Kashmir Cricket Club


A team based in Chiangmai with some nice combination of fine players mostly from India and Pakistan. Participating first time in sixes as Kashmir cricket club. Looking forward to play some good cricket and most importantly looking forward to meet cricket lovers from around the globe. Our team can promise to provide competitive cricket to all our opponents. As they say Let the firework begins.


Round One (Group C)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
5/4 13.15 Kashmir Cricket Club 0.0 Clifton Hill Tom Cats 0.0 Won by 27 runs
6/4 11.05 Kashmir Cricket Club 0.0 Darjeeling CC 0.0 Won by 34 runs
8/4 11.20 Bashundhara Cricketers 0.0 Kashmir Cricket Club 0.0 Lost by 19 runs

Round Two (Shield Group A)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
9/4 08.30 Divine Felons 0.0 Kashmir Cricket Club 0.0 Won by 4 wickets
9/4 13.10 Kashmir Cricket Club 0.0 Yarrambat 0.0 Won by 3 runs

Shield Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
11/4 09.45 Kashmir Cricket Club 0.0 San Miguel Thais 0.0 Won by 3 runs

Kashmir CC Players

  • Asif Chashoo

    A dynamic all rounder and a great person to have in the team. Asif has been playing cricket in Chiangmai for almost two decades. His batting and bowling ability are so good that he can open both bat and ball for his team. A perfect choice for sixes tournament. Watch out if he kisses his bat before facing the ball then it is going for a big....

  • Basharat Iqbal

    Ok here is a player who can sweep Bret lee for a six over deep mid wicket. A person with enormous hitting power and wide range of shot selection. Also a very fine and economical bowler that will keep you wondering at the striking end. Basharat has been playing cricket in Chiangmai for over a decade now and has added some big scores to his credit in and outside Chiangmai. Watch out for him.

  • Burhan Bhatt (c)

    A very talented and passionate cricketer, leading this side as captain for this years sixes. He is known as master of swing bowling in Chiangmai. Also an excellent fielder, he can pull off some amazing moments in the field. Recently came back from a huge injury occured to him last summer during a cricket match. But All is well now.

  • Ismail

    Most reputed and well respected cricketer and a very good human being. Out class batting and bowling abilities. Grabbed tons of awards and appreciation. A player to watch out for, known as Qari within his team mates.

  • Mohamad Shafi

    You call him in the midnight to play cricket, next thing you will hear is no sorry I am sleeping. Jokes apart one of the most passionate cricketer one will ever come across. A very fine bowler.. He has beaten the finest in the cricket with his surprising bowling weapons. In his late 40's he will beat a young lad when it comes to fitness. A great team member and a inspiration to have in the team. That is what you need for the sixes.

  • Tanveer

    Commonly called as Tansy within cricket section in chiangmai, and the current captain of U.C.C chiang mai, a local team. In every Format Tansy is imposing his Appearance in style the best Grandiosity a super lad and has Been the recipient of many cricketing Awards. One of the best all Rounder in chiangmai cricket the Game changer..

  • Ubaid

    A dynamic left handed batsman originates from pakistan. This guy has batted like anything. He has been playing cricket in Chiangmai and outside too. Where ever he goes he makes his presence felt. He has a capability of taking the game away from the opposition in the early overs by dispatching everything out of park. Good batsman as well as can bowl some really good economical overs. Watch out for him.

Kashmir CC Supporters

  • Nisha Burhan

    Nisha, wife of our Captain Burhan. She will be the lady behind the camera through out the tournament. A very good photographer. Time to show off some skills by captururing all the memorable moments during the event.