Lanna CC

Lanna CC

In pursuit of cricketing nirvana, the Lanna squad will travel thousands of metres to assemble at Gymkhana – the hallowed turf we’ve called home for eight seasons. We’ll look to exploit our intimate knowledge of the ground with carefully directed mis-hits and field settings based primarily on shady spots around the boundary.

Last year, after failing to register a win until Thursday, we stormed home to claim the Bowl and learned that at the Sixes, fitness and freshness do not necessarily lead to good form. Our working theory is that the opposite might be true and that a day or two of diligent self-abuse might kickstart the campaign a bit earlier. Scales and Ballantyne have been assigned to investigate further.

Richard Young returns in full health (which is a worry because his best cricket has often been played on one leg), along with maniac preacher Shine Thomas, umpires’ darling Elliot Lodge and Richard Cowles who, like all wicketkeepers, firmly believes his bowling is the secret weapon the team has been missing.


Round One (Players)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 11.20 Divine Felons 65/1 5.0 Lanna CC 59/3 5.0 Lost by 6 runs
1/4 14.20 NCL Dynamites 78/2 5.0 Lanna CC 32/2 5.0 Lost by 46 runs
2/4 09.15 Lanna CC 62/0 5.0 Darjeeling CC 62/2 5.0 Won by fewer wickets lost

Round Two (Shield Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 16.15 Lanna CC 64/1 5.0 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 65/1 3.3 Lost by 5 wickets
5/4 12.45 Lanna CC 53/0 5.0 Perth Postels 54/0 4.2 Lost by 6 wickets

Lanna CC Players

  • Adrian Ballantyne

    No. 21 / Cornish rogue. Enjoys punting, house boating and hot air ballooning.

  • Elliot Lodge

    No. 22 / Austral-Zealandic pace bowler. Crushes toes and cross-border displacement.

  • Jon Scales (c)

    No. 7 / Purveyor of feline accoutrements (not a euphemism). Talents include the pull shot and shirtlessness.

  • Richard Cowles

    No. 26 / Purple blood. Still has that dream of not being able to get padded up fast enough. Perhaps becoming a bowler will cure it.

  • Richard Young

    No. 60 / Of Cambridge and Asia. Held together with high tensile band-aids. Prefers a 2-over spell and got it once.

  • Shine Thomas

    No. 77 / Delivers his best sermons when he lets his bat do the talking. Origins remain pleasingly mysterious.