Kashmir Thunder

Kashmir Thunder

Kashmir Thunder is made up of members of Chiang Mai Cricket Club (CMCC), est 1999 and some guys from Kashmir are taking part in this event.


Round One (Group D)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 11.05 Kashmir Thunder 68/1 5.0 Divine Felons 55/3 5.0 Won by 13 runs
2/4 08.30 Clifton Hill Stray Cats 67/0 5.0 Kashmir Thunder 68/0 4.5 Won by 6 wickets
3/4 15.30 Kashmir Thunder 89/1 5.0 Perth Postels 35/2 5.0 Won by 54 runs

Round Two (Cup Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 13.25 Kashmir Thunder 85/0 5.0 St Francis de Sales 87/1 4.3 Lost by 5 wickets
6/4 12.15 Bristol CC 57/2 5.0 Kashmir Thunder 59/0 2.5 Won by 6 wickets

Cup Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 10.50 Kashmir Thunder 58/1 5.0 NCL Dynamites 59/1 3.5 Lost by 5 wickets

Kashmir Thunder Players

  • Aasif Chashoo

    Well this guy has started cricket in Chiangmai very long ago He is among the top senior players in Chiangmai cricket club The legend of CMCC the top all rounder in Chiangmai has Participated in all forms of cricket in Thailand.Right hand batsmen & Right arm medium fast,he is veteran cricketer for sixes as he has Participated in sixes from long time and has been awarded many times For man of the day in sixes, every one is aware whenever Aasif kisses His bat he will hit it for a six, despite he is in 40's he will give you fitness Goals...

  • Abaidullah Anwer

    Name is enough known & famous as six machine in whole thailand, He has an omnipresent smile and is quite a character on field, has been showered by awards in Thailand cricket whenever he takes a part, hitting gigantic & humongous sixes Well this is the man who have been awarded man of the series in last year sixes made 212 runs in just 52 balls with a remarkable 25 sixes cricket Lovers watch him with full of joy whenever he is on crease as he is a real entertainer Of short format cricket..

  • Mohammad Shafi

    Well age is just a number for this guy,known as the legend of Chiangmai cricket This guy love cricket & support Chiangmai cricket by each & every means,right arm medium fast & by swinging the ball in,out & reverse abilities he can show Any professional batsmen the way to Dug out.

  • Naveed Pathan

    The best all rounder in Thailand he is known as fast & furious Playing For pakistan royal club in currently and has played for Thai national team as well Best hitter of the ball he love to face fast bowlers while he is batting, if you go to his room It's filled with trophies, he is an well known & famous cricketer in Thailand Right handed Batsman & Right arm fast bowler, Naveed doesn't participate in last year sixes due to some personal problems but he was awarded man of the series in 2016 sixes in Chiangmai for his cracking batting & furious bowling.

  • Parvez Zargar

    Cool & calm guy on & off field but don't expect calmness from him When he is on batting & ferocious while bowling , also known and famous as Lara In kashmir & Vietnam has played for so many cricket clubs & more often in demand From different countries due to his consistent performances, he has been also showered by awards in every format of cricket in recent years he has been awarded man of the series in T20 format in Vietnam cricket for 2015 and 2016 as well for 348 runs @ 87 average, 26 wickets & 9 catches.

  • Shoaib Monsoor

    Shoaib joined cricket in Chiangmai 2 years ago he is specialized as a left arm fast bowler Playing for Chiangmai cricket club.he got heaped praise from cricket in bangkok and Chiangmai,He is a current pace bowling sensation in Thailand, hogging all the limelight with his consistent performances,he has been the best bowler in last year sixes while serving up the kashmir cricket club to lift the cup,his current performance in the league have left every professional batsman shell-shocked.

  • Tanveer Ahmad

    Producing the core content for Chiangmai cricket club & current captain of cmcc for Chiangmai league 2018 also known as Tansy, RIght hand bat & Right arm medium bowler The best All rounder in Chiangmai awarded by man of the series in 2016/2017 Chiangmai League, he adore sportsmanship & cricket is his first & last love, will lead his team in this year sixes..

  • Tariq Sofi

    One of the stylish batsman in kashmir & currently playing for vietnam cricket association Hitting sixes to death end bowlers is an easy job for him he was among the top scorers In last year sixes however he has grabbed so many awards in vietnam & kashmir for his blistering knocks, known & famous as Tariq billa.. although he have different plans for this year sixes which he didn't reveal yet..