NT Bushrangers

NT Bushrangers

NT BushRangers' Team Motto is "To meet & greet new friends through a game of cricket". The 2018 Tour is our first trip to the Chiang Mai Sixes after failed attempts from 2015. For the past three years The NT BushRangers have been a participant at the Phuket 6's and now get our chance to participate in Chiang Mai.The team has been picked from Regional Cricket carnivals played across the Top End of Australia with the aim of seeing some of the young up and coming cricketers from around the globe play cricket at its finest. We hope we fit in with other teams and look forward to meeting you all after the game for a cold beverage.


Round One (Group H)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 14.35 Stuffed Beavers 39/3 5.0 NT Bushrangers 40/0 2.5 Won by 6 wickets
3/4 13.10 Armadillos 56/3 5.0 NT Bushrangers 53/3 5.0 Lost by 3 runs
4/4 08.45 Ios Malakas 49/4 5.0 NT Bushrangers 50/2 4.4 Won by 4 wickets

Round Two (Vase Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 09.55 Awali Taverners 69/2 5.0 NT Bushrangers 41/2 5.0 Lost by 28 runs
5/4 16.55 NT Bushrangers 73/1 5.0 Blythswood 74/1 5.0 Lost by 5 wickets

NT Bushrangers Players

  • 12. John Marshall (Team Manager/WK)

    JM has been a Chiang Mai players for a lifetime. Has been groomed as the teams mentor, so if we get lead astray, you know who to blame. A handy bowler & batter Still at his age, but can still find the boundaries with the bat. The old fella of team has previously played with the Darwin side on & off over the years. Again JM will also be called on to be the teams Fines manager so I would imagine a few SHOTTIES will be on the cards. "Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid". Nickname: JM

  • 14. Curtis 'Trekker' Shadforth (RH Batter/Bowler)

    Trekker can play a bit of cricket when he wants to but it's just trying to get him Sober enough to play. Has a good slider ball when he is on song but those are rarely seen these days. The only sliding we get to see of trekker is when he's falling over his feet. Nickname: Trekker.

  • 19. Terry French (RH Batter/Bowler)

    Tour Virgin – Frenchie's first tour with the team. He comes to us very highly recommended having played grade cricket In Kununurra. Predominantly a boundary finder, so we are hoping Frenchie brings his A game, cause we need one in the team to do so. Bloody Mary's are on the cards I hear.. Nickname: Frenchie

  • 26. Mark Schmidt (RH Batter/Bowler)

    Mark will be called on too lead the team in a few games this year, while his industrious reliable capt takes a break (& there will be a few breaks indeed). His 2nd tour to Thailand & can still mix it with the youngsters. Still has his competitive streak in him but has been known to spit the dummy on a few occasions.. These trips will not be one of those occasions..A great bloke to have on tour & Loves his cricket but will also enjoy the after games catch ups. Nickname: Schmidty

  • 6. Greg Kemp (RH Batter/Bowler)

    Remarkably keeps his fitness well for an old fella. Celebrates his birthday on tour, so that's one way he gets a round of drinks or two or three. This is his 2nd tour to Thailand so he's hoping to see some of the sights around Chiang Mai other than the cricket oval. A handy bowler & batter who will enjoy this carnival cause these carnivals are made for players like Greg. Nickname: Kempy

  • 7. Micky Peckham (RH Batter/Bowler)

    Micky's second cricket tour to Thailand having played previously in Phuket. Micky comes to us from a Indoor cricket background so he likes the quick sharp singles. He is the Junior of the team so his younger legs be useful in the outfield. He won't mind doing that as it will help him to work up a thirst after the game. Pina coladas have been known to run out whilst Micky is around.Nickname: Micky

  • 8. Marcus Rosas (Captain/WK)

    The face of the team. Has previously played in Chiang Mai, Bangkok & Phuket. Past his best but enjoys the mateship cricket provides. An easy go lucky chap, who will have the biggest smile on his dial – win or lose. If he can get away from playing, he certainly will. "From little things ... big things grow."especially his stomach.. Nickname: Joomby