Darjeeling CC

Darjeeling CC

Founded in 1969, Darjeeling Cricket Club is the oldest amateur cricket club in the United Arab Emirates. Primarily a western expat club, with cricketing members from all over the world.

Darjeeling are one of the few teams that have been participating in the Chiang Mai Sixes since its inception. 2014 saw Darjeeling win the Bromley Shield with a hard fought encounter with the Clifton Hill Stray Cats, our most successful year to date.

In 2023 we had our best performance in more recent times, finishing a very unexpected 3rd in the Cup.

We have a strong contingent expected in 2024, with circa 20 players and supporters confirmed to join us in Chiang Mai.


Round One (Players)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 10.30 Darjeeling CC 81/0 5.0 Thai Thevada 53/3 5.0 Won by 28 runs
2/4 10.15 Summer Saints 57/1 5.0 Darjeeling CC 60/0 2.4 Won by 6 wickets
2/4 12.45 Purple Helmets 46/3 5.0 Darjeeling CC 52/1 3.4 Won by 5 wickets

Round Two (Cup Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 16.00 NCL Thunders 85/3 5.0 Darjeeling CC 58/3 5.0 Lost by 27 runs
4/4 14.40 Gymkhana Cavaliers 67/2 5.0 Darjeeling CC 68/0 3.3 Won by 6 wickets

Cup Semi Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 11.40 Darjeeling CC 62/2 5.0 St Francis de Sales 63/0 2.4 Lost by 6 wickets

Darjeeling CC Players

  • Aadam Tipu Rashid

    One of our many Chiang Mai tour virgins this year. Aadam gives a brilliant option to Darjeeling with the bat hitting a ball deceivingly far for a man of his stature he is also great with balls in hand.

    Also very useful with the keeping gloves on and will be giving batsmen nightmares before they face DCC at this years competition.

  • Ben Morbey

    The self proclaimed “best bowler at the Darj” been taking club records since his arrival last year. All of them in extras conceded.

    Last minute addition to the trip after seeing a tiktok on pingpong shows shared by Ryan

  • Bradley "Brad" Wissink

    What can we say about club favourite Brad that hasn’t been said about him already: the best test cricketer to ever have played a 6’s tournament, and also just a terrific bloke.

  • Brendan "Ninja" Jones

    The silent assassin of Darjeeling best known for his best selling book “The Accidental Invasion of Baghdad Zoo” (Still available on Amazon)

    Gentle at heart but extremely elusive he is one of the nicest people you have ever met, unless you are an opposition bowler where he is known to ruin your self belief when he has willow in hand.

  • Charlie "Chuck" Norris

    The fridge sized son of Chuck is another first timer to the Chiang Mai 6’s.

    A man who definitely goes out to bat for a good time and not a long one but when he connects, it goes a long way.

    An animal on a night out, the only issue is he has bought his Mrs for a family holiday.

  • Dominic "The Dom" Redpath

    Truly one of the worlds good blokes, the only issue is he has a similar IQ to a baby panda,

    Enough about the person onto his cricket, while batting he looks like a penguin holding a cricket bat and can’t catch or ball.

    Just show him a new wheel chair and you will never see a happier “human being” again.

  • Katie Thompson

    Returning for the second time to Chiang Mai Super 6’s now captaining the side trying to control a testerone filled team.

    Out of our full team she has played at the highest level cricket. Once dropping a catch at Edgebaston live on Sky Sports.

    Katie will also be playing for Diva Drives in the Ladies tournament as she decided her skills were too good for DCC.

  • Ryan Kyffin

    Another tour virgin to Chiang Mai, we don’t know much about him but one things for sure he is an extremely talented sportsman.

    Most famous for getting bored batting right handed so decided to bat with his left scoring 8 off two balls.

    The Dom once said “ I don’t know if I have ever met someone with hand eye coordination better than the Kyffin”

    Not sure if Ryan is coming for cricket or ping pong shows, but I know he will get plenty of both.

  • Saeed "Sid" Ahmed

    Uncle Sid is another tour virgin and manager of the tour this year. Current interim Club Captain of DCC. The club would definitely be in a worse position without him.

    Sid has been highly successful in his time on earth with his only two shortcomings being physical activity and reducing human trafficking numbers.

  • Shehan Jayawardena

    Since last year Shehan has become first team captain of Darjeeling. Winning two games in 3 months.

    Luckily for DCC he is not the captain for this tour but will definitely be hitting 6’s and taking poles

  • Sonny Rosha

    Sonny has 3 loves in his life Cricket, travel and bitcoin.

    Extremely intelligent on all of these subjects, if you start speaking to him about one on the first day of the tour the conversation may be finished by finals day.

    A genuine all rounder good enough to put fear in the hearts of any opposition that comes his way.

Darjeeling CC Supporters

  • Dom Bryan

    Dom once masterminded over 60 runs in a final over to win a game courtesy of the draconian regulations for wides. Avoid any local shopping with Dom as he loves a haggle and 45 minutes spent saving 10 baht he regards as time well spent. Feel free to abuse him about his tedious obsession with football in general and Manchester United in particular as he used to be a rugby referee and is familiar with people having scant regard for his opinions.

  • George Appleton

    ‘Our Man In Chiang Mai’ is a former Darjeeling Chairman and vital resource to the tour party. He represented the Navy at multiple sports including cricket. From his Royal Tournament ‘Gun Running’ training he gained his nickname of ‘Speedy Wheels’. His relaxed and kindly demeanour is a byword for the Sixes as is his tireless efforts to teach the locals profanities delivered in a Middlesbrough dialect best suited to the infamous International Bongo Club. He is a product of God’s Own County of Yorkshire… enough said.

  • Georgia Jones

    Darjeeling's least interested supporter, just here for the tan and the elephants...

  • Janica Geldenhuys

    Darjeeling's number 1 fan is back again for another fun filled tour. This time she’s giving the game a go with her maiden playing tournament

    Now armed with 1 years worth of cricket knowledge our "quiet South African" will be heard cheering on Darjeeling, praising every wide and no ball bowled!

    Who knows, she may pick up wickets with her mystery spin - where will it land? That’s the excited no one knows!!

  • Jim Jeffries

    Unforunately Jim has had to pull out late in this tour for some long awaited surgery, we wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Mia Lampton

    Gin, Percy and Ryan, three things that Mia loves the most. A newby to the group but is coming out to babysit Ryan and ensure he doesn’t frequent the ping pong shows too often!She may or may not open a bar in Chiang Mai called WTF. She loves the Darj but hates the game.

    Thought Chiang Mai had a beach…..

  • Mrs Isaac “The Nag” Rashid

    What Darjeelings answer to RuPaul doesn’t know about handbags is not worth knowing.

    A loving caring person who often gets compared to a tent as he is so good at CAMPing.

    New to the supporters club but quickly became one of the teams favourite supporters, this could be down to his unwavering support or the fact that there is nothing a group of married men like more than someone in earrings and nail polish cheering them on from the sidelines…

  • Paul Piper

    This former schoolboy chorister once in Phuket was most upset to be overlooked for selection for Jim Jeffries who he regarded as being as mobile as a tetraplegic. In sporting terms he is famed as “The Fastest Wrist In Kent” due to his redoubtable badminton ability rather than any onanistic proclivities. Begrudgingly and with great efficiency he will be the whip master who delights in ordering exotic and expensive drinks during the pub crawl… may I suggest you select from one of the bottled lagers.