Lord’s Taverners

Lord’s Taverners

As we packed up and trudged through CNX back in '19, I’m sure it never occurred to any of us we would all be waiting until ’23 to gather again at our own little slice of paradise, the Gymkhana Club, for our next week of fun, frivolity and the odd bit of cricket. Least of all the scores of volunteers, committee members and sponsors who have all for so long given freely of their time, worked diligently and hard with little to no reward. Most of us have come across people like George and Lachy who have kept the lines of communication open with the teams and various playing groups , people like Chops, the “voice “ of the Sixers - lets not forget there are so many more who contribute to this tournament, far too many to mention here. Please, this year of all others, seek out those who behind the scenes carry the load and complete all the grunt work that makes these events happen – buy them a beer, have a chat, maybe even a slammer or two ! But please, let's all show these people we very much appreciate all they do - make the effort, they sure have.


Round One (Open Round)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
2/4 09.45 Lord’s Taverners 83/0 5.0 Red Lion Wombats 51/1 5.0 Won by 32 runs
2/4 15.45 Floggers & Robbers 48/4 5.0 Lord’s Taverners 51/0 2.4 Won by 6 wickets
4/4 15.30 Lord’s Taverners 52/2 5.0 Margate CC 53/0 3.1 Lost by 6 wickets

Round Two (Shield)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 12.00 Lord’s Taverners 65/0 5.0 Drifters 66/1 4.1 Lost by 5 wickets
6/4 12.00 Lord’s Taverners 53/2 5.0 Divine Felons 47/1 5.0 Won by 6 runs
7/4 13.15 Lord’s Taverners 47/1 5.0 Gymkhana Cavaliers 48/0 3.1 Lost by 6 wickets

Shield 3rd place

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
8/4 10.30 Lord’s Taverners 38/0 5.0 Purple Helmets 42/2 4.2 Lost by 4 wickets

Lord’s Taverners Players

  • Anthony Barranca

    Fuzz. Now this guy can really play a game of cricket. Recently selected to the Australian over 50’s national team, none of us can figure out what the hell he’s doing playing with the Tavs. Personally, I think it’s the fact he’s as mad as a cut snake. Has never seen a drink he didn’t like the look of, he’s so damn fit most of us pass out drunk before he gets warmed up. His boundless ( reckless ? ) energy and enthusiasm sees him in charge of motivation and team bonding this tour. Big job Fuzz. Big big job.

  • Damien O'Hara

    Damo. This guy has been to so many Chiang Mai Sixes we’ve lost count. The core of the team really, motivated and energetic to a fault, can bat, bowl, throw and ‘keep; not to mention dominate a fine session like few others. Fiercely competitive, his golden tresses are hard to miss as he sashays around the bars of Chiang……., ahh, boundary line of the Gymkhana Club pitch. Stay sharp people, there is always something happening with this guy lurking around.

  • Glen O'Brien

    Scratcher. Christ almighty, where do I start with this guy? A true cricket tragic, there is no Lord’s Taverners without him. Glen still plays a competitive game despite all the years, new joints and increasingly intrusive distraction of lawn bowls (we don’t get it either). I’m told has attended nearly every Chiang Mai Sixes held, routinely over achieves off the field and is a founding member of the CBB’s, yet still manages to corral us all with his oft repeated exhortation “ The team that pulls together, comes together”. Hmm.

  • Jordo

    Who the hell is Jordo ?

  • Lee Carr

    Carrey. A late addition to this year's touring party, Lee is saddling up for his second Sixers tour - a more welcome teammate would be hard to find. Known for his long range planning and decisive, thoughtful decision making, he brings a near complete lack of understanding to the fine session process, albeit with an at times hapless enthusiasm. An experienced cricketer with a dry quick wit, has plenty to offer both sides of the rope. We just hope the bloke in the wig goes a little easier on him this time around

  • Len Blakey

    Lenny. Like Jordo and Mac another tour virgin, so another big welcome to the Tavs and the Sixers from all of us Lenny. Have never met the guy but am told he is pretty handy at the gentleman’s game, so as far as I’m concerned he is a first rate tour selection. But then again, Hully describes him as a cracker of a bloke – and anyone will tell you it’s always best never to listen to anything Hully says ( isn’t that right Mok? ). You’ve taken my place on the field Lenny, don’t fuck up…..

  • Mac Coyle

    Macca. A big welcome to both the Taverners and the Chaing Mai Sixers for another tour virgin – great to have you with us this year. Apparently Coylie’s son, so likely going to be a few variables here. Stay tuned, this one could go either way.

  • Ryan Carmody

    Carmo. I’m told every team needs a Carmo, not entirely sure why, though these things are not really for me to judge. Perhaps it’s his calm, temperate manner. Has been known to spend a week in Chiang Mai with nary a night in his own room. Always fascinating to see where/how he ends up after a long day/night. A keen supporter and frequent visitor of the tournament, contributes everywhere, great to have him onboard again this year.

  • Steven Coyle

    Coylie. At first glance appears merely terrifying, then he starts with a story, oh Lordy the stories. The team secret weapon really, send him in to the opposition tent before a game, half of them will snooze through first ball! Seriously though, a ripper bloke who makes any room he walks into a better place. Has been sorely missed the last few years - we are rapt to have him back this tour and remain hopeful he is kept as far away from the gavel as possible.

Lord’s Taverners Supporters

  • Alan Spence

    Scratcher’s mate. Farmer. Trouble. Welcome anyway.

  • Alistair Field

    Weinergrinder ( it’s a really long story ). A late scratching from the team, hard to imagine what Changers will be like with Cheesie’s soothing, sober musings sadly missing. Basically organised this year’s tour party single handed, so a big thank you for all the hard work getting us here. No excuses next year Al, none.

  • Dave Cooney

    Arnie. This year celebrates his 9th journey to the sixes and oddly enough in all this time has rarely troubled bat or ball, certainly not the score keeper. Handy with a hammer and generally a bit thirsty, has recently been seen dancing the streets cock a hoop with Lenny joining the team ( can actually play the game ), allowing DC / Walts's Mate / Rene / Washington/ Koonack / Blue Vein or whoever the hell he is this year a return to more familiar surrounds outside the rope. In the shade. Sitting down. Eating. Napping. Drinking. Chatting……….

  • Peter Wann

    Sadly, we last year lost our long time friend and voice of reason on tour – Wanny. I can just picture you sitting up there somewhere shady smack bang in front of the fan, crumbs all over the place, chatting with Monners about God knows what, wondering who of us will get ourselves into which mess next. You connected with such a broad range of so many Wanny; you are greatly missed and fondly remembered by all. It was and is a pleasure to have known you, I will very much miss our walks, chats and meals around Chiang Mai. It is my hope our paths may cross again someday, though expect St Peter will keep those big gates firmly shut as I swing by.

    From all of us, Rest in Peace Wanny.

  • Shaun Hilton

    Shrek. Another late scratching from the tour team – damn it. Has been part of the furniture ( literally) for the Tav’s longer than most can remember, and I’m told will be missing his first Sixers in the better part of two decades. Next year Shreck, next year.

  • The Gavel

    If by chance your luck is poor and you find yourself in the presence of this thing, especially in the hands of a guy wearing a judge's wig, run, run for your life..........

  • The Panther

    Much hyped rumours of the panther's demise have of late been doing the rounds, some colourful, some decidedly uncomfortable. Having lived life hard and fast, has most likely spent the last few years in rehab. Expect to see him around and about looking refreshed, recharged and ready to torment again......