Kimberley Crusaders

Kimberley Crusaders

The Kimberley Crusaders are a great crew formed from Broome in the Northern Remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Our Team is made up of a rough and ready crew of long term Sixes Players and Supporters returning each year to show their full support and assistance with their tent land cheering and networking duties in CM. Our Captain Doc and his Sister have accomplished 20 years of Chiang Mai Sixes since 1996 with a Passion to continue the spirit, along with the Support and Passion of our CEO Terry Williams and our loyal Committee Golden Bat Terry Moore, Mr & Mrs 31, Cheese & Vini. We have our new comers Hawks, Dunks, David & Meg, Abi & Amelee, Terri & Billy, Kathy, Anita, Ewan, Lin, Sid along with the return of Jocky from the early years and our star Brat Marcus. The Kimberley Crusaders Team will be looking forward to sharing in some good old fashioned fun, sportsmanship, and enjoying being part of the Sixes event again for 2017. 'Bring it on...........In Doc we Trust....


Round One (Group E)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
2/4 14.40 Kimberley Crusaders 69/0 5.0 Blythswood 45/2 5.0 Won by 24 runs
3/4 09.15 Kimberley Crusaders 63/0 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 40/2 5.0 Won by 23 runs
4/4 12.30 Kimberley Crusaders 35/2 5.0 Sons of Pitches 40/0 2.3 Lost by 6 wickets

Round Two (Bowl Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 15.05 Lanna CC 85/0 5.0 Kimberley Crusaders 53/3 5.0 Lost by 32 runs
7/4 11.35 Kimberley Crusaders 60/2 5.0 Awali Taverners 63/0 3.4 Lost by 6 wickets

Kimberley Crusaders Players

  • 31 Mr Brian Mackay our Stats man

    Brian 31 McKay - Our Player number 3 .. 31 is our very own Stats man, if there is something we need to know, 31 is where we go, our 31 will have the current latest up to date Stats on hand. Better known by his code number 31…, 31 is a loyal crucial driving force of outstanding performance for our team, and is a man on a mission on the Cricket field.

  • Cheese Michael Coumbe our Hanging Judge for the Kimberley Crusaders

    Cheese was around in the earlier years, right by Doc's side in the late 90's at the Chiang Mai sixes rocking it out and again in 2016 & 2017 love you long time our all rounder. Now a player for the Kimberley Crusaders – Welcome back to our Hanging Judge for 2017. When this boy is not on the field giving it his best, you will find this Wild Child out with the best of them, in the late night bars and right where the action is, Welcome back brother

  • Doctor Mark Thorgersen Captain of the Kimberley Crusaders

    Mark 'Doc' Thorgersen – Player.. Extraordinaire Doc is the Godfather of the Kimberley Crusaders… The man from Broome WA that has been around on the field and in the night bazzar bars of Chiang Mai for many years supporting the Sixes. This year Doc will be doing his 20 year Tour of Duty, the Chiang Mai spirit is kept alive when the Doctor arrives' Watch out Chiang Mai the Doc is back in Town..

  • Hawks HHH Gavin Hawkins

    Hawks HHH our Kimberley Crusaders player 6 is ready and waiting to get amongst the action of the Cricket Sixes. Our very own Lumberjack will be knocking them for a six in 2017. Another AFL and Swans supporter we welcome HHH who is on his Virgin tour of the Sixes so watch out Chiang Mai.

  • Rik 'Jockey' Pearce

    Jockey is our Player number 4. Sometimes know and goes by the Jester, Jockey was around in the beginning for the Chiang Mai Sixes and is back in full force as part of the Kimberley Crusaders. This Jockey will race anyone to the finish line, so do watch out, We welcome jockey on his return to Chiang mai, Jockey's team colleges are ready and waiting to lead him astray in the back streets of Chiang Mai.

  • Terry ' Golden Bat' Moore - Vice Captain / Assistant Hanging Judge for the Kimberley Crusaders

    Terry Moore - James Bond' The man with the Golden Bat' Player from the Gold Coast branch of the Kimberley Crusaders, Our Golden Bat is both outstanding on the field and off the field, Absolute Gentleman, Loves the Thai Social scene, the bars, the local talent, we will find Terry where the action is.

  • ''The Boy from Meeka'' David Geutjes

    The Boy from Meeka, David the Mining Guru all the way from Meeka WA is our Player number 8 We welcome David and his family to the team. We will be expecting the unexpected with David, a fit and ready player that is ready to take on a Challenge or two and is eager to succeed with a win or two under his belt.

  • Vini Barbarino Vinicombe - Tent land Manager

    Cheers Vini!!''' To our Kimberley Crusader Player number 7'' Lucky for most !! Vini will be back in full form again this year showing us what his made of!! This fit young legend will be showing his support both on the field and off the field with his team mates enjoying what Chiang Mai has to offer. Thanks to Vini for all the support behinds the scenes for the team organisation skills with the Kimberley Crusaders Events Ettire.

Kimberley Crusaders Supporters

  • Anita and Ewen

    Anita and her Son Ewen will be joining us as Kimberley Crusader Supporters. Welcome to Anita and Ewen, Anita is the Business Managing Director for the Kimberley Region for Small Businesses. Anita and Ewen will be coming along to join in on all the fun that Chiang Mai has to offer, Anita is light spirited, loads of fun, loves the shopping, markets, bars, tours and all that Chiang Mai has to offer, Anita's and her Son Ewen have traveled hugely all around the world, But this will be their first time to Thailand, Anita and Ewen will showing their support for our team.

  • Dunc's - Kimberley Crusaders Security Guard

    Welcome to the team Dunc's, Our Kimberley Crusaders Security Guard, first timer to the Sixes. Duncs will be showing his support with the boys and having a great time in the night bazzar as any hot blooded Aussie does,

  • Kathy ''Kat'' O'Leary

    Welcome to Kathy ''Kat '' O'Leary. Kat is a long time friend to the Doc and his Sister met in Broome back in 1997 when teaching in her red and white checkered mini dress, Kat still has property here in Broome although loves travelling unknown uncommon territory around the world, Kat is currently residing in Cambodia teaching, kat will be joining our KC club tour and will be making her way across from Cambodia mid March and will be staying in Chiang Mai for one month, which means she will be part local and will probably show us a trick or two. We look forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai Kat. Oh and Ps Code word / Anything Cat, Rats, Possums, Ferrets anything cute cuddly and fury you will have her full attention.

  • Linda Thorgersen the Therapist

    Linda will be your every ear to your issue, just have a chat to Lin and all your problems will be gone, Lin is our psycologist for the kimberley Crusaders, she will solve your every problem. Lin and her Rock Star husband will be making the most of their holiday in Chiang Mai, doing all there is to offer, expecially the restaurants and night bazzar for shopping.

  • Marcus ''The Brat' Thorgersen-Retallack - Kimberley Crusaders Trouble Maker.

    Marcus 'Brat' Thorgersen-Retallack.. Forth time to ChiangMai Sixes for my little Bundle of cheeky mischievous fun bubble brat that doesn't shy from a piece of Adventure. Getting him rough and ready for the next Generation of Cricket. Better know as the The Kimberley Crusaders Brat the Rebel with out a cause, Out and about in the back streets of Chiang Mai Loves adventure just like his Mummy.

  • Meg Abi & Amilee

    Welcome to Meg Abi & Amilee our Kimberley Crusaders supporters. Photo of the Beauitiful Red Head in Pink is Meg, the blonde is Sister, and unfortunately the brunet will not be coming. This young family from Meeka David who is our Player number 8, Meg and their two beautiful kids Abi and Amilee will be checking out all there is to do in Chiang Mai, such as bars, night bazzar, shopping, tours, restaurants and cricket cricket cricket. Welcome to our young cheer leaders Abi and Amilee for the Kimberley Crusaders.

  • Sharon 'Mrs 31' McKay

    Sharon 'Mrs 31 McKay' - Welcome back to our fair Maiden, Kimberley Crusaders very own Team Nurse Yes the Mrs 31 McKay will be right by her man’s side cheering, supporting and being a great team player supporting the events and general tent knowledge, and Shazza likes to shop, drink, party.

  • Sid Rock Star Martin

    Welcome to the team our very own Rock Star. Welcome to the man that can pick up any musical instrument and play like a superstar, owns seven electric guitars, piano and tamberine, mouth organ and violin, you name it and can sing your requests. Sid will make you laugh, sing to you, tell all the jokes and is the life of the party until Fat Cat goes to bed at 7pm, that's right folks. Welcome to the night bazzar, bars and Sixes Sid.

  • Sister Tracy Thorgersen

    Tracy Sister Thorgersen - Organiser, Co ordinator Go to Girl for our Kimberley Crusaders - On her Seventeenth tour of duty with the Sixes. Well renowned for the earlier Glory Dayz as Captain for the Dixie Bells... The wild days of boat races and champagne at the wickets. Sister will be supporting her team with a passion for succession, if not succession then just plain old fashioned fun.

  • Terri Middleton from the Midwest.

    Ok if you have the questions, Terri has the answers, Terri has been at the same Canarvon Pharmacy for many years and knows all the curers for your symptom ''Just ask Terri'' as Terri has heard it all. Terri and her Wild Bill will be roaming the streets of Chiang Mai checking out all the nooks and crannies, they will be your go to, as they will be in the know how to, Between Terri and Billy there will be loads of excitement happening at the grounds and in the streets of Chiang mai.

  • Terry 'CEO' Williams

    Terry 'CEO' Williams – Kimberley Crusaders CEO ' Whilst Keeping busy at the Sixes Terry is an Umpire during the day and at night joining in all the fun and festivities with the Kimberley Crusaders, Our Kimberley Crusader CEO proves to be a loyal Dedicated Gentleman over and over each year and Recognized for his good sportsmanship every year.

  • Wild Billy Bell from Carnarvon

    Billy Bell from Carnarvon is ready to rock the streets of Chiang Mai with his Mrs, This Mid West Gun Slinger is coming along to join in the action and show how its done. Billy and Terri will be hanging out supporting our team and checking out all of what Chiang Mai has to offer.