The deaf and blind return to Chiang Mai once again attempting to impersonate the wisdom of Solomon in giving out their decisions. We shall try to be as perfect as the players of course.

Look forward to sharing beers and stories with all at the Sixes bar, we are always thirsty after being in the Chiang Mai heat !!

Umpires Players

  • Barry Drake

    Hopefully Barry has recovered from meeting up with Hagar and Gavin and the Richmond Club Hotel in Melbourne. Was it wise to discuss the intricacies of cricket law after a long day at the G.? Probably not but it was a good day. I think Barry is taken the train to Chiang Mai again this year, good luck !

  • Christophe Felton

    Our French Umpire, still undecided whether he lives in China, Thailand or Sussex? Almost as many air miles as Gavin Shaw. Had a trip to Worthing last year to see Chris in his native habitat, I survived , just. Be good to see him again, talk rubbish and drink cold beer

  • Gavin Shaw

    I'm sure I saw the Boxing Day Test with Gavin this year, Well at least saw a lot of the MCG bars!! A good few days in Melbourne and surrounding area was had before he packed me off on the flight to Adelaide!! Gavin has a least half of the first week in Chiang Mai without Kim to guide him so look out.

  • Glyn Davies

    The second of our Hong Kong based umpires and making his debut here, although Glyn has previously played here for Kowloon CC and has umpired sixes at other venues. welcome to the panel and I'm sure a few Glyn and Tonics will be supped

  • Herbie Whitlock

    George Formby's coming of age party is this year as he tells me its his 21st tournament. Travelling on his own this year so look out. this doyen of the Red Rose county is bound to be on top form and he will be in charge of the Umpires kitty for our evening debriefs on the Galare terrace

  • Jim Ford

    Hopefully Jim has recovered from looking after Hagar up in Darwin. It was an eventful few days although he thought the Darwin humidity was a bit harsh on Hagar !! Amber nectar helped though. Be a new experience for Jim this year in the Galare as his favourite Porn Ping is no more.

  • Jim Middleton

    the first of our Hong Kong based umpires and one of the longest serving Chiang Mai cricketers having played here for Kowloon CC in the early days. Jim's expertise was called on to advise and help with the installation of the new artificial surface, many thanks for that to the ever smiling Jim.

  • Paul "Hagar"Jones

    Chief Umpire and Tournament Referee. Now a gentleman of leisure after retiring last year from gainful employ. Hagar wintered well in Australia with fellow panel members Jim Ford and Gavin Shaw and also caught up with various Wombats, Dilettantes, Yarrambat crew and many others. Paid a flying visit to ex panel member Si Kasturiratne in Kandy who I'm happy to report is in good form. Looking forward to a great tournament at one of the worlds outstanding venues.

  • Phil Haines

    Phil makes it two Welshmen on the panel this year making his debut. He has previously played and umpired here in 2001 with a touring side and I'm sure is looking forward to getting to know this amazing city again.. Phil Umpires in the South Wales Premier League, I'm sure he'll enjoy his visit to Chiang Mai

  • Rex " Sly Dog" Evans

    Our Western Australian Umpire and professional sixes man. No doubt Rex will be in fine form once again. We are still trying to work out what he gets up to in the evenings ! Nothing good I bet

  • Terry Williams

    The big man from Mt Isa. Terry has probably spent some time on his wife's farm not too far from Chiang Mai to acclimatise. Be good to hear his dry wit once again, and I'm sure its his round