Look out Sixes… for a fourth year running the sister team of the legendary Stuffed Beavers will hit the crease with a vengeance. Pumped and ready to go, this new look, vintage set of international fillies mean business - having the Ladies Cup firmly in their sights (along with the obligatory champagne, gin and tonic, 'cocktail of the day'... ). Look out for our 'Tail of Two Beavers' Elephant ;)



Round One (Ladies Cup)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
31/3 16.55 Beaverettes 59/0 5.0 Chiang Mai Chassies 41/1 5.0 Won by 18 runs
2/4 16.00 Central Spirit 49/0 5.0 Beaverettes 22/0 5.0 Lost by 27 runs
3/4 13.55 Thai Angels 53/1 5.0 Beaverettes 18/0 5.0 Lost by 35 runs

Beaverettes Players

  • Donna Barrington - AUSTRALIA

    We are proud and indeed honoured to have long-time Sixes legend Donna play for the Beaverettes this year! BIG things are expected from our girl Donna given her offspring are 'bloody brilliant' cricketers - no pressure Donna, but we expect you to take home a trophy too ;) Blonde bombshell Donna is also set to pack a punch in the drinking stakes... making us firm favourites for the Boat Race.

  • Helen Allday - UNITED KINGDOM

    Bride-to-be Helen is back for another year – this time with a clan of Simpson followers. Helen, another hockey player, is an excellent ball feeler, handler and tosser making her perfect wickie material. Well that, and she is actually a real sports person, which of course is a bonus.

  • Lulu Coombes - BRAZIL

    Our Brazilian beauty Lulu, is not one to mince her words both on and off the pitch. As the better half of the Coombes duo, she is at her best showing off her perfectly tanned body whilst squeezing limes for her infamous Caipiroskas. She is out to squash the opposition in a similar fashion.

  • Maiken Hjulgaard - DENMARK

    Maiken, our Viking Warrior and stand-in Captain, has been practicing hard this year perfecting her batting and bowling skills, ready to spank the opposition. We are predicting a lot of boundaries given such steadfast commitment – go Maiken! Please be extra careful of your g&t when she starts windmill warm-ups – these are fast, furious and will cause injury…

  • Paew Chiangmai - THAILAND

    Peaw Chiangmai (yes that’s her real name?!) is a welcome newbie to the team. As a selfie lover that eats too many chilies, Peaw has committed to make an impact on her debut with her super straight bowling. We have no doubt that will happen.

  • Tania Scott - UNITED KINGDOM

    Fabulously-fit Tania is another newbie to the team – choosing us basically ‘because she liked the name and wanted the t-shirt’! A seasoned hockey player and wine-drinking expert (really?), she looks forward to stamping her mark on the team. Tania is a Beaverette natural and a welcome new addition - back-off Chassies she’s ours :P

Beaverettes Supporters

  • Adele Theron - SOUTH AFRICA

    Beaverette Queen Delly is deserting us for Blighty this year, but has promised to be back in the fold for the final push on Friday/Saturday. Refreshed and raring to go, she will be the perfect host to whip the (tired and hungover) Beaverettes into shape ready to paint the town red. We will miss you Delly!!

  • Amanda Horsburgh - AUSTRALIA

    Another sorely missed member of the Beaverettes, Amanda will be cheering us on from Australia. Tall, slim and beautiful, we will miss her wide-free bowling and boundary-clearing batting skills. As the Beaverette eyes and ears for the ‘Chassies Choice’ recommendation, we will be sending nominations for Amanda's seal of approval.

  • Beaw Thatsanaprai - THAILAND

    Another key player out this year - Beaw.... particularly her propensity to whip up a storm with her ferocious fast bowling and infectious enthusiasm. Super busy this year with work commitments, Beaw will be sorely missed but we hope she can join us for the odd g&t during the week. See you at the bar Beaw!

  • Ellis De Ruiter - THE NETHERLANDS

    Ellis is preggers – how bloody inconsiderate of her not to plan the baby between Sixes. The Beaverettes are, however, a forgiving lot and welcome Ellis back in her capacity as a team supporter. Bars need not lock away their bottles of rum this year as Ellis is being a good girl and abstaining from all things alcoholic.

  • Jeanette Woelinga - THE NETHERLANDS

    If she turns up on time :P the lovely Jeanette will be another keen supporter this year. As the life and soul of the party, with expert drinking skills, bubbly Jeanette will be leading the charge during social get togethers. She will be accompanied by her partner 'A Tail of Two Beavers'... now a dominant feature of Beaver/ette branding.

  • Joanne Robinson - UNITED KINGDOM

    Our trusty Captain is ‘man-down’ this year after cartwheeling down a mountain in ski’s just before the tournament. Sporting a classy, yet awkward, leg-brace she will be propping up the bar with her trusted g&t ensuring the Beaverettes are fined according to their misdemeanors or sporting brilliance, whichever is the more prominent.

  • Justin Beaver - THE DAM

    Justin is back for the 2019 Sixes Tour - this time without his girlfriend Brittany who was kidnapped and being held hostage in Oz.. Ruthless in his dealing of fines, he will be looking for any reason to make any naughty lady pay with a circuit of the pitch and a slammer of choice. Welcome back Justin!

  • Rachel Begley - UNITED KINGDOM

    Rachel is Rachel… and will be there in spirit (if not in body) to support the Beaverettes in their hour of need. Usually forgetting to wear the team t-shirt, or using a marker pen to adapt her worn shirt to suit, Rachel will be found vodka/manao in hand in the Beavers tent with some dodgy looking neighbours writing soft porn stories. Indeed.

  • Roxy Castillo - COSTA RICA

    Our chief (and usually only) supporter Foxy Roxy is the official Beaverette Bar Management representative. Her brief this year is ensuring the Beaverettes thirsts are quenched with pre-match ‘loosening’ and post-match ‘celebratory’ drinks, as well as shaking her Latino booty to anything with a beat.