Blythswood was formed as a church team in 1947. Legend has it aftèr Sunday School, while the parents were enjoying themselves at a local tavern, the children started playing cricket! The parents / parishioners became impatient that the tavern closed at 2pm. So they rented a vacant pavilion on the field opposite the tavern so they could continue their pious worship throughout the afternoon. The children continued to play cricket throughout the day. Word spread in the local community about this place of worship outside of licenced hours and parishes from other places of drinking and worship joined the congregation. And so was born The Blythswood Cricket Club! Batting, bowling and babysitting! ! Thanks to The Bible? In recent years we have adopted a more pagan approach to cricket. Our well intentioned ancestors are either growling or laughing, looking up or down on us! The Blythswood Blasphemers!! May the beer be with you all!


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 09.15 Armadillos 47/2 5.0 Blythswood 48/0 3.5 Won by 6 wickets
1/4 14.15 Ios Malakas 56/1 5.0 Blythswood 58/0 4.1 Won by 6 wickets
2/4 11.30 Blythswood 68/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 61/0 5.0 Won by 7 runs

Round Two (Bowl Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 13.20 Blythswood 50/2 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 53/0 3.5 Lost by 6 wickets
5/4 12.30 Perth Postels 46/1 5.0 Blythswood 49/0 3.3 Won by 6 wickets

Bowl Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 10.20 GP Silly Sloggers 90/1 5.0 Blythswood 46/2 5.0 Lost by 44 runs

Blythswood Players

  • Lovey

    He just won't go away! Back for "Tour All of Them". Lovey's long term plan of becoming a Chiang Mai resident has finally come to fruition. This is fortunate timing as airlines are now threatening to weigh passengers and Lovey in retirement could not afford to pay the excess baggage on his waistline! Hopefully, he can still land them on a length and his width will not be an issue?

  • Maso

    Since joining Blythswood CC last year at The Sixes, Maso has developed an addiction! And as yet medical science has no cure. Cricketcantgetenuffitis. Maso has been feeding his addiction over the past year in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Korea, NZ and Melbourne. Who knows where else it has and will take him? It's a slippery slope! He is back for a second hit, snort, toke at this year's Sixes. Hopefully he has booked a suitable romantic rehab retreat that doesn't affect his punctuality for games!

  • Rodders

    Our mate/skippa who over the years has had all sorts of confectionery on his body, is back to lead us again! His soprano is a perfect match to Thommo's baritone in tbe showers! Rodders has toured Hua Hin, Canvey Island and Korea recently! Scoring heavily everywhere! Blythswood would be runs, players and a Bowl and Spoon short without his leadership. But Rodders does stumble sometimes? Between the wickets and between Loi Krah Road and his hotel. Rodders enjoys walking to Gymkhana in the morning. Please, pick our captain up or at least make sure your transportation does no damage! !

  • Rosie

    Rosie makes his debut for Blythswood and is the Usain Bolt of the cricket field, you will see smoke coming from his feet as he sprints across the turf !! He is a funny man who will fit in well with our league of extraordinary gentlemen. Bears a remarkable resemblance to Aussie bantamweight boxer Lionel Rose, so don't upset him on or off the field !! Also fondly known as Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico - Andale ! Andale ! Arriba ! Arriba !

  • Russell

    Russell made his debut for Blythswood last year. He stood up when others didn't !! A long time Chiang Mai liver and lover and a wily wristee and molleedooka bat. Hit the winning runs for Blythswood in the Bowl against The Beavers !! No one can pick his wrong-un. Not even his wife ? Everyone is thinking what is Russell writing in that journal while he walks around the surroundings of Gymkhana!

  • Thommo

    Mark "Thommo" Townsend Blythswood "Leg-end" and a complete "Bar stead", finally arrives in Chiang Mai for his first tour! Dashing looks! Slashing alrounder! Best known for his baritone in the showers post match. Blyhtswood spend a lot of time singing in the showers. The water pressure and acoustics are excellent. But it is Thommo's eccentric taste in underwear that gained him fame throughout Essex and East London! Ferrari red! Leopard skin lycra! Or anything else Ann Summers has on sale? Welcome to Chiang Mai, Thommo!

Blythswood Supporters

  • Angel

    Angel and sport and physical activity do not vibe !! Angel has adapted and adopted the phrase, "White women can't jump !". Nuff said !!

  • Donkey

    Donkey has had a lot of bad luck in Thailand recently, so is only an outside chance of playing. An unfortunate ankle injury in Hua Hin and a vicious assault in BKK ( LADYBOY) have taken their toll. But Donkey can hold a bat and loves the short ball, which probably explains why he loves hookers ??

  • Dread

    The future of Blythswood Cricket returns again to spread and extend our gene pool !! In the not too distant future, Blythswood will field multiple teams at the Sixes due to Dread's unselfish sharing of himself !!

  • Keekii

    Keekii comes to The Sixes for the first time. But Maso, the classic cricket 🏏 tragic has given her an advanced course in cricket appreciation. We first met Keekii in Hua Hin but since then she has immersed herself in our great game. Too many places to mention. Will be great to see her in Chiang Mai!

  • May

    Lovey's life coach will be at tournament number 4/5 ?? Now a Blythswood stalwart and having toured with The Black Swans in Hua Hin, cricket 🏏 is still a mystery to May. The slammer sessions after games have lead to some domestic emergencies !! But we are hoping that May, may debut soon for The Ladies in Chiang Mai.

  • Mick

    Mick bowls a hard ball and hits a long ball. Mick thinks he may have some issues at Immigration this year due to a number of pending complaints from last year! But Blythswood love him so much, we have engaged a highly reputable Thai Legal firm to ensure his arrival at Gymkhana is guaranteed. The fact that Mick spends time in Mexico may be a concern but if he can bring tequila for the end of game shots it will be a welcome 🙏 change to the vodkas!!!!

  • Tim

    In his younger days Tim was compared to Basil D’Oliveira. Crafty outswing, and a stoic batter. These days he's more like Basil Brush without the Boom Boom… Nicknamed Golly when he was younger as his hair went up rather than down. Politically incorrect these days. His friends still call him Goll… 🤔 Born Canadian, but Kentish since the age of 4. Heroes are Carl Hooper, John Shepherd, Asif Iqbal but the best of the lot is Darren Stevens. His claim to fame is he cut his lawn a few times, walked his dog and supped Guinness with him several times at the Rose & Crown in Stelling Minnis. Rob Key lived just down the road, and he’s a bloody good darts player (rubbish at pool). Barmy Army member. First trip 13000 miles to see England get skittled for 54 at Eden Park by Boult and Southee in 75 minutes. Jimmy Anderson (his other hero) must have been VERY grumpy at padding up after half an hour of a test match.