Clifton Hill Stray Cats

Clifton Hill Stray Cats

A team that has evolved from the "World Famous" Clifton Hill Cricket Club based in metro Melbourne. This year will see the "World Famous" Stray Cats take to the field for their 9th consecutive CM Sixes event.

Originally a team that was built out of blokes that could no longer score runs higher than their age, the Stray Cats are now a youthful team, however due to the CM nightlife, they too struggle to score runs more than their age.

A talented bunch of cricketers that have always looked likely but consistently never fail to disappoint their die hard supporters. You never know, maybe 2019 might see an early night that could be the difference.


Round One (Players)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 12.30 Gloucestershire Gipsies 83/3 5.0 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 37/4 5.0 Lost by 46 runs
1/4 09.00 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 67/2 5.0 Thai Thevada 59/2 5.0 Won by 8 runs
2/4 13.40 NCL Masters 84/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 80/3 5.0 Lost by 4 runs

Round Two (Shield Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 16.15 Lanna CC 64/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 65/1 3.3 Won by 5 wickets
4/4 13.55 Perth Postels 61/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 63/0 3.5 Won by 6 wickets

Shield Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 11.05 Thai Thevada 79/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 62/1 5.0 Lost by 17 runs

Clifton Hill Stray Cats Players

  • George "Cooko" Cook

    Not related in anyway to Jamie Cook, much to Jamie’s delight. Will most likely keep wicket due to his diabolical bowling action and tendency to choke under pressure. (CM career best figures of 0 for 26 off 1 over).

  • George "Rawlo" Rawlings

    Another CM virgin making his first trip to Thailand. Keeper by trade, but will back himself to finish the tournament with bulk poles spinning the ball both ways. Cant wait to find himself on a tour of the temples and ride an elephant or two!

  • Jack "Brucey" Taylor

    Returning for the first time since a stint in 2013. Brucey will be a key batsman for CHCC. Never seen the bloke bowl so that could go either way! Recently made the move to the big smoke of London, serious high roller.

  • Jamie "Cookie" Cook

    Country boy at heart, Jamie ventures out of Norfolk for the first time ever in search of 6 a side glory! Will more than likely be the pick of the bowlers...mainly because we have no bowlers.

  • Lachie "Hammer" Elmore

    CHCC’s mystery man, the secret weapon on the field! Might hit the ball for 6, might get clean bowled. Might bowl the perfect in-swinging yorker, might get launched into the food vendors.... again. Works in the music industry and will be keen to tell us how he ‘heard this first‘ whenever a DJ plays a relatively new song.

  • Mark "Simmo" Simmonds

    CHCC’s very own French colpack signing. Specialist fielder, will bat 6 and bowl because he literally has too! Odds on to drop every catching opportunity presented. Self confessed ‘ Rhino ‘.... Loves a hole in the sand.

  • Mark "Skippy" Skipper

    Owwww Skippy. Type 2 diabetic but he won’t let that stop him. Between taking his blood sugars and eating chocolate bars he loves launching 6s and smashing....beers!

Clifton Hill Stray Cats Supporters

  • Jeff "Jeffris" Lyons

    Returning for his 187th tour of CM. Shareholder in Zoe on Yellow. Proud owner of a bus pass and a zimmerframe, Jeff will absolutely be in the first bloke on the dance floor and the last bloke kicked out! Spends 80% of the day taking his top off or doing the Haka. Hoping to not get on the field this trip.

  • Ryan "Scotty" Scott

    Another virgin keen to ride a few of Thailand’s finest elephants! Loves the serenity of northern Thailand and can’t wait to tick Soi Cowboy, Bangkok off his bucket list (among other things) Doesn’t play cricket, here purely for the ‘tourism'.