Margate CC

Margate CC

A long way from the tiny country township of Margate in Tasmania, Margate CC is more than just your local Club. We have been working real hard to bring back what all clubs need and that is a safe family environment where everyone from all walks of life are welcomed with open arms and if you want to have a go.......we will be more than happy to give you a game. Season 2018/2019 was very much up and down which saw our A Grade score their highest team total in history and most likely even the highest score in the history of the competition when they amassed 7/504 off 50 overs but by seasons end miss out on finals by just .09%, B Grade fielded a different 11 each week which made it hard to put in a consistent performance week in and week out, big plus of this tho was the numbers of players we were able to give a game and get involved with the Club. C Grade are about to embark on yet another finals campaign after finishing on top of the ladder in their division. So now what to do our season is finished you ask???????? Margate Cricket Club is back for their 4th Tour de Chiang Mai. Brett 'BJ' Johnstone is leading the troops yet again and joining him is Graeme 'Fossil' Young, both on their 4th tour. Clint 'Ringo' Stewart is returning for his 3rd tour, Anthony 'Dicko' Dickson is back after last years debut with Breadon 'Rowdy' Allen being this years rookie with his 1st tour. We have been blessed having secured the service of Ubaid this year after the withdrawal of our 6th player. An amazing man and great friend blessed with cricket talent . No matter the result, it is 6 mates embarking on an amazing week with great drinking ability with a cricketing problem.


Round One (Players)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 10.25 Margate CC 58/2 5.0 Yorkshire Puddings 52/3 5.0 Won by 6 runs
1/4 14.35 Perth Postels 51/0 5.0 Margate CC 53/1 3.2 Won by 5 wickets
2/4 12.30 UN Irish Pub 52/4 5.0 Margate CC 53/0 3.3 Won by 6 wickets

Round Two (Cup Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 15.05 Margate CC 56/2 5.0 NCL Dynamites 57/1 4.1 Lost by 5 wickets
5/4 13.55 NCL Masters 95/2 5.0 Margate CC 80/1 5.0 Lost by 15 runs

Margate CC Players

  • Anthony 'DICKO' Dickson

    Dicko is back for his 2nd Tour de Chiang Mai and after last year we dont know who is more excited.....Dicko or the local tuk tuk drivers who he formed a great bond with. After winning the B Grade bowling last season, Dicko was rewarded for his consistency this season in being selected to make his A Grade debut. No doubt his consistency will continue through out the sixes, on and off the field.

  • Braedon 'ROWDY' Allen

    Rowdy is on his 1st Tour de Chiang Mai and as the rookie he has a lot to go through and live up to. Rowdy had a rather consistent season with both bat and ball, both spin and pace but his season came to an end early with a broken toe. This is the 1st time Rowdy has been overseas and is rather excited to experience all that is to offer. Can turn the ball bowling his off spin and can bowl with great pace but with the pace comes the ability to hit off the pitch more often than hitting the actual pitch. Maybe a big night before the game is what is required. No doubt Rowdy with have a great tour.

  • Brett 'BJ' Johnstone

    Our fearless leader is once again back for his 4th Tour de Chiang Mai. Know for his speed between the tent and bar, BJ insists that he will be picturing a beer a waits him at the non strikers end to help him push through for the quick singles. At one stage BJ was boasting an average of 226 with the opposition finding it hard to remove him, just as his captain found it hard to get the ball out of is hands....even if he was the keeper. No doubt BJ will once again lead from the front, put in the hard yards in being the first to arrive and last to leave.......the Bar.

  • Clint 'RINGO' Stewart

    Ringo is back for his 3rd Tour de Chiang Mai. Ringo happily stood down as A Grade Captain to have one of the young up and comers take the reins but was Vice Captain to assist if needed. Ringo had yet another inconsistent season struggling to hit double figures in the fist half of the season but then scored his madden century (off 50 balls) followed by a pair of ducks. Rumor has it, he has taken out a loan to ensure he has enough baht to pay his duck fines. But don't worry, he promises to put in a long innings holding up his end of the bar.

  • Graeme 'FOSSIL' Young

    Along with BJ, Fossil is back again for his 4th Tour de Chiang Mai. Fossil is the most experience player yet again but do not let that fool you. Through out his years Fossil has claimed some of the bigger names getting around with his masterful use of swing. Fossil has put in a long pre season for the Sixes and played a few games this season, but after bowling one over he refused to bowl again telling his captain that he only bowls the one over in the Sixes and is getting his body in shape for that.

  • Ubaid

    Ubaid is a well known face around the Chiang Mai sixes tournament and we have been very lucky for him to join us this year. A six hitting machine and all round great man, it is going t be good to watch him weave his craft in a Margate shirt instead of being in the field running around retrieving the ball half way up the fairways. A welcomed addition.