Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches. A Big bunch (size wise) of interesting individuals from Vacy and Newcastle in NSW. We have the usual many return visitors BUT we have some virgins to the tour who we are certain to have a great time. Lovers of cricket, beer, good friends and good conversation although we may be a little hard to understand after a few late nights at the bars in Chiang Mai. Come and say hello we are always up for meeting new friends and old friends as well. This competition has given us the opportunity to support the cricket in Thailand as well as make great friends who we are lucky enough to catch up with each year.


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 14.30 Ios Malakas 37/3 5.0 Sons of Pitches 41/1 4.2 Won by 5 wickets
1/4 11.30 Sons of Pitches 68/0 5.0 Armadillos 53/1 5.0 Won by 15 runs
2/4 11.30 Blythswood 68/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 61/0 5.0 Lost by 7 runs

Round Two (Bowl Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 09.30 Sons of Pitches 64/0 5.0 Divine Felons 53/1 5.0 Won by 11 runs
5/4 12.10 GP Silly Sloggers 82/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 61/2 5.0 Lost by 21 runs

Bowl Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 10.40 Sons of Pitches 57/3 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 58/1 3.3 Lost by 5 wickets

Sons of Pitches Players

  • Jack (Nudge No 16) Cowled

    Jack (NUDGE) Cowled. Nudge is quite the cricketer, so he believes. The man signs up to play cricket every year and is the only person that spends less time on the park than SPEED. Will be travelling to CM on his own whenever he can get here. Boasts that he has hit Josh Hazelwood for a six but can’t produce the evidence. This man LOVES a drink, if fact he is quite happy to stay in the bath all night with a can. As one of the sponsors he comes to the cricket to ensure his money is well spent. Once again, he is looking forward to another eventful tour.

  • James (Speed No 34) Reynolds

    James "Speed" Reynolds. Has given up his job as the part time Tuk Tuk driver due to the fact he is the big man in the team and now finds it hard to fit into the Tuk Tuk. Don't let this man's name fool you he IS fast. he can outrun a 3-month-old child (Slightly faster than chef). He has once again been given permission to leave the family home. Loves a beer while watching or playing cricket so he's in the right place for a good time. Has promised once again to ensure the bar at the ground is well supported.

  • Jason (Wombat No 23) Hicks

    Jason (WOMBAT) Hicks– This guy has been practising once again in the local cricket comp (we wont discuss his results but you can ask him if you wish). He has volunteered to sit out and not play but does realize the cost of not participating in the comp at the fine session. Wombat is expected to need support throughout the tournament and has so requested the presents of his better half Nicky due to late nights and early mornings with way to much alcohol he uses as pain relief. . This eating machine will be working on trying every Thai dish in town once again which is why he loks and is named wombat. Lovable guy with a heart of gold we would be lost without him.

  • John (Langers No 44) Langham

    Langers Believes he is a supporter but we have bought a pair of pants for him as he doesnt understand that you cant be a supporter for us when you are capable of taking the field. Although he is the 3rd best cricketer in his family behind his much loved wife Martha and son Noah. still he is a good little keeper but that will be an interesting argument if he and woody were to play in the same game. He can sit on the sideline if he wants but the fine sessions will be extreme and painful , probably better of playing as it wont hurt as much. One thing is he will once again enjoy a great week of cricket with the team and his family.

  • Lachlan (Lachie No 28) Proctor

    Lachlan (Lachie) Proctor is another tour virgin this year. He dicided that standing in the sun for hours in the local cricket comp would be good training for this tournament ( we didnt tell him how long a game take in Thialand). he will be letting the thunderbolts go from a great height due to his size and we are keen to see how he will go with the bat.

  • Mark (Woody No 99 ) Wood

    Mark (WOODY, WOOD HE, WOODSEY SHOULD HE) Wood. Who knows how many names this bloke has had but he has alway been the super quick little wicket keeper for our team for years. He has the ritual from hell to get ready for the game. the strapping and support he wears is enough to keep the space shuttle held together. The bus leaves 1/2Hr early just so he can get ready. We appreciate his speed behind the stumps to save some runs but the main reason we love him behind the stumps is because he doesn't know how to bowl to save his live.

  • Maximus (Max No 50) Wood

    This young fellow is a tour virgin and the son of our wicketkeeper Woody (so he is half a woody hence the number 50) and we are sure he knows a thing or two about the country although he hasnt been here before. Now you think Woody is quick between the wicket (which he does look when batting with Speed) this young man will lap Woody before half way through the second run he is that quick . So god help anyone who has to bat with him.

  • Noah (The Champ No 22) Langham

    This young dynamite was the star of the Sons of Pitches last year. We were short and Noah stepped up to give us a hand and excelled at everything he did. Woody was worried due to the fact he had seen Noah wicketkeep and thought his position was in jeopardy. We once again welcome our star performer back with open arms and hopfully can be aplay a leading role in the years to come.

  • Owen (Chips No 69) Pringle

    Well what can we tell you about Chips? He is the former owner of the bondi beach bar in Patong, and longtime supporter of the Phuket cricket. If this guy is giving you directions anywere DO NOT listen for the following reason. In 2018 whilst bringing his superyacht back from Seychelles he got lost at sea and was found later by the Indian coast gaurd so please dont take directions from him. one last thing about the man is he LOVES a drink so he will enjoy all conversation later in the evening whilst assesing which bars he may or may not have visited.

  • Slavco (Slav No 54) Erak

    Slavko (SLAV) Erak. Many people would know the Slav (AKA Richard Rattenbury) from previous trips as he is an unforgettably individual . The man that is always on a mission unfortunately sometimes even he is unsure what mission he is on. Has once again requested the assistance of his beautiful wife Pene to get him around after a few vodka redbulls. Will once again enjoy the company of good friends’ great cricket and a beer or two. One thing is for sure he will again have a great time during the tournament and will be for at least one night a great support of his mate at the german bar

Sons of Pitches Supporters

  • Keith (Chef) Roddom

    Keith(CHEF) Roddom. Santa Claus is coming to town, The lovable larrikin chef has returned once again, we are confident in chefs drinking abilities to upset many who wish to drink with him, as he has drunk many people under the table over the years. Chef only wishes to be a supporter once again this year but may make a return to the crease to destroy the Malaka's bowling line up. We are positive that he will influence some peoples cricketing ability this year with a session or two.

  • Martha (Marf) Langham

    Martha (Marf) Langham the proud mother and wife of the rest of the tribe who are with us this year, also a great cricketer in her own rite and we are sure she will do an outstanding job playing again this year. she will be suporting Noah with gusto once again this year.

  • Nicky (the Publican) Ross

    Nicky (the publican) Ross. Well what can we say, this fine ladiy is the Major sponser of our team and as such she has decided to ensure her sponsorship has been spent well. we are sure that she will be frequenting many bars trying all sorts of drinks and food to see if theres a new product to import into australia. As another tour virgin we are certian that she with compete on the beavers slip and slide with passion

  • Penne Erak

    This lovely lady has a heart of gold and the strength of nobody we know. She loves her man SLAV and puts up with the altered ego Richard Rattenbury. She will watch over Slav during their time in Thailand only, so he doesn't wind up in jail or something stupid. we are confident Penne will get the other half home at some stage and hopefully in one piece. If you want to have a drink with the legend Penne just ask i am sure she wll have a few with you.

  • Ralene (razer) Rodham

    Rails (Razer) Rodham is the better half of Chef although she realy is a quarter the size. Our little pocket rocket loves the sun and the pool with a few (OK a Lot) of drinks mixed in. she will once again grace us with her presence and we are lucky to have her along as it saves us from managing the Chef.

  • Tiarna ( the one and only) Windle

    Tiarna is the best thing that has happened to Lachie Procter (so she says). We are certian Tiarna will be out there supporting Lachie during the days and supporting the Thai Economy during the night. As another tour virgin we are certian that she with compete on the beavers slip and slide with passion