Stuffed Beavers

Stuffed Beavers

The SBCC is the cricketing arm of the Stuffed Beavers Athletic, Sporting and Social Club, with interests as diverse as Aunt Sally, Boules, Cremant, Motor Racing, Music, Rowing, Sailing and Whiff-Whaff.

There's a healthy mix of the old and the new this year with some Sixes regulars being joined by both debutants and veterans of the club's inaugural fixture in 1991. Nothing new, however, in expectations for the week: a lot of laughs, a lot of libating and a loss or two.....


Round One (Group H)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 14.35 Stuffed Beavers 39/3 5.0 NT Bushrangers 40/0 2.5 Lost by 6 wickets
3/4 13.25 Stuffed Beavers 68/3 5.0 Ios Malakas 68/3 5.0 Match tied
4/4 08.30 Stuffed Beavers 51/2 5.0 Armadillos 53/1 3.4 Lost by 5 wickets

Round Two (Spoon Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 09.40 Stuffed Beavers 51/3 5.0 Sa Pa 52/2 4.3 Lost by 4 wickets
6/4 16.40 Red Lion Wombats 92/0 5.0 Stuffed Beavers 56/2 5.0 Lost by 36 runs

Stuffed Beavers Players

  • Charlie "Banksy" Bancroft

    Debut Tour. Boundary-pushing Banksy is set to become the youngest player to represent the SBCC either at home or abroad and carries the additional responsibility of having to look after his recalcitrant Dad. His cricketing pedigree is without question, however, having been voted Player of the Tour on his recent school tour to South Africa. Charlie’s family are something of a Beaver institution, with Dad Stuart being a founder member and Mum Penny being the original Beaverette (and winning player of the match in her debut appearance).

  • Chris "Coombesy" Coombes

    3rd Tour. BOTY 2015. After a year off partying in Rio, Coombesy returns to add some fire to the SBCC batting line-up. Another one likely to be digging deep on the fines front as son Max hits the headlines on the UK football scene. Mrs Coombes, meanwhile, continues to be spotted draped over Tony Ramos at every opportunity.

  • Jamie “the Jet” Rotherham

    Debut Tour. Jamie the giant is the tallest, fastest bowler ever to represent the Beavers. Towering over his teammates (which does mean he’ll get asked to hold the flag a lot), his bowling is just too quick for the speed gun and the sight of him tearing in off his long run has been known to reduce grown men to tears.

  • Mark "Bagpuss" Sayers

    6th Tour. BOTY 2014. The two-time winner of the SBCC bowler of the year award and French representative of the Peterborough Posse has left the family in the Pyrenees this year and is coming back to CM for a well-earned rest. Easy pickings for fines this year as he is likely to be talking endlessly about his son Joe’s imminent career at Liverpool football club.

  • Mark “Sluggs” Robinson

    4th Tour. 2017 saw Mark hit new heights as the owner of the greenest swimming pool in Chiang Mai after applying several hundredweight of slug pellets. Not only did he have a slug-free pool, he had a Beaver-free pool as well. We promised we wouldn’t mention it.

  • Paul "Bart" Simpson

    9th Tour. President 2017-18. The SBCC’s incumbent President will be leading all ceremonial activities for the week. Particularly those taking place in the massage tent or involving goose-swinging. Travelling without Helen this year, so expect him to be on the phone at all times.

  • Richard "Dicky" Ford

    8th Tour. President 2015-16. We are delighted to see the Dickster back with what appears to be a fully functioning set of teeth and an unmatched appreciation of the Large Hadron Collider. Dicky now splits his time between touring the world playing cricket and developing his new iconic status as international rock star. His band The Love Detectives have recently launched their debut EP “Nothing to Say” (Download now!) at the 100 Club in London, appearing on stage after the Rolling Stones.

  • Robert "Bob" Gall

    5th Tour. Mambob number 5 (A little bit of Monaco in my life...) is taking time out from the casinos of Monte Carlo to reacquaint himself with the joys of vodka manao. One half of the Peterborough Posse, he is reunited with his partner in crime Mr Sayers. This can only end badly.

  • Stuart "Bankers" Bancroft

    Debut Tour. After years of near misses, Bankers finally makes it to CM to see what all the fuss is about, 27 years after first representing the Beavers in their inaugural fixture. Makes a tidy living on the side acting as Ramos’s body double.

Stuffed Beavers Supporters

  • Ariya Begley

    6th tour. When it comes to Gymnastics she can tumble, spin and flip with the best of them but like her mother is more focused on the social rather than the cricketing side of the Sixes.

  • Chas “Beggers” Begley

    12th Tour. After years of lobbying, Chas has finally achieved his life’s ambition of retiring from competitive cricket. Career highlights include skippering the triumphant 2016 campaign and, of course, The Ball of the Century (ask Morto). His considerable administrative skills will continue to serve the club from the comfort of the Committee Room.

  • Connor Begley

    3rd tour. The ‘FEC’ (Future England Captain) has been working hard on his game in preparation for the glorious cricketing career that lies ahead. Has upped his catching percentage to over 50% which let’s face it is considerably better than his father’s.

  • Davo "Iain" Davison

    Founding Member of the Vietnamese Stuffed Beavers Supporters Club (conveniently located in Sydney), "Iain" can often be found "walking" around the ground and even, on occasion, to the bar. His record for preparing water melon cocktails is a very creditable 2.05 (hours).

  • Ella Begley

    8th tour. A keen amateur entymologist specialising in piano and drama. Yet to fall for the joys of cricket but enjoys visiting the Sixes for ice cream and swinging in the duck ladies’ hammocks.

  • Maiken Hjulgaard

    Countless tours. The SBCC’s dynamic Dane and her trusty assistant Noah will be alongside the Man in Black capturing every cricketing faux pas on camera. There really is no escape

  • Neil "Muerto" Morton

    Despite some promising performances for the SBCC on their various UK tours, Morto has yet to force his way into the prestigious Sixes squad, but there is no questioning his commitment to the Beaver cause. Perhaps 2019 will be his year.....

  • Nigel “Gurners” Gurney

    12th Tour. Another retiree to the Committee Room, as a result of which the tournament is able to accommodate 4 extra teams now that time isn’t needed for Nige to bowl an over. Career highlights include skippering all of the unsuccessful campaigns and, of course, the Over of the Century (ask anyone). Keep an eye out for both Nige and Chas engaging in some under-cover work during the week.

  • Rachel “Jonesy” Begley-Begley

    11th Tour. The club Matriarch and resident rules expert. The longest-suffering Beaver EVER (aka married to Chas). Jonesy has been steeped in cricket ever since she established it was a thinly-veiled excuse for a night out. If you fancy a laugh, call out “incoming” when she’s in the Beaver tent....

  • Steve Harris

    Loads of tours. The original ‘Man in Black’ will again be working his fingers to the bone to deliver ball-by-ball Beaver action to the wider world. Follow Stuffed Beavers CC on Facebook to stay in the loop.

  • The Beaverettes

    The finest fillies in the Far East! A multi-national bevy of cricket-loving, cocktail-swilling, Beaver-cheering beauties. Often heard before seen.