Darjeeling CC

Darjeeling CC

A historic year

We have turned 50 this year, in some clubs’ histories it is a tiny number, but for a transient country such as the UAE where people come and go, the Darjeeling legacy has lived on and has become an institution in cricketing circles.

From humble beginnings in the sandy wastes on the outskirts of a growing Dubai in 1969, pre the forming of the current UAE, the Club now has a strong membership with a passion for fair play and youth development.

Today we continue to enjoy our cricket at the ICC Academy, as our current home ground, and play at various other grounds across the UAE both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Later this year we will further celebrate by holding our own Sixes, the GCC Sixes. The tournament will be held at the prestigious ICC Academy in November, team entries from across the Gulf and further afield, followed by a Gala evening onboard another 50th Anniversary celebrity, the QEII.

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Round One (Players)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 11.35 Darjeeling CC 48/2 5.0 NCL Dynamites 51/1 3.5 Lost by 5 wickets
1/4 10.10 Darjeeling CC 61/3 5.0 Divine Felons 62/1 4.4 Lost by 5 wickets
2/4 09.15 Lanna CC 62/0 5.0 Darjeeling CC 62/2 5.0 Lost by fewer wickets lost

Round Two (Shield Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 16.00 Yorkshire Puddings 75/0 5.0 Darjeeling CC 67/1 5.0 Lost by 8 runs
5/4 12.30 Darjeeling CC 68/1 5.0 Thai Thevada 72/0 4.2 Lost by 6 wickets

Darjeeling CC Players

  • Blikkies Blignaut


    The point has been argued after 5 tours with the "Dillos, a simple question “How many times have you toured with Darjeeling?” Silence was the stern reply. An explosive batsman and tight line bowler, we are hoping Blikkies brings his A game. This lovable Teddy will be without his one true love Elsabe, we are hoping his pining works in our favour.

  • Chris Marques


    Probably the youngest tourist in Darjeeling history, Chris is another all rounder, with a dynamic batting style reminiscent of Jos Buttler, and bowling similar to Stuart Broad. We hold high hopes for this blossoming youngster, so long as he is not led astray by certain team mates. Im sure Captain Umer will keep an eye on him

  • Etienne Visser

    TOUR 4

    The quiet South African is back, fully rested and raring to go, after a sabbatical to Italy in 2018. An all rounder who lets his actions on the field do the talking for him. He likes a drop of rum, so the Darjeeling boys spoon feed him throughout the day to ensure he remains quiet and docile. Don't let his placid demeanour fool you, he is a raging animal once the sun goes down

  • Graeme Worth


    Yet another Yarpie! Graeme is a shaper of young minds, teaching elementary maths in Abu Dhabi. A master batsman, who has a sublime cover drive, and a part time tweaker of the "Pinky". Last year a Beijing Duck, now soaring high as an Eagle with Darjeeling. We know he likes a drink, lets see if he can perform off the field as well.

  • Ian Potgieter


    Another South African on tour, Ian is our glove man, woe betide if you show him that batting crease, your bails will be whipped off in an instant. An explosive batsman as well, we are expecting his maiden tour to be the first of many. A dark horse on the social front. We are expecting his fellow country men to show him the ropes.

  • Peter Langton

    TOUR 2

    Peter returns for a second consecutive tour, after having faced disappointment of only reaching a semi final on the first attempt. Extra net session have been ordered to improve his power hitting, and master that unplayable line and length. At night he will be found playing competitive pool close to Zoom Bar!!!

  • Rachitt Khanna


    Our Londoner, our dark horse, a man of mystery, yet capable of handling both bat and ball with equal aplomb reminiscent of a Botham-esque fashion. His first tour outside of the UAE with Darjeeling, so we shall see if he can keep up both on and off the pitch.

  • Rudi Bisschoff

    TOUR 5

    Rudi returns to the Darjeeling ranks after a hiatus of 8 years, and World Tour that ended in New Zealand. Another South African who is an exceptional cricketer, equally able with both bat and ball. We welcomed Rudi back with open arms when he enquired about the possibility of touring again. We hope he has packed his drinking boots.

  • Umer Saleem


    A third time Tourist, second time in leading the Darjeeling horde on the field of battle. His tactical awareness is second to none, and with a so close, yet so far experience last year, Umer is looking to secure some Silverware this outing. Evenings will be studying game footage and analysing score cards to ensure the DCC perform to his exacting standards.

Darjeeling CC Supporters

  • Chris Dommett

    TOUR 13

    The Domminator is back to join the Darjeeling horde. Chris will be on route to his retirement retreat in France. With 3 years in Kuwait, we expect Chris to be constantly with beer in hand as he tries to catch up. A different experience this year as he leaves it for the youngsters to run around.

  • Dominic Bryan

    TOUR 3

    Once every two years this bright star joins the Darjeeling Army, our positive thinking man will bring his energy and enthusiasm to the tent and hand out his memes of positivity, for a day at least until JC manages to grind him down. He will be carrying his full collection of Neil Diamond albums, so that he can belt out “Sweet Caroline” at any time.

  • Gary Turner

    TOUR 3

    A stalwart Darjeeling Member back in his heyday, is now semi retired in the tranquil setting of Epsom. As an Oldham supporter, you can expect to hear GT being extremely vocal throughout the Darjeeling games. At night expect to see GT leading Jumbo and Mike on an inspection of local hostelries in the search of that perfect beer.

  • George Appleton


    What can you say about this absolute LEGEND, former Club Captain, and Club Chairman now Life Member of Darjeeling. If you cut him open, just like a stick of rock, he would have DCC stenciled throughout. Now involved with the Sixes and a long term sponsor of the Green & Gold through the Lotus, what tour would ever be the same without this man in our tent.

  • Jim Jeffries

    TOUR 6

    Jim the “John Travolta” of the group. Always keen for a dance, whether with locals or himself, though not necessarily to music being played at the time!! Can be relied on to party whatever the time. Known for the odd power nap, hardly surprising considering his drive to remain hydrated. Sartorial elegance is always of importance.

  • John "JC" Croysdill

    TOUR 5

    This years Fines Master, and keeper of the score book. JC’s touring role has expanded over the last 2 years as he has integrated into the group. His “Fine Sessions” are renowned throughout Surrey Rugby circles. We will combine match reports and fines to one session to ensure we don't have to endure JC's dulcet tones for too long.

  • Mike Line


    A veteran of hundreds of Tours across the globe! Mike was one the best number 8’s in Surrey Rugby. He has an insatiable appetite for anything alcoholic! Watch out for his “I would like a gin and tonic please, and I will leave the size to you” routine! We look forward to welcoming Mike on his first Darjeeling excursion, and see if he lives up to the reputation.

  • Paul "Jumbo" Commins

    TOUR 2

    His last outing saw Jumbo steal away early, to Bangkok, leaving a rather unsavory sparkling wine for the Saturday Champagne soiree BAD FORM. A beady eye will be kept on him in 2019 as he is only with us till mid week. Outside the Gymkhana Jumbo will be seen scouring the Night Market, he may find a few changes since his last visit.

  • Paul Piper

    TOUR 6

    The leader of our UK support contingent, and our on site accounting wizard, ensuring our hard earned Baht are stretched to the limit at all the Darjeeling social functions. Beware anyone who fails to contribute to the kitty in a timely manner, our ex MoD man still has some connections to those scary Black Ops people

  • Stuart Matthewson


    This year Badger is a free agent not making it past the rigorous selection progress for 2019. He will be sat in the Darjeeling tent offering words of encouragement to the 6 Tour Virgins. Looking after the Darjeeling hoard of 20 for the 50th Anniversary year. We just hope the stress of such a large group doesn’t give him a repeat performance like last year.

  • Tony Morton

    TOUR 4

    Tony rejoins the tour and our man from MI5 will be, as usual, the one who will stay quietly in the background, picking up on the misdemeanors of those nearby, and feeding a wealth of information to his older brother and Fine Master JC. He may be seen, lurking mysteriously close to Darjeeling opposition tents. At night he is like a shadow in the Night Bazaar.