Ios Malakas

Ios Malakas

As the Ios Malakas live their lives as rock stars, it is only fitting to compare the players to legends of music. We have the Bee Gees brothers Mad Max and Dirty Harry, AC/DC’s CCHead and Crunchy, Golden Earring Ray, Crowded House Herby, Led Zeppelin Simon, Midnight Oil Wazza and two cloggies Benny Joling and Steven Tyler. We hope that T.Rex Terry will be the fearless leader of the team as his strategies have brought many wood and silver wear.. And an occasional duck.

The long hairs have mostly been cut short, but the shenanigans off the field are still ripe for the tabloids. If they would play as well on the field as in the bar, it will be a hard team to beat. Everyone is hoping that Ravi Shankar Sol will return to the field for a few 10’s but as he is struggling with being just too good looking, it is left to wonder if his art with the bat is on show this year.

The support will nevertheless be coming from a varied group of rock legends as Sid Vicious, Babe Ruth, Cappucino, the Brain Trainer, FC Honest, Daggy Dag and of course the famous Duck-sisters Jenny M, Jan R, Rudy Ruth and the Twinz who every year put in a lot of effort to gather donations for The Hill Tribe Fund. Please make sure to visit their shop and support this great cause! Malakas, may the ball be round, may the helmets remain in the bag and the Vodka slammers come hard and fast! Yamas!

PLAYERS: Max Osman, Harry Osman, Ray Matti, Simon Crooksley, Steve Herman, Wazza Warren, Steve Christie, Tyler Tijlenaar, Ben Jederal

SUPPORTERS: Sid Moohan, Dag Bergqvist, Hendrik van Katwijk, Jenny Morgan, Jan Rutherford, Ruth Budden, Babe Budden, Darrel Mepham, Fat.C. Honest, Kaew Alwayssmiles and hopefully many others!


Round One (Group G)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 13.25 Sons of Pitches 50/4 5.0 Ios Malakas 54/3 4.1 Won by 3 wickets
4/4 13.40 Nightcrawlers 52/0 5.0 Ios Malakas 56/0 3.3 Won by 6 wickets
5/4 11.35 Saturday Night Beavers 51/1 5.0 Ios Malakas 52/0 4.5 Won by 6 wickets

Round Two (Plate Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 14.00 Floggers & Robbers 111/0 5.0 Ios Malakas 39/5 5.0 Lost by 72 runs
7/4 12.30 Ios Malakas 52/3 5.0 Darwin Dilettantes 55/0 2.3 Lost by 6 wickets