The Armadillos are a motley crew of old men, Amber, drunks, idiots and Brentford fans. Age has taken over the teams in recent years and worryingly with the return of the ever sleeping Kev, the average age of the players has just tipped over 100 years.

We welcome Jamie on his first ever tour but are sad to announce that the 'Old Git' (Pete) will not be able to travel with us this year.

We look forward to meeting up with old friends with our main aim, as always, being to finish higher than the Stuffed Beavers!


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 09.15 Armadillos 47/2 5.0 Blythswood 48/0 3.5 Lost by 6 wickets
1/4 11.30 Sons of Pitches 68/0 5.0 Armadillos 53/1 5.0 Lost by 15 runs
2/4 13.00 Ios Malakas 80/1 5.0 Armadillos 69/0 5.0 Lost by 11 runs

Round Two (Spoon)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 09.30 Armadillos 67/0 5.0 Floggers Juniors 64/2 5.0 Won by 3 runs
3/4 14.40 Armadillos 80/1 5.0 Stuffed Beavers CC 65/1 5.0 Won by 15 runs
5/4 09.50 Armadillos 52/0 5.0 RUC Rascals 56/0 4.3 Lost by 6 wickets

Spoon Final

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 13.20 Armadillos 79/0 5.0 Floggers Juniors 66/2 5.0 Won by 13 runs

Armadillos Players

  • Amber Cousens - Ambs

    Amber Cousens - Ambs

    Ambs can't wait to see Suzie and Jackie this year, although along with all of us will miss Jenny and Boy Blue badly. Ambs is going on her travels throughout February and March to the Philippines and Vietnam, and stupidly believes that Chaing Mai will be a nice rest for her?!

    Due to her busy couple of months she believes she will sleep most of the cricket week, although with sleeping Kevin Antonio back on board it is unlikely that she will sleep more than Kev.

  • Gary Darbyshire - Gazza

    One of the many Brentford mafia on tour. There's no one left at Griffin Park!

    Gaz has improved his language since the last tour and is now a genuinely fine character.

    Along with the rest of the team Gaz is very pleased to be touring with sleepy Kevin Antonio.

  • Graham Doggett - Doggo

    Having missed a few years of the sixes Doggo is back for his final tour.

    Doggo is older, taller and wider than ever before and the team are thrilled to have big Dog playing even with his wides when bowling and throwing up whilst batting.

    We know that youngster TiltBee will be looked after well by Doggo and along with the rest of the team will make sure that Kevin Antonio has as much sleep as he needs.

  • Jamie Tilt - TiltBee

    A new addition to the group, TiltBee pretends to support Aston Villa, although is often seen in his Brentford top.

    TiltBee is a great chap who is most relieved that Trevor Langworth (Perth Postels) is not allowed to attend this year, as they regularly seem to end up in the gutter together.

    TiltBee has never been abroad and is looking forward to finding out about some of the highs, but mainly the lower points of Chiang Mai.

    Along with the rest of the team TiltBee is pleased to have sleeping Kevin Antonio with him in the squad.

  • Kevin Antonio - Sleepanywhere

    At last Kev after many years of pretending he will come to the sixes 'next year' he has returned to sleep again in Chiang Mai.

    The whole team is chuffed to have him back and we look forward to him snoring and telling us how good he still is, on the odd occasion he is awake.

    It is great to have Kev back as one of the long standing members of this rather ageing team.

  • Neil Hutchison - Mr Sparkle

    As the longest standing member of the team, Mr Sparkle cannot wait to eat the Thai food and show everyone how happy he can be. He longs to be out on the pitch motivating everyone and leading by example with his fine array of batting shots.

    Fortunately for all the ladyboys and ugly women, Mr Sparkle is no longer single, so they will be able to rest at night.

    In fairness Mr Sparkle is even more grumpy than ever and is just thankful that sleeping Kevin Antonio is back on board who is known to also be very moody.

  • Paul Cousens - PC/Headless

    Having missed last year, PC went hunting around the world and found Dax hiding in Qatar. PC can't wait to see old friends again and whilst worried about his liver, he can't wait to catch up with everyone, especially Harry of the Malakas who scares the life out of him, Ross from the Divine Felons and of course all the Stuffed Beavers.

    PC's mullet is still going strong and he will undoubtably hit the market to purchase a cheap watch or ten having missed the tournament last year.

    Along with the rest of the team PC is pleased to have sleeping Kev back on board.

Armadillos Supporters

  • Skeggs - Skeggs

    No one knows his real name. Has the ability to drink enormous amounts of beer without falling over.

    Last time he attended the sixes he went back to England with a lady (Tak) who has learnt to purchase copious amounts of lager in the supermarkets and look after him.

    He swears he will not go home with another woman as Tak is accompanying him on this tour.

  • Tak - Tac

    Poor Tac did not know what she had let herself in for marrying Skeggs. She tried so hard to keep up with his drinking habits watching Brentford beat West Ham (again) and it went so wrong.

    She is looking forward to having a little nap with Kev and recovering in Chaing Mai.