth Postels

What a journey, 25 years Touring to Chiang Mai for this very special tournament. Way back in 1996, one warm Perth Summers Day after cricket, I got a phone call from Mr Maurice Bromley inviting the Perth Postels Cricket Club to the Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes. It took only 5 minutes to accept the invitation from Maurice, now the rest is history. We have had so very many special times in lovely Chiang Mai, both on and off the cricket field. We have always toured to Thailand with the main wish to enjoy the cricket, enjoy the people and to have a great time with a few drinks and great food along the way. Thank-you to all the very many friends which have been made along the way. A special welcome to our Awali-Postels who we welcome this year, being neighbors over many years has meant it a natural fit that Bulli, Sat and the guys join us to make this an even more special year to celebrate this 25th Tour. Sadly our On-Field performance has continued to subside, we hope to get 6 bodies on the field throughout the week, I can assure we will be doing our best, but we certainly do not expect much! Again we will enjoy it all, even though sadly we are all 28 years older, we will approach the tour the same way of Friendship to the Thai people, other teams and groups and enjoy a special time. You will notice that the 25th Tour Logo has 2020 on it as of course that was going to be our 25th Tour, sadly Covid 19 stole that opportunity from us. However now we have this special opportunity to make 2023 even better! We look forward to seeing you all again to help us celebrate what will again be a most special tour for us all.


Round One (Open Round)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
2/4 12.00 Perth Postels 53/1 5.0 Stuffed Beavers CC 54/0 4.3 Lost by 6 wickets
3/4 17.00 Perth Postels 28/1 5.0 Purple Helmets 31/0 1.5 Lost by 6 wickets
4/4 11.45 Perth Postels 42/2 5.0 Thunders 43/0 2.0 Lost by 6 wickets

Round Two (Spoon)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 09.45 Perth Postels 73/0 5.0 RUC Rascals 64/3 5.0 Won by 9 runs
6/4 10.45 Perth Postels 43/3 5.0 Sons of Pitches 46/1 4.2 Lost by 5 wickets
7/4 09.45 Perth Postels 50/0 5.0 Red Lion Wombats 51/0 4.5 Lost by 6 wickets

Spoon 3rd place

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
8/4 09.00 Perth Postels 72/1 5.0 RUC Rascals 50/0 5.0 Won by 22 runs

Perth Postels Players

  • Bob "Kojack" Hope

    Another long term Chiang Mai tourist, was a very good player in his day. If he can manage to keep away from injury, surely he will show some of the old class of years gone by. Always up for an interesting conversation and laugh, very welcome to the Postels ranks. Bob is one of those people who has always been a great Perth Postels friend. Mostly works in the Middle East, so just a hop, skip and jump over the Thailand to celebrate the return of the Chiang Mai Sixes.

  • Garrard "Bulli" Hall

    A great character from England, Bulli leads the Awali Postels guys to help celebrate this special tour. Always shows special enthusiasm with whatever he does, be it on the cricket field, at a Slammer Session, out socially over a few beers in the evening, always ready for a good laugh. Very much looking forward to meeting up with Ged again after a frustrating time during Covid.

  • Ian "Pappa" Steele

    Pappa first visited Chiang Mai in the 1990's and always vowed that he will be back. Has taken part in the previous 2 Siam Sevens events in Chiang Mai, however committed to the Perth Postels in 2020. Of course that did not happen, however it has given him the chance to go through a fitness campaign and is raring to go on the field for 2023 and the 25th Tour. Will be joined by his "better half "Luvie Ream", she will certainly keep us all on our toes throughout the week. Luvie will be partying on Sunday 2 April to celebrate her Birthday at the Crazy German Bar.

  • Joe "Young Kojack" Hope

    Yayyyyyyyyyy a bit of youth for the team, a huge welcome to Joe to add some fitness out on the field. A very nice young man who will fit in brilliantly with the group and team. We are looking forward to welcoming Joe and teaching him (well him teaching us "some tricks of the trade"). Will be happy to get some lovely Chiang Mai heat (and smoke) after travelling from as his dad put it "Sunny Manchester"!

  • Michael "Cat" Maher

    Been to every Perth Postels Tour since 1996, hopes to make at least one appearance onto the field during the 2023 Sixes event. Loves Chiang Mai and Thailand, enjoys the Sixes very much and has made very many friends throughout the years. Thanks Chiang Mai.

  • Rosano "Rosco" Martins

    Rosco loves life, touring and generally having a great time. A true Postels after an earlier career working for Australia Post. A "Born again cricketer" he shows a great determination to enjoy cricket, as he loves the game. Always happy to enjoy a beer and smile, a good fun tourist who has worked very hard so that the tour can go ahead.

  • Satpal "Satnav" Hunjan

    A very interesting person who is always up to something. Is an expert when it comes to navagating the city, always the best tour guide of the group. Always a new theory and offers most interesting ideas socially and at the ground. Very light on his feet and spends time working out and calculating the next tactics and options. Will be a true asset to the Postels for our 25th Tour to CNX.

  • Stephen "Fluffy Priest" Turner

    A huge welcome to our long term friend "Fluffy" to the Postels hut. Very known for his services to Awali over the years, a TRUE lover of cricket. Still plays hard and does his very best on the field, always a contributor and does his very best. A great laugh and enjoys a good time if at the ground or out at night.

Perth Postels Supporters

  • Bill Gao

    A special thanks to Bill, who along with Gavin Shaw, supported the team through sponsorship in 2020 and now in 2023 we will be able to fully benefit from RIFENG's big help. Bill probably will not be with us, however thank-you Bill.

  • Gavin Shaw

    Gavin (or known as CI) was kindly the Team Sponsor for the 2020 Tour which of course did not go ahead due to Covid 19. So again thanks very much for your kind support for the tour. Has been a big support of the Chiang Mai Sixes and the Perth Postels, as a Player, Umpire and brilliant Supporter over the years. I believe that Gavin's wife Kim Shaw also may be with us in Chaing Mai?

  • Geoff Stearn

    A true gentleman, Geoff has been joining us all in Chiang Mai since the early to mid 1990's. Has kindly sponsored the Postels and always offers lots of support both on and off the field. Always does his very best to also sponsor Junior Cricket in Chiang Mai and Thailand generally.

  • Ian "Judge" Kellow

    The judge is back with his band of fun supporters. His better half "Patty" will lead this lively group to help keep the touring group on our toes. The Postels certainly need a judge to master our Fine Sessions and to keep us honest. Looking forward to the laughter that the group will give to the tour..

  • Ken "T/Bags" Bushell

    Another real Perth Postel (worked for Australia Post for many years) after making his first tour in 1996 with Cat. Makes up the Dynamic Duo with the Slydog, many a story to be told there I can assure. Was an on field contributor over the years but has made it very clear that his contribution this year will only be Off Field supporting.

  • Kevin Buchanan

    Thanks again to Kevin and the Crazy German Bar for their continued support to the Perth Postels. We will have a Party there on Sunday 2 April 2023, thanks for the kind buffet support. We have been enjoying their support for a numbers of years, thank-you very much.

  • Rex "Slydog" Evans

    The Doggy is most excited to be in Chiang Mai celebrating what has been a long term legacy for the group, always ably supported by his Right Hand man T/Bags. Of course well known these days as a very good Umpire and help Hagar out keeping the Umpiring stocks very high in Chiang Mai. Always a huge laugh, enjoys a great time and has remained a big part of the Postels Touring since his fist tour to Chiang Mai in 1997,

  • Richard "Richie" Sulway

    Richard is back to enjoy and celebrate what has been a most special Chiang Mai ride. He played for many years, however like T/Bags assures me that he will NOT be going onto the fried as a Player. Enjoys a cold beer, keeps us sane and always a good story to be told. Has helped keep the Perth Postels going!

  • Stan "Humpty" Spink

    The ever reliable Team Manager will again be with us all guns blazing. A celebration as usual mid week for his birthday will as always be a highlight. Loves the tournament, enjoys the relaxed drinks and chats with the Perth Postels and is very excited to be back with us to celebrate this special event.

  • Toni "Cougar" Maher

    A big welcome back to Chiang Mai to Cougar, Cat's lovely sister. She has toured to the event many times over the 25 years and she felt that she could not miss this one. Always helpful, caring and enjoys a good time, she will join everybody in the special spirit of the event.