Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches

Big bunch (not really Speed is the only big one anymore) of interesting individuals from Vacy, Newcastle and Sydney in NSW. Love cricket, beer, good friends and good conversation although we may be a little hard to understand after a few late nights at the bars in Chiang Mai. Come and say hello we are always up for meeting new friends and old friends as well. This competition has given us the opportunity to support the cricket in Thailand as well as make great friend who we are lucky enough to catch up with each year.


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 12.30 Sons of Pitches 40/1 5.0 Lord’s Taverners 42/2 3.2 Lost by 4 wickets
2/4 14.50 Sons of Pitches 72/0 5.0 Almar 54/1 5.0 Won by 18 runs
3/4 10.25 Tokyo Dingbats 46/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 48/1 4.4 Won by 5 wickets

Round Two (Plate Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 10.10 Beijing Ducks 66/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 51/2 5.0 Lost by 15 runs
5/4 14.50 Sons of Pitches 53/1 5.0 Floggers & Robbers 58/2 3.4 Lost by 4 wickets

Sons of Pitches Players

  • AA

    Adrian Evans. No relation to "A" our bus driver. TOUR Virgin maybe? This guy cannot survive a weekend without doing damage to himself, could be busted fingers to a bad back to attempting to do the splits whilst intoxicated. The walking wounded of the team who we are not sure will recover from his wrist injuries (think what you want it may be true) so he may not make the trip. hasn't played cricket for 20years due to the fact he knocked himself out while batting when he was a kid and is still traumatized. We are positive if he does travel we will have to wrap him in cotton wool but we are sure he will enjoy the trip.

  • CHEF

    Keith Roddom The lovable larrikin chef has been allowed out again and only God would know why. We are sure everyone in Chiang Mai will hear he has returned with his larger than life voice. Chef has been in training for the last 12 months to improve on his speed between wickets and around the ground and he believes he can outrun speed this year (that wouldn't be very difficult) We are positive that he will have a major influence on some of the teams drinking habits at breakfast and if you want some tips on drinking Mai Thai’s for breakfast or cooking up a storm, we are certain he will be able to assist. Coming to Thailand this year once again chef is going to assist in the kitchen of some restaurants prior to making the trek north to CM. Chef we are sure will once again enjoy the food in all areas around CM. If ever you are looking for a good place to eat I am sure he will be able to point you in the right direction


    Jason Watson Kenny has been our back stop when it comes to stemming the runs from our team. he has been bought back into the team this year again to bamboozle the opposition with the famous left arm bowling he is known for back home. Trimmed right down sped up somewhat but will have to see if he can survive the hectic nightlife again for the whole week. This left arm bowler is known as the man who spends his time in the naughty corner just where he likes it. He is also a keen golfer, cricketer and punter and will test out some of the local golf courses in between and after the cricket games throughout the week He is counting down the days before departure


    Adam Leeming. This man has been investing time in the land of smiles over the past few years in between tournaments. No show (if he ever gets here) will once again baffle the batsmen with his lofty pedestrian paced spin bowling. The man with a bowling plan unknown by all including himself. This year he has given himself the right to determine what the team should be doing throughput the week, I am sure the fine sessions will be interesting (for him). This man is likely to bring his own support group with him. there is no photo of the man as he was a No Show when the photo's were being taken.


    Jack Cowled. Nudge is quite the cricketer so he believes. The man signs up to play cricket every year and is the only person that spends less time on the park than SPEED. Boasts that he has hit Josh Hazelwood for a six but can’t produce the evidence. This man LOVES a drink, if fact he is quite happy to stay in the bath all night with a can. As the owner of jacks minibuses we think he may need to invest in bigger buses if he keeps eating pies the way he does. He is a good supporter of the team by getting his wife to drive people to and from the airport when he cannot. Once again he is looking forward to another eventful tour.

  • PEN

    This lovely lady has a heart of gold and the strength of nobody we know. She loves her man SLAV and puts up with the altered ego Richard Radbury. She will watch over Slav during their time in Thailand only so he doesn't wind up in jail or something stupid. Pen may be called on this year due to injuries to have a game or two and we are sure she will adequately fill the shoes of any of the players she is required to replace

  • Slav

    Slavko Erak. Many people would know the Slav (AKA Richard Radbury) from previous trips . The man that is always on a mission unfortunately sometimes we think even he is unsure what mission he is on. Has once again requested the assistance of his beautiful wife Pen to get him around after a few vodka redbulls. Will once again enjoy the company of good friends’ great cricket and a beer or two. will not have the support from his son LOGES this year but we are sure he will once again have a great tournament.


    James "Speed" Reynolds. Has given up his job as the part time Tuk Tuk driver due to the fact he is the big man in the team and now finds it hard to fit into the Tuk Tuk. Don't let this mans name fool you he IS fast. As fast as a 2 year old child. He has once again been given permission to leave the family home to improve on his batting and bowling skills. He will once again be seen on the dog and bone for far to long each day talking to his family back home as usual which will surley cost him in team fine sessions. Loves a beer while watching or playing cricket so he's in the right place for a good time. Has promised once again to ensure the bar at the ground is well supported


    Jason Hicks– Playing in the Maitland comp now for Paterson and having a year in the comp Wombat has been visiting Thailand in between sixes we believe to get some inside tips or maybe just to find a golf course or something else that suits his erratic style. This eating machine will be working on trying every Thai dish known to man. Currently counting the days as he believes there are too many minutes to count down.


    Mark Wood. He doesn't even know how many times he has visited the Land of Smiles. Our Miniature wicket keeper has damaged his knee which will make him shorter again. Although saying he will not be playing, we are confident he won’t let fear hold him back after all if he needs surgery he may as well do a good job on it prior to going under the knife. Not sure if he will be able to keep for us and if not be sure to watch the score accelerate if he bowls.

Sons of Pitches Supporters

  • A

    A has been and still is our bus driver, this lady doesn't know how to be late she is always very early waiting for the team and doing multiple trips for our group. she loves her home country and loves her bikes and drinks (Gin and Tonic). if "A" is not on the road in the bus she will be cruising on the bike.

  • Mamiaw

    This beautiful lady has been our guide for several years now. She is responsible for organizing all of us to ensure we get where we need to be and when. has a heart of gold and works hard to make sure we don't hurt ourselves to much by making sure that we drink fluids other than alcohol. Although looking after us sometimes we need to look after her as well especially during our fines nights.