Kimberley Crusaders

Kimberley Crusaders

The Kimberley Crusaders are a great crew formed from Broome in the Northern Remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Our team is made up of a selected crew from across our Northern Region of Australia along with our English counterparts and Thai's. Our Team is made up of a rough and ready crew of long term Sixes Players and Supporters returning each year to show their full support and assistance with their tent land cheering and networking duties in CM. Our Captain Doc and his Sister have accomplished nearly 20 years of Chiang Mai Sixes since 1996 with a Passion to continue the spirit, along with the support of our CEO Terry Williams and our loyal Committee Golden Bat Terry Moore, Mr & Mrs 31 & Incogneto, the Kimberley Crusaders Team will be looking forward to sharing in some good old fashioned fun, sportsmanship, and enjoying being part of the Sixes event again for 2016. 'Bring it on...........In Doc we Trust....


Round One (Group H)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 09.00 Kimberley Crusaders 51/1 5.0 Drifters 52/0 3.4 Lost by 6 wickets
4/4 16.55 Kimberley Crusaders 49/0 5.0 Floggers & Robbers 53/1 2.5 Lost by 5 wickets
5/4 17.10 Gymkhana Cavaliers 47/3 5.0 Kimberley Crusaders 47/4 5.0 Lost by fewer wickets lost

Round Two (Spoon Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 11.35 Kimberley Crusaders 62/1 5.0 Sa Pa 65/3 4.5 Lost by 3 wickets
8/4 09.15 Kimberley Crusaders 55/1 5.0 Almar 57/0 3.5 Lost by 6 wickets

Kimberley Crusaders Players

  • Beer and Beam

    Our Kimberley Crusaders Beer, Por and Beam - Welcome back to the team as we enjoy having you guys on our team every year.

  • Brian '31' McKay

    Brian 31 McKay - Player .. 31 is our very own Stats man, if there is an event our 31 will have the current up to date Stats. Better known by his code number 31…This man may seem shy, But don’t be fooled, as he is a man on a mission on the Cricket field.

  • Mark 'Doc' Thorgersen - Captain

    Mark 'Doc' Thorgersen – Player.. Extraordinaire Doc is the Godfather of the Kimberley Crusaders… The man from Broome WA that’s been around on the field and in the bars for the Chiang Mai Sixes for around 19 years, the Chiang Mai spirit is kept alive when the Doctor arrives'

  • Michael 'Cheese' Coumbe

    • Welcome Back Bro…..Cheese was around in the earlier years at the Chiang Mai sixes with the Doc. Now a player for the Kimberley Crusaders – Congratulations on becoming our new Hanging Judge for 2016. When this boy is not on the field giving it his best, you will find this Wild Child out with the best of them, in the late night bars and right where the action is, Welcome back brother

  • Neil ' In Cogneto' Eggar

    Mr Neil ' In Congneto' 'Missing in Action' Eggar Player for the Kimberley Crusaders we will miss you this year our brother. See you in 2017

  • Phil ' Black Duck ' Lawson

    Returning to the Chiang Mai Sixes competition for the first time since 2013, Philip '(Black Duck)' Lawson has had a complete career change and is looking forward to handcuffing the opposition and maybe some of the locals as he seeks to be part of a winning team, Welcome back to Chiang Mai Black Duck as you have been missed.

  • Sean 'Wild Card' Willsy

    Our Kimberley Crusaders Team Virgin, This first timer ‘Wild Card Willsy’ has a few tricks up his sleeve for a Wild night out or two with the Boys, Sean is a long term resident in Broome. Sean loves the movies, enjoying life, long walks on the beach and Beer and Whisky and Wild Women, Sean will endevor to enjoy the night life in the City of Chiang Mai, the busy streets of the Night Bazzar and the back street bars, he is looking forward to being led by our long termers down the road of good old fashioned fun.

  • Terry ' Golden Bat' Moore - Vice Captain

    Terry Moore - James Bond' The man with the Golden Bat' Player This man can play cricket, Love the Social scene, the bars, the local talent, we will find Terry where the action is. As this is ''The Terry Moore from the Gold Coast branch of the Crusaders''

  • Terry 'CEO' Williams

    Terry 'CEO' Williams – Kimberley Crusaders CEO ' Whilst Keeping busy at the Sixes Terry is an Umpire during the day and at night joining in all the fun and festivities with the Kimberley Crusaders, Our Kimberley Crusader CEO proves to be a Gentleman over and over each year and Recognized for his good sportsmanship every year

  • Tracy 'Sister' Thorgersen - kimberley Crusaders Co'ordinator

    Tracy Sister Thorgersen - Supporter and Co ordinator for our Kimberley Crusaders - On her Sixteenth tour of duty with the Sixes. Well renowned for the earlier Glory Dayz as Captain for the Dixie Bells... The wild days of boat races and champagne at the wickets. Sister will be supporting her team with a passion for succession, if not succession then just plain old fashioned fun.

Kimberley Crusaders Supporters

  • Andrew '' Vini Barbarino'' Vinicombe Greece Lightning- OH & S officer

    Cheers to our Kimberley Crusader Supporter!! Vini Spends most of his winter Saturday’s watching the Footy as most Hot Blooded Aussies do. When Vini is not in the Kimberley Crusaders tent cheering on his team you will find him hanging with his mates in the back street bars. Yahoo!!

  • Jenny - Kimberley Crusaders Bookie

    Jenny the Girl from Carnarvon will be joining us as a Kimberley Crusader Supporter, Jenny will be doing the touristy things along with the night bazzar markets I am sure and cheering the Boys on to win their games

  • Kimberley Crusaders Guide

    Meet our Kimberley Crusaders Guide

  • Marcus 'The Sisco Kid' Thorgersen-Retallack - Kimberley Crusaders Trouble Maker

    Marcus Lee Thorgersen-Retallack.. Third time to ChiangMai Sixes for my little Bundle of cheeky mischievous fun bubble that doesn't shy from a piece of Adventure. Getting him rough and ready for the next Generation of Cricket. Better know as the The Sisco Kid the Rebel with out a cause, Out and about in the back streets of Chiang Mai Loves adventure just like his Mummy.

  • Mrs Shazza 31 McKay - Kimberley Crusaders Team Nurse

    Sharon 'Mrs 31 McKay' - Kimberley Crusaders very own Team Nurse Yes the Mrs 31 McKay will be right by her man’s side cheering, supporting and being a great team player supporting the events and general tent knowledge, and Shazzer likes to shop, drink, party. As you can see she is also a fair maiden from a far away castle somewhere in Europe, Yes that's right a little inconspicuous as we don't know where she will pop up next.

  • Paula Thorgersen - Kimberley Crusaders Tent Manager

    Paula Thorgersen – Tent Manager’ Yes right by the Doc's side through thick and thin, through win or loss, through shops open or shops closed, she will keep the home fires burning

  • Robert 'Road Runner' Thorgersen - Kimberley Crusaders Road Runner

    Robert is a valued supporter and Cousin to the Doc and Sister. Welcome to another one of our first timer Thailand Team Virgins…Please remember Rob…. ‘’What happens on tour’ stays on tour”” Rob will be eager to scope what in and around Chiang Mai to do. Rob loves Camping, Touring, Being a good Citizen, Parties and long walks on the Beach. Welcome our Kimberley Crusaders Road Runner.

  • Sassy - Kimberley Crusaders Sassy Assistant

    Sassy will be joining us as the kimberley Crusaders Sassy Assistant - A first timer to the Sixes event teaming up with her sis Jenny, watch out Chiangmai night bazzar Sassy in town.

  • Sharna Miller - Hanging Judge Assistant

    Sharna our Kimberley Crusaders Supporter- will be getting out and about and doing all there is to enjoy in the streets of Chiang Mai

  • Sponsor TWW Broome 'woody'

    A Big Thank you to the man that offered his Support to Sponsor our Hats this year again! Thanks to Woody from TWW Broome Western Australia

  • Terry 'CEO' Williams

    Ning, K, Lo Lo The Williams Crew...Providing action support and general carry ons in Tent land for the Kimberley Crusaders

  • Tiarni Narni - Cheer Leader for the Kimberley Crusaders

    Tiarni – Our second youngest Supporter!! Better known as Narni will be joining us this coming Sixes trip. Narni will be enjoying the sites of Chiang mai, the night bazzar, shopping, markets, good food and of course the sixes