Saturday Night Beavers

Saturday Night Beavers

A milestone year for the Stuffed Beavers Cricket Club and its sister team the Saturday night Beavers: 25 years since it was founded in the converted garage at the London School of Economics that was the Three Tuns Club; the 50th birthday celebrations of leading club stalwart Chas; and of course our 10th Tour to the Chiang Mai Sixes. Nobody wanted to miss this one, so it's two teams (and of course the Beaverettes) and a lot of partying to fit in.


Round One (Group G)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 13.40 Saturday Night Beavers 64/2 5.0 Nightcrawlers 65/1 3.8 Lost by 5 wickets
4/4 13.25 Sons of Pitches 103/0 5.0 Saturday Night Beavers 52/2 5.0 Lost by 51 runs
5/4 11.35 Saturday Night Beavers 51/1 5.0 Ios Malakas 52/0 4.5 Lost by 6 wickets

Round Two (Spoon Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 11.20 Gymkhana Cavaliers 63/0 5.0 Saturday Night Beavers 58/2 5.0 Lost by 5 runs
8/4 09.00 Saturday Night Beavers 50/3 5.0 Stuffed Beavers 51/0 4.2 Lost by 6 wickets

Saturday Night Beavers Players

  • Daniel "Slinger" Chinnery

    3rd Tour. RHB, LM. Our Malinga look-a-like (bowling action, not haircut) has been summoned from the comfort of the supporters' section to bolster the SNB ranks with his whirlwind action and expansive range of shots. Divides his time bewteen the UK and Thailand which we think could be an elaborate tax dodge but may just be because he likes Chiang Mai.

  • Danny "Dyson" Fitzgerald

    Debut Tour. RHB, RM. The Professor Piehead of the team, Danny will be unveiling the latest incarnation of the Imbibe-o-Matic whcih is expected to make an apperance at this year's Beaverlympics. Danny's cricketing pedigree hails from the coast of Co Clare where he has often been spotted imbibing with his brother-in-law Dicky.

  • Dicky "Jaws" Ford

    7th Tour. RHB, WK. Years of chasing frisbees in the park have had a lasting impact on the Dickster's approach to cricket, most notably manifesting itself in his predilection for trying to catch the ball with his teeth. When not munching on leather or propping the Irish economy in the bars of Kilkee, Co. Clare, club President Dicky is the SBCC's main man behind the drum kit.

  • Dom "Axe-man" Hogan

    2nd Tour. RHB, RM, BOTY 2010. The lead singer of Stroller (perhaps best known for their Grammy-award-deserving single "I Don't Think So") is taking time out from their latest world tour to bring a heady mix of Galway, Cavan and Kerry to the SNB. A long overdue return to CM for this early and deserved winner of the prestigious Beaver Of The Year Award.

  • Matt "Yosser" Milsom

    4th Tour. RHB, NB. From Sydney to Seattle via the Sixes. Months of training for fear-inducing nautical challenges are being put in jeopardy for a week of liver damage in Chiang Mai. That, and a spot of guitar.

  • Nigel "Gurners" Gurney

    10th Tour. RHB, WK. After years of futile captaincy Nige has handed the SBCC reins over to Chas and taken on the task of coaxing five games of cricket out of the Saturday Night Beavers. The battle for the gloves will be as fierce as ever this year with Tipperary's finest (not) hoping to pull rank at every opportunity.

  • Paul "Hose B" Simpson

    7th Tour. RHB, WK. The 2012 pen pics described Bart as indestructible following which he turned up to that tour on crutches. Since then he has had various limbs rebuilt and rumour has it that the only original bit of him left is his phone. As well as recovering from all that surgery, he has also just about recovered from a quiet afternoon with the Dingbats last year...