A motley crew of drunks, idiots and ne'er-do-wells. And that's just the ladies! It has been said that Armadillos are flea-ridden, smelly, vermin (overheard in the bar). But they are also cuddly, gregarious, fun-loving individuals. We are a mixed-ability , equal-opportunity team. Diversity is a given: we have old-gits, young upstarts, excellent cricketers and those who would struggle to get a game for Stuffed Beavers! However above all we enjoy ourselves😁


Round One (Group H)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 14.20 Ios Malakas 50/2 5.0 Armadillos 51/1 4.5 Won by 5 wickets
3/4 13.10 Armadillos 56/3 5.0 NT Bushrangers 53/3 5.0 Won by 3 runs
4/4 08.30 Stuffed Beavers 51/2 5.0 Armadillos 53/1 3.4 Won by 5 wickets

Round Two (Bowl Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 15.45 Lanna CC 70/1 5.0 Armadillos 71/0 4.2 Won by 6 wickets
6/4 11.05 Roosters 66/2 5.0 Armadillos 42/2 5.0 Lost by 24 runs

Armadillos Players

  • Connor Cousens

    Too young to have a Dillos nickname yet and a Chiang Mai virgin (ahem). The fruit of Pc's loins - we think! But a better bowler and batting technique than his dad. He has received intensive personal coaching from previous OG on running and especially turning two's into ones ( reference his dad's comments above). Part of the Dillos youth policy. We are looking to cut out dead wood and players past their best ( King prawn, Beef, Blikkies!).

  • Gary Derbyshire aka Gaz

    Favourite film? The Graduate. Favourite song? Mrs Robinson. Has been known to hibernate mid-tour but that's all in the past. Now just falls asleep at the bar. As long as it's not a glass-topped bar! One of The Brenford Mafia on tour. There's no one left at Griffin Park!

  • Graham Doggett aka Dog

    The Dog is back and off his leash! Chiang Mai beware. He may be older but definitely not more mature or sensible. We hope that age may have tightened his line and length; and his bowling.

  • Josh Wilson

    Another youngster and Chiang Mai virgin. A fledgling wicketkeeper and batting biffer. He was coached in his formative years by PC !! and has a similar batting technique? Will no doubt look to his elder Armadillos to guide him and give advice on the nuances of nightlife in Chiang Mai.

  • Kevin Antonio

    What can you say about the King Prawn? A Git of the old variety? Yes. Talented cricketer? No. A true leader of the Armadillos (in his own mind) he rules with an iron fist.... and knee and hip etc. ) Has had more injuries than the six million dollar man. Has been (and a Has been) similarly called The 6 Baht man by the Dillos. A couple of autumn injuries may have slowed him down somewhat! But he'll still be there leading from the back and drinking in the atmosphere (and anything else).

  • Neil Hutchison aka Biff

    Another year older, another year grumpier. An elder statesman of the team , he is eager to share his wisdom and experience with youngsters and virgins alike. Especially his knowledge of orangutans and their mating habits. Specialises in downing shots; especially tequila

  • Paul Cousens aka PC (Plod)

    Has been working hard all winter on measuring exactly how long a cricket pitch is and building up his stamina so that he can run 2 FULL runs in one go! The mullet is luxuriant and in good nick. The wallet is fully charged ready for the watch sellers. If you see him during daylight hours he will probably be asleep or on his high protein diet (McDonald's)

  • Shaun Cousens

    A promising young all-rounder who only just made it through the Dillos stringent selection procedures. Somehow he has a decent bowling action and batting technique despite being another product of the PC loins! Although those very same skills have called into question his true parentage. ( Shaun did you have your milk delivered?). It has been 11 years since his first appearance in Chiang Mai. Is this a record?

Armadillos Supporters

  • Amber Cousens aka Ambs

    Another from the Cousens stable. In fact you could call her a kissing Cousen!! Does like to eat Australian beef and pork although she claims to be a vegetarian. Still young free and mingle (just).

  • Bob Harding

    The 'Ghost is back. Like Random Man he drifts in and out of situations without anyone noticing. Unlike RM he is more interesting and buys his round. Recently got embroiled in a scandal about his helmet and an unnamed box! He denies everything

  • Chris Mitchell

    Alias Random man. Has the ability to appear from nowhere and attach himself to any group without anyone noticing. Has nothing to offer to any conversation and disappears just as mysteriously. Not perhaps the most useful superpower. It is rumoured that he once knew an Armadillo. Warning avoid this man he is very boring!!

  • Peter Watson aka Roy

    Used to be called Old Git but after many escapades he has progressed to Artful Codger status (AC). A.C. has been to every sixes that the Armadillos have competed in. He used to be a fine example of the more mature man but he hasn't got a leg to stand on anymore. Nowadays we travel everywhere with a fully-charged defibrillator "just in case".

  • Skeggs

    No one knows his real name. Has the ability to drink enormous amounts of beer without falling over. However he is a CM virgin and 12 days of continuous libation will tax even his mighty abilities.