Beijing Ducks

Beijing Ducks

After last years virgin appearance at the sixes, a larger squad and supporters are headed there this year.... The Ducks are based in Beijing where we were founded in 2016 by Tbag, Cheese and Double D. Besides playing in the Beijing league, the Ducks are regular travellers to the Nanjing sixes, and the Philippines sixes and are even embarking on a UK tour this year in July(just in time for the World Cup). The highlight is no doubt this years Chiang Mai Sixes.


Round One (Gentlemen)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 09.00 Lord’s Taverners 56/2 5.0 Beijing Ducks 57/1 4.1 Won by 5 wickets
1/4 12.45 Beijing Ducks 77/2 5.0 Tokyo Dingbats 67/1 5.0 Won by 10 runs
3/4 10.10 Beijing Ducks 54/1 5.0 Almar 60/1 5.0 Lost by 5 wickets

Round Two (Plate Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 10.10 Beijing Ducks 85/0 5.0 Floggers & Robbers 50/2 5.0 Won by 35 runs
5/4 10.10 Beijing Ducks 66/1 5.0 Sons of Pitches 51/2 5.0 Won by 15 runs

Plate Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 08.30 Red Lion Wombats 78/0 5.0 Beijing Ducks 69/1 5.0 Lost by 9 runs

Beijing Ducks Players

  • Dan "One Ball" Morgan

    Country: Australia - Name: One Ball - Batting Style: Right arm Aussie - Bowling Style: Right Arm Shuffle - Favourite tipple: Beer - Prediction for tour : Bankrupt.

  • Esmond"GINGE" Hall

    Country: UK - Name: Ginge - Batting Style: Unorthodox - Bowling Style: Right Arm - Favourite tipple: Beer - Walk out song: Bat out of Hell - Prediction for tour : Another broken ankle like last year.

  • Geoff "Rusty" Ross

    Country:Australia - Name: Rusty - Batting Style: Righty (fly swatting) - Bowling Style: Medium/slow, towards the batsman - Favourite tipple: Cider or a nice aged single malt - Walk out song: Living on a Prayer - Prediction for tour: Memorable, or at least documented.


    Country: Australia - Name: Cinders - Style Batting: Subtle, with A hint of slogging - Bowling Style: Been Known to HIT at The Pitch, ON A Good Day - Favorite Tipple: Patron Tequila - Walk OUT Song: the I'm TOO Sexy, Right of Said Fred - Prediction for Tour: Absolute And complete victory.

  • Jonathan "Mugabe" Barry

    Country: Zimbabwe - Name: Mugabe - Batting Style: Unorthodox and only when forced - Bowling Style: Right Arm mostly on the correct pitch - Favourite tipple: Whisky (not whiskey) beer, wine, basically anything except baijiou - Walk out song: Crazy Train - Prediction for tour : Will have to look through GoPro footage to aide the memory -

  • Matt "Fruitbat" Richmond

    Country: UK - Name: Fruitbat - Batting Style: Prosaic nurdler - Bowling Style: Right arm optimistic - Favourite tipple: Earl Grey - Walk out song: Mister Blue Sky - Prediction for tour : plenty of sleep.

  • Neil "Wheels" Kirkwood

    Country: NZ . Name: Wheels - Batting Style: Elegant aggression (for a woodchopper) - Bowling Style: Helpful (to opposing batsmen's stats) - Favourite tipple: Cider - Walk out song: Always look on the bright side of life - Prediction for tour: Bail money will be required.

  • Simon "Cheese" Ashmore

    Country: UK - Name: Cheese - Batting Style: orthodox slogger - Bowling Style: too fat to be quick - Favourite tipple: Single Malt - Walk out song: pressure drop, Toots and the maytals - Prediction for tour: everyone will get the runs!

  • Tim "Bacardi" Marriott

    Country: NZ - Name: Bacardi - Batting Style: Aggressive but lacks any talent - Bowling Style: Right Arm Not as fast as he thinks he is - Favourite tipple: Shots! 70 to be precise - Walk out song: Big Balls AC/DC - Prediction for tour: Gout of the Liver!!

  • Tom "Tea Bag" Ashton

    Country: Aotearoa - Name: Tea Bag - Batting Style: conservative agricultural - Bowling Style: Hipphopapotamuss - Favourite tipple: Beer, brewed by himself - Walk out song: Symphony for destruction, Megadeath - Prediction for tour : Ducks and plenty of them.

Beijing Ducks Supporters

  • Paddy O'Shea's

    The ever faithful drinking hole and sports bar home of all Ducks in Beijing.... Paul (The french owner or the Irish bar based in China) is attending the sixes to see his illustrious Ducklings.....take to water or more likely beer!


    COUNTRY: UK AGE: 5 and a half FAVOURITE SONG: Baby Shark