Moonshine Maythais

Moonshine Maythais

Round Two (Plate Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
3/4 13.45 Taranaki Taverners 0.0 Moonshine Maythais 0.0 Won by 5 wickets
5/4 11.20 Floggers & Robbers 0.0 Moonshine Maythais 0.0 Won by 5 wickets

Plate Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
6/4 11.20 Darwin Dilettantes 0.0 Moonshine Maythais 0.0 Lost by 18 runs

Moonshine Maythais Players

  • Cliff Dunford “Cloth Ears”

    Tour 1” - Tourist virgin and father of “Pork Chop”, this 58 year old was promised the trip of a lifetime by his son. After only warming to the idea initially, he now counts the days before he departs. After a 5 year break from cricket to play lawn bowls it is believed that he has been secretly training for this tournament so as not to let the side down. During his long cricket career he was known as the man to face the short deliveries, having earnt more black eyes than most boxers.. This battle hardened warrior has no idea what’s ahead of him in Chiang Mai.

  • Darrell Mepham “Monster”

    Tour 14 - New wife now a permanent fixture. She has been in Australia for 3 months experiencing the good life. He will meet up with her again in Bangkok, as she leaves Australia in February. I’m sure he also will add to the Thai economy, one way or another, before the tour ends. Most of it will be over the bar. Look out when he says “beer is good”.

  • David Barrett “Smash”

    Tour 7 -The man who talks shorthand after a session on the drink, has just undergone a back operation. If sound, he should make his mark felt on the team and I believe will play a very important role for the Maythais.

  • David Madden “Salt”

    Tour 3 -: Salt is now a resident of Thailand. He is coming to Chiang Mai as a player and for a reunion with his former team mates. Don’t know much about what he’s been up to. Loves a beer and will be in good company. Maybe by now he has learnt Thai, and can assist us during some of our conversations, especially conversations with the ladies.

  • Garry Foster “Gazza”

    Tour 4 -He’s back again for his 4th tour. A non drinker (only coke), non smoker, Gazza is the eyes and ears when the Maythais go out at night, as a group. He is normally the only one sober at the end.From this p[oint of view, he plays a very important role in Chiang Mai as he does at his home club back in Australia.

  • Ian Liddell “Reds”

    Tour 14 - fresh from playing his 500th game with Waratah Mayfield, is this year, only going to be seen behind the scenes. He believes that he has earned a break and will only be in Chiang Mai as a supporter. Supporting the cricketers bars, restaurants and injecting much needed money into their economy. Wife will assist him in this department as well. Maybe it’s his turn to fetch the water and the refreshments.

  • Jason Hicks “Wombat”

    Tour 3 - Gets to relax a little this year as he has no pressure on him to guide and lead last year’s virgin (Pork Chop). A big man, big hitter and bigger drinker, this red faced, larger than life larrikin loves the Chiang Mai way of life, that, if possible would relocate at the drop of a hat. Some say that he is still watching videos from last year, just to gain an edge. I think that he has been watching the replays of himself, in order to remember what he has to do.

  • Jason Watson “Kenny”

    Tour 1 - Another tourist virgin.This left arm bowler is known as the man with the million dollar arm, although lately he tells us that it’s probably down to around a thousand these days. He will look to Pork Chop for guidance and tips during his maiden tour.He is also a keen golfer, fisherman, cricketer and punter.Like Cloth Ears he is counting down the days before departure, so much so that he has been wearing a calendar on his arm crossing off the days one by one.

  • Keith Roddom “Chef”

    Tour 7 -The most photographed and identifiable character at Chiang Mai. With his big beard he makes Santa Clause look insignificant. His activities will be slightly curtailed this year as he is bringing his lovely wife Raylene, to assist him in getting around the cricket, Chiang Mai generally and, I forgot, the bars.

  • Luke Dunford “Pork Chop”

    Tour 2 -The 2012 virgin had a big first year with his newly found Maythai team, however became a crowd favourite after his bush poetry recital Of “Entrapment” at the Pig Picking night. After this, most of the men in attendance crossed their legs or were too scared to sit down. This year, however he will be busy guiding two tour virgins, one being his father Cliff and mate Jason.

  • Mark Woods “Woodsy” without an “E”

    Tour 7 - After an unfortunate injury last year where he damaged ligaments in his elbow playing golf in Chiang Mai two days before the cricket tournament started, and didn’t play one game, Woodsy is keen to make amends, and coming off some good club form, the midget wicket keeper,and keen batsman, is pumped to get out on the field, and run his heart out. Loves a cool ale at the end of the game.

  • Stan Spink “Humpty”

    Tour 13 -The “minister for everything” will again be on hand to ensure that all aspects of the tour run to plan. From engaging bus drivers, financial controlling, team manager, beer boy, water boy and a general dogsbody, he does the lot. Maybe this year he can get some help from Reds and a little bit more help from Monster.

  • Steve Christie “Crunch”

    Tour 14 - After being unable to tour last year he is as keen as mustard to play again. The Maythais transferred him to the Ios Malakas during the transfer window period as it was thought that he would not be fit enough after being recalled into first grade in Australia. There is only so much those old bones can take. One must be 100% fit to play for a team like the Maythais. After all there is a reputation to uphold.

  • Steve Forrest “Frog”

    Tour 3 -Still with his lovely partner Lek, and still a part time resident of Thailand, Frog is back as an ardent supporter of the Maythais. A quiet achiever , Frog is known for his drinking prowess and his willingness to assist anyone at anytime, so I’m certain that he will help Humpty fetch the beers.

  • Tim Christie “Crunch Junior”

    Tour Virgin -As it is his first tour we did a deal with the Malakas to also take Crunch’s son. Unlike his father, this young man is fit and rearing to go. He converts ones into twos and twos into threes. I just hope that they are not out in the centre together. The relationship may get strained.

  • Warren Pugh “Wokka”

    Tour 14 -The prodigal son has returned after a year away, which has seen him become a father. His activities will be somewhat curtailed with wife and baby in tow. After stints with the Lords Taveners, his own Wokka’s Stockton Seagulls, he has now decided that the Maythais is the team to be with. He has finally come to his senses.