St Francis de Sales

St Francis de Sales

St Francis De Sales Cricket Club Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Established 1964-65


Round One (Group C)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 12.00 NCL Masters 54/2 5.0 St Francis de Sales 58/1 3.1 Won by 5 wickets
2/4 13.25 Yorkshire Puddings 36/5 5.0 St Francis de Sales 37/0 2.4 Won by 6 wickets
3/4 09.40 St Francis de Sales 64/3 5.0 Lanna CC 58/0 5.0 Won by 6 runs

Round Two (Cup Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 13.25 Kashmir Thunder 85/0 5.0 St Francis de Sales 87/1 4.3 Won by 5 wickets
5/4 13.25 Bristol CC 51/3 5.0 St Francis de Sales 52/0 3.0 Won by 6 wickets

Cup Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 11.05 UN Irish Pub 52/4 5.0 St Francis de Sales 55/1 4.1 Won by 5 wickets

Cup Final

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 15.20 St Francis de Sales 51/0 5.0 NCL Dynamites 52/0 3.5 Lost by 6 wickets

St Francis de Sales Players

  • Aaron Maynard (Fossil)

    The Cricket Clubs Marque Signing in the land down under, doesn’t mind hitting the ball to all parts of the ground. He also doesn’t mind a froffie and punt on the ponies. Will lobby the Thai Government to make gambling legal for the week.

  • Blake Mckinnon (Bmac)

    Taking time out of year Year 12 VCE to come and have another shot at the title. This albino lad has imported his own sunscreen over with an SPF of 62+ to achieve his inner litness by the beach. Clever spinner who takes big scalps and juju’s on that beat.

  • Brad Mant ( Squealer )

    The original squealer from the west, always dangerous behind the stumps and in the bars late at night. Now only half the man he used to be

  • Gary McKinnon ( Gaz)

    Loyal supporter of St Francis De Sales CC. Proud Grandfather of Blake, Jarrett, Lucas & Makayla. Every Saturday is spent at cricket club watching grandkids. Doesn’t mind a Carlton draught here or there sitting next to wife Ann.

  • Jarrett McKinnon ( Lippy )

    Young batsman with all the gear and no idea, who will chew your ear off if you let him, The King of SEDA doesn’t mind a quiet bev in the changerooms. Not afraid to tell the batsman to ‘check his lid'. Also has the K/D ratio 3.10 on Fortnite

  • Lachlan Eilers ( Crazy)

    This young Powerful Left hander will be trying to take the other players to pound town. The city of Chiang Mai is praying that he makes runs or everyone will meet the alter-ego of crazy. His Long luscious hair will defiantly bring the girls to their knees.

  • Matty Costello (C) ( Hammer)

    Skipper from last year and coming back this year for redemption. He will also be coming out of his cage if Mr.Brightside is played in any bar In Chang Mai and will be doing just fine. Tuk Tuks beware of the power spew.

  • Nathan McKinnon ( Nath )

    Father of Blake, Jarrett and Lucas. Nathan is always at the games and training watching and helping his kids become better players. If he isn’t there he would be at the bar sinking numerous Carlton Draught stubbies. Hopefully there’s enough space on the dance floor for the moves of the one arm bandit

St Francis de Sales Supporters

  • Ann Mckinnon

    The Matriarch of the St. Francis De sales crew, Ann is not shy of having an odd cruiser while watching the family playing cricket on a Friday or Saturday.

  • Briar and Makayla McKinnon

    Mother & Daughter, Makayla, little star of St Francis U10's. Briar, known to have a few glasses of wine watching Makayla play on a Friday night, and of recent times been having a few wines watching Hammer play on a Saturday afternoon. Sister of Nathan and Daughter of Gary & Ann

  • Georgia Leach

    GL is the girlfriend of Blake, Always drinking Blake under the table at functions. This book worm is always up for a fun one and will make Chiang Mai her own

  • Lauren and Zali Maynard

    This Mother daughter combination will set alight every dancefloor in Chang Mai while still looking after husband/Dad Aaron. Always looking after everyone, Lauren is sure to have fun after the kids are in bed

  • Samantha McKinnon

    The catalyst behind the successful ladies membership at the cricket club. Sam is the proud wife of Nathan, sister of Aaron and Mother of Blake, Jarrett and Lucas. You will always see her with a glass of wine relaxing and watching her children. Will defiantly be having a dance off with Nathan on this trip and my money is on her