Bristol CC

Bristol CC

Bristol Cricket Club aka Marshall's Doughnuts is collection of cricketing misfits of varying cricketing and drinking abilities.

Its Back to the future this year BAPTIST, POLLARD, MARSHALL, REDWOOD and MILLS . The backbone of previous tours backing up again when others have wavered under the pressure of their partners thumbs . Look forward to showing some debutantes the sixes experience.


Round One (Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 13.10 Bristol CC 56/0 5.0 UN Irish Pub 57/0 3.5 Lost by 6 wickets
2/4 14.35 Got The Runs 69/0 5.0 Bristol CC 70/2 5.0 Won by 4 wickets
3/4 08.45 Roosters 50/1 5.0 Bristol CC 51/1 3.5 Won by 5 wickets

Round Two (Cup Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 13.25 Bristol CC 51/3 5.0 St Francis de Sales 52/0 3.0 Lost by 6 wickets
6/4 12.15 Bristol CC 57/2 5.0 Kashmir Thunder 59/0 2.5 Lost by 6 wickets

Bristol CC Players


    Bristol CC's Tour Doyen, Life Member, and token Ozi. Holidaying with his Bristol CC brethren at the Pigeon LOFT ( pornping tower) , is second only to the mansion house at LONGWOOD . The Doyen will lead the charge both on and off the pitch .

  • Charlie "TUBEMAN" SPINK

    SO tall he has been classified disabled .Worked for years as a mobile phone tower however due to cut backs has recently taken on a position as TUBEMAN at sales events across the UK . Starred in a simpsons episode as the ridiculously tall man in the ridiculous small car . Has been known to trip over his own tongue mis sentence , we look forward to the debut of Spinky in china mai .


    Just like steak is with lobster, The Chairman is to the cricket field. Whilst they may not frequent each others company that often, when they do, its a beautiful thing. The Chairman is as bigger hitter on the cricket pitch as he is in the boardroom, so when the signal is given from the penthouse, mind the windows!

  • Michal "Section 89" LORD

    Self imposed curfews , flowing locks like his mentor MR PAUL. Questioning everything in life he is often heard saying "BUT WHYYYYYYYY" We do hope the Thai police offer cups of tea and toothbrushes to their inmates to keep him happy whilst recovering from nights out . not his fault he is a SAFFA . look forward to the BOMBS


    Described in 1994 as the WEPL's best spinner and voted by his peers as 'The Living Embodiment of Baroness Thatcher', The Earl a creature of comfort. Much like the Grizzly Bear, The Earl will spend 5-7 months hibernating outside of the cricket season and is somewhat grumpy when disturbed.

  • Paul Redwood aka "MR PAUL"

    The evergreen Paul Redwood, gifted with both word and willow. The riddle master himself is an all round cricketing Yoda. His flowing mane is said to be source of his powers, but he's never wake long enough to tell us the whole story

  • Phillip "THE DOG" Marshall

    All round Club legend and Indoor Team sponsor, Phil "Dog" Marshall pioneered the 'Doughnut Movement' at Bristol CC with his catchphrase "Ere you doughnuts!". As the hard man of the squad, the Dog is the man to stay on right side of. Made his fortune in the Doughnut business, and we are lucky to have him as a sponsor again.

  • Tom "S.O.S." PROBERT

    Son of Sarah Son of Steve Leonardo DIcaprio look a like his list of achievements go on and on. Constantly living in the shadow of the better Probert brother JAKE . Both come from extremely good stock in Sarah and Steve Probert who have been been driving forces in making the BRISTOL CC the club we know it can be . Its now time for SOS to become the lad we know he can be CHINAG MAI is your time to shine