Rejects from the Armadillos. A drunken bunch of rogues and brigands. Coincidentally most of them are Brentford supporters


Round One (Group G)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 13.40 Saturday Night Beavers 64/2 5.0 Nightcrawlers 65/1 3.8 Won by 5 wickets
4/4 13.40 Nightcrawlers 52/0 5.0 Ios Malakas 56/0 3.3 Lost by 6 wickets
5/4 11.20 Sons of Pitches 95/1 5.0 Nightcrawlers 61/2 5.0 Lost by 34 runs

Round Two (Plate Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 12.45 Nightcrawlers 60/0 5.0 Tokyo Dingbats 63/0 4.2 Lost by 6 wickets
8/4 17.10 Nightcrawlers 61/0 5.0 Blythswood 62/1 3.5 Lost by 5 wickets

Nightcrawlers Players

  • Amber Cousens (Amberlet)

    Returning this year as a player and no longer a virgin! Now knows the score and will once again hope to put the Aussie players off their stroke. Watch out for her Wrong ‘un!!

  • Biff (aka Bifflet,): Neil Hutchison

    Biff is the ageing lothario from Slough. In the autumn of his cricketing career; is there still some rage against the dying of the light? Has been busy this winter with filming for the new Jungle Book film. He’s rumoured to be Mowgli’s stunt double with a sarong for a loincloth.

  • Gary Darbyshire: (Gaz)

    Gaz has decided to bring junior this year and will no doubt show him all his moves (won’t take long). Has been practising hard all winter (drinking) and is fine (a) shape for Chiang Mai.

  • PC ( aka Headless): Paul Cousens

    As headless and legless as ever and sporting the best mullet in Thailand. The only person who buys a round of Burger King! No doubt he will be buying his usual quota of genuine designer watches which last about two weeks after return..

  • Stuart Darbyshire (Sliver)

    A Chiang Mai virgin. Junior is a sliver off the plate glass window that is GAZ.I fear for his safety amongst this ‘writhing’ of Nightcrawlers. Ah well its only two weeks!!

  • Terry Slate (El Tel)

    Pocket Rocket! Small but imperfectly formed. First year as a player so an unknown (small) quantity. Unlike other Nightcrawlers he relishes daylight hours and direct sunshine