Tanglin Taverner Misfits

Tanglin Taverner Misfits

Having run under the guise of a Kiwi-team for so long our accents were changing, a decision was made to return to our roots ... et voilà! the re-birth of the Tanglin Taverners, not-sighted & thought extinct since 1991.

With new blood from the Singapore Misfits we intend to carry on our fine tradition of the gentleman's sport on & misfit off the field.


Round One (Group E)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 10.40 Tanglin Taverner Misfits 0.0 Awali Taverners 0.0 Lost by 6 wickets
5/4 15.35 Hit ’n’ Miss 0.0 Tanglin Taverner Misfits 0.0 Lost by 18 runs
7/4 10.10 Tanglin Taverner Misfits 0.0 Ios Malakas 0.0 Lost by 6 wickets

Round Two (Spoon Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
8/4 13.20 Tanglin Taverner Misfits 0.0 Armadillos 0.0 Lost by 6 wickets
10/4 11.20 Tanglin Taverner Misfits 0.0 Kimberley Crusaders 0.0 Lost by 6 wickets

Tanglin Taverners Players

  • Nishan “Nish” Weerasinghe

    This Anglo-Singhalese Singaporean has kookaburras for, well, balls. All feathery like.

    He lives breathes & exists for cricket, as well as alcohol, kinky sex and ladies’ lingerie (for personal use naturally).

    IBM’s roving trouble shooter will once again be looking to test the Sambuca supplies of Chiang Mai’s bars and may even play a few games of cricket! He also loves having his ass pinched and will buy a drink for any girl (or guy) who attempts the task

    Chiangmai - 2009-2014

  • Owen "Chips" Pringle

    Owner of the infamous Bondi Beach Bar, which isn’t in Bondi & isn’t really a bar, he has however successfully made a living out of it anyway. Know to have a penchant for all things fire-related, the team is hoping there are no ‘mysterious’ blazes in this beautiful city!

    On the cricket front… well, lets just see how that goes!

    Chiang Mai 2011-2015

  • Paul "Lemmy" McLean

    Paul’s third Chiang Mai tournament ... he thinks. Well known in both Singapore and his native Australia for being equally talented as a batsman, bowler and fielder. Unfortunately for him, this means he is equally crap in all three disciplines. However he does make up for his lack of talent with a legendary skill at drinking and making a fool of himself.

    Although he was unable to attend last year’s tournament, he has been hard at work on perfecting his intimidating bouncers and lusty stroke play that rarely connects with the ball or anything else.

    Chiang Mai - anytime

  • Rohan “Raging Bull” Buultjens

    The one quality player in our line-up over the past few years, the destroyer was our go-to run scorer a couple of years ago … so we really hope he turns up again!

    Quietly spoken, but deadly with a bat in his hand, he single-handedly kept the ground’s massage girls in business in 2011-2012. Plays 18 holes either before, during or after each day’s play - and occasionally manages some golf as well.


  • Shane "colon" Ryan

    You can’t keep a good dog down… well, in fact Shane can… he has all the drugs, so it’s once more unto the breach.

    Shane is basically bloody stubborn. Despite irrefutable proof, he refuses to believe he’s too old & not good enough to play (up or cricket). Tour no. 15 to Chiang Mai – just hoping various bits don’t fall off before he gets home.

    Declined the position of personal acupuncturist to Sa Pa CC this year, but is more than happy to stick needles into Morto.

    Chiang Mai 1988-1991,1993, 2006-2015