Dubai Wombats

Dubai Wombats

WOMBATS -‘It was a name chosen spontaneously based on the pun of an animal and a cricket bat’ and also represent Waste Of Money, Brain And Time on the lighter side.

One of the most organised and innovative cricket club of Dubai. We have grown from 4 people in 2011 to almost 40 members within the span of 4 years. The club has probably had the biggest impact on Dubai semi-professional cricket in the last 2 years with its innovative management of organizing tournaments/leagues, social affiliations, charity work, etc . Winners of Bahrain 6s and Dubai 6s, WOMBATs are excited to be part of the first ever Chang Mai.


Round One (Group AB)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 14.35 UN Irish Pub 83/0 5.0 Dubai Wombats 42/5 5.0 Lost by 41 runs
5/4 09.15 Perth Postels 74/0 5.0 Dubai Wombats 75/0 4.4 Won by 6 wickets
6/4 10.50 Dubai Wombats 89/1 5.0 Margate CC 49/1 5.0 Won by 40 runs

Round Two (Cup Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 16.15 Dubai Wombats 79/0 5.0 Gloucestershire Gipsies 82/1 2.5 Lost by 5 wickets
8/4 15.05 Dubai Wombats 73/4 5.0 Wolf Pack 79/3 4.5 Lost by 3 wickets

Dubai Wombats Players

  • Hammad Usmani

    A sports enthusiast willing to play all kinds of sports be it running, tennis, football but crazy about cricket. Founder member of Wombats and manages club operations. Had ACL surgery last year and in the process of rehabilitation reignited the passion of being fit so taking part in boot camps, 5, 10 k runs so can deliver and be useful player in Chiang Mai :) also participated in successful 6s tours in Bahrain and tournaments in Dubai and looking forward to a great tournament and fun filled boys week out.

  • Haroon Ghaus

    One of the founders of the club in 2011 and have been leading the side since then. Primarily a right handed batsman, a useful off-spin option and a dependable fielder. Super excited for his first Chiang Mai outing. Coming with an aim to enjoy and making a mark for WOMBATs on/outside the field.

  • Hassan Sheikh

    "An avid sports enthusiast and a recent inclusion into the Wombats cricketing fraternity. Having hailed from the land of the mounted police, maple syrup and beaver tails, he's held true to his Pakistani roots and persisted with cricket throughout the years, even when it's been snowing outside (and for this feat has actually been on the local news channel - not so much as a cricketer, but more so as a lunatic). Super excited for his first Chiang Mai sixes tournament!"

  • Krishnan Balasubramaniam

    Hailing from India, a die hard cricket fan‎ and marathoner and one of the Quartet in Wombats who have had successful ACL procedures done. Been with Wombats since 2013 and participated in many of the Cricket-adventures that we as a Club embark on. Military medium bowling and rotate the strike for the senior are the facets of my game. Looking forward to a bountiful venture at the Chiang Mai 6s.

  • Mohammad Ali

    Born into a family of cricket nuts and two years ago, started playing around many more. We call them the WOMBATS and I score a few runs for them up the order. Looking forward to my favourite cricketing format in Chiang Mai-wham bam, thank you ma'am!

  • Omar Hayat

    ‘Recognized by many as the post prolific Wicketkeeper batsmen of my generation. One of the co-founders of Wombats. Looking forward to Chiang Mai and our first Sixes tournament.’

  • Shehryar Nagaria

    Aka Dada Aka Sherry Top order aggressive batsman , athletic fielder and nippy medium pacer. Quicker than bells :)))

Dubai Wombats Supporters

  • Susheel Balasubramaniam

    A mentor to Wombats and support journalist by hobby. Susheel has decided to join this adventure and experience.