Purple Helmets

Purple Helmets

The Chiang Mai Sixes extends a hearty welcome to The Purple Helmets as they gear up for their second outing. Led by the indomitable Tony Slatter and his merry band of helmets, the squad boasts a lineup that reads like a who's who of Thailand cricket, featuring the likes of Bangkok cricket league's very own Vaughan McClear and the illustrious Jon "Velvet" Scales, hailed the savior of Chiang Mai! In a stroke of brilliance, the Helmets have clinched the signing of Jeffers Tours in a high-profile transfer from the Tokyo Dingbats. Returning from Injury this year is Ryno Sparrow & Darren Grist who has just passed a late fitness test. The Purple Helmets are primed to make a serious "impact" on the tournament – both on and off the field. Welcome back, Helmets!


Round One (Players)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
1/4 15.30 Thai Thevada 73/2 5.0 Purple Helmets 52/0 5.0 Lost by 21 runs
2/4 12.45 Purple Helmets 46/3 5.0 Darjeeling CC 52/1 3.4 Lost by 5 wickets
2/4 16.30 Purple Helmets 68/1 5.0 Summer Saints 50/1 5.0 Won by 18 runs

Round Two (Shield)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 12.00 Purple Helmets 71/2 5.0 Lord’s Taverners 63/2 5.0 Won by 8 runs
4/4 15.40 Lao Elephants 68/2 5.0 Purple Helmets 70/0 4.4 Won by 6 wickets
5/4 14.40 Purple Helmets 66/2 5.0 Margate CC 58/1 5.0 Won by 8 runs

Shield Final

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 15.40 Purple Helmets 64/3 5.0 Margate CC 67/1 4.0 Lost by 5 wickets

Purple Helmets Players

  • Brett Farmer

    Brett Farmer is the Purple Helmets' most devoted sideline supporter, joining them for his second year at the Chiang Mai 6s tournament. Hailing from Brisbane but now calling Bangkok home, Brett's dedication to his mates knows no bounds.

    Despite the scorching heat of Chiang Mai's hottest time of year, Brett eagerly sits under a sweaty tent, cheering on The Purple Helmets with unmatched enthusiasm. His commitment to the team is undeniable, even if he's not stepping onto the field himself.

    When he's not busy supporting his mates, Brett enjoys unwinding with a round of golf, taking leisurely walks in the park, engaging in ultimate frisbee matches, and hunting for hidden treasures through geocaching. His adventurous spirit and friendly nature make him a beloved figure among the players, adding to the team's spirit and camaraderie.

    Though he may not be playing, Brett's presence on the sidelines is felt deeply by The Purple Helmets, reminding them that they have a loyal friend and supporter in their corner. As they take on their opponents in the tournament, they can count on Brett to be there, cheering them on with unwavering dedication and support.

  • Darren "Gristy" Grist

    Darren "Gristy" Grist is the wild card of our team, flying in all the way from Saigon to join us for the tournament. With a colorful past and a penchant for living life to the fullest, Gristy brings a unique energy to the squad.

    Having relocated to Saigon after a fallout with his boss in Thailand, Gristy has been making waves in the bustling streets of Vietnam. However, his journey to the cricket pitch hasn't been without its bumps – quite literally. Recently, Gristy found himself recovering from a drunken fall at a neighbor's house party, adding an extra layer of uncertainty to his availability for the tournament. With his fitness in question, Gristy might need a late fitness test to determine if he's ready to take the field.

    But despite his rocky road to the tournament, there's no denying Gristy's love for the game and his team. When he's not nursing his bruises or sampling Saigon's finest brews, he's honing his cricket skills and getting ready to unleash his signature blend of power hitting and crafty bowling on the opposition.

    And let's not forget Gristy's affinity for a cold one – or ten. Whether he's celebrating victory or drowning his sorrows, you can always count on Gristy to have a beer in hand and a story to share.

    So, as we await Gristy's arrival from Saigon and his fitness test results, one thing's for sure – when he finally takes the field, it's bound to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

  • Jon "Jonny Velvet" Scales

    In the cricketing world, there's a legend so fine, With a bat in hand, he's truly divine. Jon "Velvet" Scales, a man so refined, But his antics off-field? Oh, they're one of a kind!

    Richest man in Chiang Mai, or so they say, Made his fortune selling cat trees, come what may. A budding TikTok star, he's here to play, But his cricket skills? Well, they might sway.

    Dependent on hangovers, the size of his head, Some days he's a hero, others he's fled. Doesn't mingle with plebs, backpackers, or dread, Jonny Velvet marches to the beat of his own spread.

  • Paul "Jeffers Tours" Jeffels

    Paul "Jeffers Tours" Jeffels is not your ordinary cricketer. While he may not be upsetting influencers online, you can bet he's making waves on the cricket field with his unconventional playing style. When he's not perfecting his exciting array of scoop shots in the bathroom mirror, he's busy crafting a brand of cricket that his teammates have affectionately dubbed "Jeffball".

    Known for his out-of-the-box approach to 6s cricket, Jeffels is a master of innovation, constantly surprising his opponents with his unorthodox techniques and clever strategies. Whether he's smashing the ball over the boundary or executing a perfectly timed scoop shot, Jeffels' success often hinges on which side of the bed he wakes up on!

    Despite his penchant for luxury accommodations, Jeffels made the selfless decision to stay in the humble 3-star team hotel for the sake of team bonding. It's just another example of his commitment to the Purple Helmets and his willingness to put the team's needs above his own.

    But don't be surprised if Jeffels goes missing from the hotel or a night out – it's all part of his unique vibe. While others may be out partying, Jeffels can often be found enjoying a hot chocolate and hitting the sack before midnight. It's this balance of fun-loving spontaneity and quiet introspection that makes Jeffels such an enigmatic and cherished member of the team.

  • Ryan "Ryno" Sparrow

    Ryan "Ryno" Sparrow, the seasoned cricketing veteran hailing from Saffron Waldron, UK, but now calling Adelaide, Australia, his home for the past 18 years. With decades of cricketing experience under his belt, Ryno brings a wealth of talent and charisma to The Purple Helmets.

    Known for his classy strokeplay and reliable bowling, Ryno is the quintessential all-rounder, capable of making a significant impact with both bat and ball. His most memorable cricketing moment was undoubtedly his stellar performance in the Club Championship final at Edgbaston, where he top-scored opening the batting for Saffron Walden.

    Off the field, Ryno wears many hats - quite literally. By day, he serves as a groundsman and curator in Australia, ensuring that cricket pitches are in top-notch condition for players to showcase their skills. But by night, he transforms into the "Night Manager," earning his nickname as the dark destroyer who loves nothing more than staying up all night, indulging in lively conversations and a few drinks. It's this nocturnal nature that has forged a strong bond between Ryno and his companion, as they share a mutual appreciation for late-night revelry.

    However, Ryno's eccentricities don't end there. For some inexplicable reason, he has developed a fascination with buying scorpions to eat, much to the bewilderment of his teammates. And while his love for cricket knows no bounds, he couldn't take the field last year due to a torn Achilles, spending the entire competition hobbling around in a boot, much to his frustration.

    As Ryno gears up for the tournament in Chiang Mai, he's already expressing concern about the smog levels in the city, eagerly seeking updates to ensure he can perform at his best. With his passion for the game, his unique quirks, and his unwavering dedication, Ryno Sparrow is undoubtedly a valuable asset to The Purple Helmets, both on and off the field.

  • Tony "Slatts" Slatter

    Tony "Slatts" Slatter is the seasoned veteran of our team, a true master of the game both on and off the cricket field. Despite his age, Slatts possesses a wealth of experience and skills that make him a force to be reckoned with. With a flick of his wrist, he can swing a cricket ball like nobody's business, leaving batsmen scratching their heads in disbelief.

    But Slatts' talents extend far beyond the cricket pitch. When he's not delivering deadly inswingers, he's charming the socks off everyone he meets with his magnetic personality and quick wit. In fact, Slatts has been known to single-handedly boost Chiang Mai's GDP with his Taylor Swift-style impact whenever he's in town. Whether he's schmoozing with the locals at the night market or tearing up the dance floor at the hottest clubs, Slatts brings a level of energy and charisma that is simply unmatched.

    And let's not forget his stint in the world of cinema! Yes, Tony "Slatts" Slatter once graced the silver screen in a budget film shot right here in Chiang Mai. What's even more remarkable is that he didn't ask for a single baht in payment for his performance, proving that his love for the game and his community knows no bounds.

    So, opponents beware: when Slatts is on the field, expect the unexpected. He may be an old pro, but he's still got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. And off the field, well, let's just say you'll want to buckle up for the wild ride that is Tony "Slatts" Slatter.

  • Vaughan "Vaughany" McClear

    Vaughan "Vaughany" McClear is a true icon of Thailand cricket, renowned for his exceptional skills both with the bat and behind the stumps. With years of experience under his belt, Vaughany has cemented his status as a legend of the game, not just in Thailand but across the cricketing world.

    As the mastermind behind the Bangkok Cricket League, Vaughany is the driving force behind the development and promotion of cricket in Thailand. His dedication and passion for the sport have played a pivotal role in shaping the cricketing landscape in the region, earning him the respect and admiration of players and fans alike.

    But when he's not busy running the cricket show, Vaughany enjoys taking some time off to explore the natural beauty of Chiang Mai. Rumor has it that on his day off from the tournament, he loves nothing more than a trip up the mountains to visit the Chiang Mai Erotic Garden, followed by a leisurely session of strawberry picking. It's just another facet of Vaughany's colorful personality that adds to his allure both on and off the cricket field.

    So, as we prepare to take the field alongside Vaughany McClear, let's salute this cricketing legend and all he has done for the sport in Thailand. With Vaughany in our ranks, The Purple Helmets are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

Purple Helmets Supporters

  • Rob "Earl of Asoke" Miller

    Rob "Earl of Asoke" is a distinguished gentleman known for his charismatic persona and generous spirit. Having recently retired from a successful career in business, he's decided to embark on a farewell tour of Asia, spreading joy and support wherever he goes. Chiang Mai is his latest destination, where he plans to cheer on the Purple Helmets with his trademark enthusiasm.

    Despite his noble title, Rob is a down-to-earth individual with a passion for connecting with people from all walks of life. His genuine love for karaoke has become somewhat legendary among his circle of friends, and he's always eager to take the team out for a post-game session, belting out classic hits from Take That, Robbie Williams, and Sheena Easton.

    When he's not busy supporting the Purple Helmets, Rob enjoys indulging in his diverse range of hobbies. Whether it's a leisurely game of pool with friends, exploring the intricate art of underwater basket weaving, or simply kicking back and enjoying the excitement of women's beach volleyball on cable TV, Rob knows how to make the most of his retirement.

    Despite his impending return to the UK, Rob remains committed to making the most of every moment, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes. With his infectious energy and warm-hearted nature, he's truly a force for positivity in the world. So if you happen to spot the "Earl of Asoke" in Chiang Mai, don't hesitate to join him for a round of karaoke and a memorable evening of camaraderie.