Clifton Hill Tom Cats

Clifton Hill Tom Cats

The World Famous Clifton Hill Tom Cats have been pimped!

What was suppose to be the team that let all the older players have an excuse to travel to Chiang Mai and "play cricket" has now been transformed into a younger, fitter and more sober team, with a couple of older lads thrown in.

Comprising of left overs from the CH Stray Cats, The Tom Cats now have the capacity to beat previous years winning record of 1 game per tournament. But with the old CHCC players still coming along for the ride, there will be a fair bit of sledging if they don't.


Round One (Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
2/4 09.55 Margate CC 68/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Tom Cats 38/3 5.0 Lost by 30 runs
2/4 15.30 Lord’s Taverners 75/2 5.0 Clifton Hill Tom Cats 62/3 5.0 Lost by 13 runs
3/4 14.20 NCL Dynamites 72/5 4.4 Clifton Hill Tom Cats 47/5 5.0 Lost by 25 runs

Round Two (Bowl Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 08.30 Perth Postels 77/2 5.0 Clifton Hill Tom Cats 66/1 5.0 Lost by 11 runs
5/4 15.30 Darjeeling CC 80/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Tom Cats 64/3 5.0 Lost by 16 runs

Clifton Hill Tom Cats Players

  • Anton "Mucho" Blencowe

    Mucho is a well travelled and well fed all round cricketer. From the Badlands of Gloucestershire he is blessed with the skills of pace bowling and power hitting. His game developed on the dodgy wickets of Reading before moving to the warmth and sun of Melbourne. At Clifton Hill Cricket Club those all round skills were put to their best use as well as the drinking and clubbing in the evenings. Mucho’s international debut with CHCC came in the Chiang Mai Sixes in 2011. His explosive bowling, heavy hitting and safe hands are integral part of the team, as much as the drinking in the evening. Mucho remains a dependable and reliable player whose all round game can win matches, except the 1 where he got the yips and his over went for 27 and cost the match…

  • Colin "Bully" Bulpitt

    The amazing and perplexing Bully; he’s strong like an ox, resembles a pit bull (but wished he resembled Mr. Worldwide), and picks fun at small children….and you wonder where he got his namesake from. He will bedazzle you with his shambling efforts both on and off the field…..if you have no idea what he is doing, you can be sure as hell he has even less of an idea. After coming off a strong all-round cricketing performance in 2017, where he managed to kept his teeth intact (teeth lost due to previous years of on-field abuse excluded), and surviving the Siberian bear, he is looking forward to some hot and steamy adventures on the field of play…..did I hear someone mention Night Bazaar Cabaret Show?

  • Jesse "Nailz" Parlane

    Some say he got hit for the biggest 6 in the history of the competition in 2015, but in this writers humble opinion it was the biggest 6 in the history of the game. Now a veteran (by Clifton Hill standards at least) of the CM6s and after having last year off, Jesse's sweet heart Lily has signed his permission slip one last time before the wedding. Nailz will be out to prove a point to all his doubters, as well as other people outside the CHCC touring party.

  • John "Monster" Coombs

    Monster is certainly developing a healthy Christmas Card list from his visits to the CM Sixes. From the Russians entrepreneurs to most bars in town, Monster never fails to leave a stone unturned, or a turn unstoned for that matter. But come match time he will be there, shirt collar up! Gold! "Happy F*ing Days"

  • Lachlan "Hammer" Elmore

    Hammer, despite being the tallest man in Thailand is also the slowest bowler and his man bun is as bad as his batting. If you run in to Hammer around the tournament make sure to ask him how the weather is up there. The name Hammer wasn't acquired on the cricket field so if you see him at Zoe's bar watch your daughters, mothers and girlfriends

  • Mark "Simmo" Simmonds

    Another Pom. The Simdog is making his long awaited return. We can’t wait to see Simmo so he can annoy the crap out of us with the rhino and his sarcastic words of encouragement.