Redlands Tigers

Redlands Tigers

The Redlands Tigers, from Brisbane, Australia are back for their fourth sixes tournament after a year off in 2014. The Tigers have been very successful at the Chiang Mai sixes winning the Cup in their debut year in 2011, placing third in 2012 and runner-up in 2013.

The Redlands Tigers as a cricket club have been in the Brisbane Grade competition for over 100 years. Starting off as Woollongabba Cricket Club in 1897, before moving to Langlands Park as Eastern Suburbs District Cricket Club in the 1925 and on to Bottomley Park in 1970. Easts then moved to its current home at Wellington Point in 1995, becoming Easts-Redlands District Cricket Club.

This years team comprises a few sixes virgins, mixed with some experienced players and our biggest supporter group thus far, so should make for another fantastic tournament for the Tigers. All players are looking forward to meeting friends, new and old so please come down to the Tigers tent to say G'day!


Round One (Group D)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 13.25 Redlands Tigers 0.0 Surrey Vagrants 0.0 Lost by 6 wickets
7/4 16.00 Redlands Tigers 0.0 Red Lion Wombats 0.0 Won by 28 runs
8/4 09.00 Yarrambat 0.0 Redlands Tigers 0.0 Won by 6 wickets

Round Two (Cup Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
10/4 10.10 Bashundhara Cricketers 0.0 Redlands Tigers 0.0 Lost by 24 runs
10/4 16.00 Redlands Tigers 0.0 Chiang Mai Warriors 0.0 Lost by 4 wickets

Redlands Tigers Players

  • Anthony Lewis

    Shirt Number: 13

    Nickname: Louie

    Anthony is making his debut at this years sixes and has been so keen to attend his excitement is almost unbearable. Off the field he is an enigma wrapped up in mystery but on the cricket field a talented all rounder who is likely to excel at this format. Works for the Treasury in Brisbane.

  • Charles Mailli

    Shirt Number: 28

    Nickname: Mails

    Carmello is a hairy man who hits the ball a very long way! A Chiang Mai virgin this year, Charles will be hoping to experience everything that Thailand has to offer. An excellent batsman and skilled off spinner, Mails will excel at this format. A fruiterer by trade, and genuine fun bloke.

  • Jake Goodwin

    Shirt Number: 14

    Nickname: Goodie

    Jake is also making his debut at this years sixes. The token red head of the team, Goodie was happy to jump in following a late withdrawal, and is a very handy cricketer with both the bat and ball. Loves a good time and is sure to enjoy the night life and locals in Chiang Mai. Goodie is heading to Hythe Cricket Club in Kent after the tournament for the UK season.

  • James Watt

    James is the better brother in the Watt family and is coming as Lenny's protection and the teams backup player for the week in Thailand. Loves a drink and a good time so will fit in at the sixes week very well. Co-founder of Watt Up Constructions with Lenny.

  • Leonard Watt

    Shirt Number: 4

    Nickname: Lenny

    Lenny oh Lenny. The wild man is back for his fourth tour and has a lot left in the tank so everyone beware!! A true character and quality cricketer, Lenny shows you how to make the most of the week that is Chiang Mai Sixes. Accompanied by his baby bro James this year so watch out there are two Watts in town!

  • Nick Hurford

    Shirt Number: 21

    Nickname: Hurf

    Nick is returning for his 2nd Sixes after debuting in 2013. As the club coach and senior player at the club, he is highly respected so make sure to salute as he walks past. Ask him about his technique for calf exercises as they must do wonders. Accompanied by his better half Joanne for the week.

  • Tian Viljoen

    Shirt Number: 7

    Tian is looking to bring up his 300 whilst in Chiang Mai this year, and going by recent form this could be achieved within the first 24 hours. Thinks he can play cricket, but its more false confidence then actual skill. Averages 0 at the tournament, so dont bring on a slow left armed spinner when he is batting! Ladies he is single...

  • Trent Conwell (Captain)

    Shirt Number: 31

    Nickname: TC

    TC is back for his fifth Sixes, and fourth as skipper of the mighty Tigers. Loves all that the city and week has to offer. Rumour has it that his co-pilot, Claire, will arrive for the second half of the week. Has struggled with his shoulder since surgery two years ago and having recently entered his 4th decade, Trent is currently trying to convince anyone who will listen that he is now a wicketkeeper. Remains to be seen how that will work out!


    Our 2015 playing shirts are made by Zoo Sport

Redlands Tigers Supporters

  • Claire Marshall

    Nickname: Petal

    Claire, the long suffering partner of Trent, has finally succumbed to the pressure and is making her way to Chiang Mai for the first time to support the Tigers. Loves the short format of the game so she can get back to pampering and sleeping 12 hours a night! Works for a travel website in Aus and has her own natural products company.

  • Greg Shirvington

    Nickname: Shirvo

    Greg is returning for his 5th Sixes campaign. Not bad for a non cricketer. Must be something here that he likes. Shopping is his best forte although he did pull on the pads once for the Wombat Gentlemen.

  • Heather Kersey (Team Mum / Nurse)

    Heather is returning for her 12th sixes week and has the very important job of keeping both Terry and the boys alive and out of hospital. Provides a motherly influence for the virgins and, when upright, looks after all the cuts, grazes and dodgy stomachs that are sure to happen during the week.

  • Isabel Seiermann

    Nickname: Izzy

    Izzy is a beautiful supporter of the Tigers, and will continue the cheering from the boundary, even after Lenny nearly killed her two years ago whilst riding on her scooter! Also a great tour guide with her local knowledge of the city.

  • Joanne Buckley

    Shirt Number: 1

    Nickname: Jo

    Jo is back for her second sixes and is super keen for another wonderful week of cricket, massages, pampering and food! But be careful on the dance floor as she managed to fracture her shin bone last month playing football. A teacher by trade, and Hurf's better half, Jo will be leading the cheers from the sideline.

  • Panumas Rashshasarung

    Nickname: Pmok

    The ever reliable Pmok will be gracing our tent with her presence once again this year! A Chiang Mai local, she will be guiding us around the local bars and probably negotiating to get Lenny out of jail!

  • Terry Kersey (Team Manager)

    Nickname: TK

    Terry is back for a remarkable 13th tournament and is looking after the boys as the team manager. Direct all of your complaints and abuse at Terry for whatever Lenny and the boys get up to during the week! Is now a grandfather to beautiful twins so has mellowed slightly since you saw him last but not enough to wear the pink playing shirts that the team chose. Accompanied by his lovely wife Heather.