Awali Taverners

Awali Taverners

Awali Cricket Club is proud to have hosted the MCC earlier this year in celebration of our 80th birthday. In honour of that we though we'd sent a mix of people who may have been there at the outset and younger sober cricketing types to see if that can help our never ending quest for the odd victory.


Round One (Group J)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
4/4 15.45 Awali Taverners 108/0 5.0 Almar 86/0 5.0 Won by 22 runs
5/4 10.10 Darwin Dilettantes 38/2 5.0 Awali Taverners 41/0 3.2 Won by 6 wickets
5/4 14.50 Awali Taverners 76/0 5.0 Tokyo Dingbats 55/5 5.0 Won by 21 runs

Round Two (Bowl Group B)

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
7/4 15.05 Awali Taverners 73/4 5.0 Margate CC 52/2 5.0 Won by 21 runs
8/4 11.35 Awali Taverners 90/0 5.0 Sons of Pitches 61/2 5.0 Won by 29 runs

Bowl Semi-Finals

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
9/4 08.30 Awali Taverners 73/2 5.0 San Miguel Thais 65/0 5.0 Won by 8 runs

Bowl Final

Date Time Team 1 Score Overs Team 2 Score Overs Result
9/4 13.55 Awali Taverners 73/3 5.0 Drifters 41/2 2.3 Lost by concession

Awali Taverners Players

  • Bob 'Tiny' Phillips

    Once again Awali's answer to tournament sobriety leads his band of the hapless and hopeless from the front. Tiny will as usual be far more effective in the post match slammer sessions than on the field but rumours of new found partial-sobriety have been circulating

  • Ged 'Bullemia' Hall

    Look out for the master of the Tactical Chunder claiming an aversion to Soda water is the reason so many slammers hit the floor. Ged will be as much use on the pitch as he is off it but look out for him annoying everyone with boundless enthusiasm and about managing our money

  • Ishti & Soji aka 'Sober Cricketing Talent'

    Regular senior team players at Awali with a history of being able to both Bat and Bowl & neither of whom even drink. Nobody is really even sure how then ended up on an Awali tour, but still the last time we tried this the international cricketer we were lent disappeared without trace nicknamed the negotiator and thinking the Red Wine was a health drink.

    Ishti & Soji - Be afraid! Be very Afraid!

  • Keith 'Silent but Deadly' Sinclair

    Keith was once an Awali cricketing legend but since moving to Abu Dhabi has continued to fade nicely. Still has the potential to hit or hit on anything and may bowl the odd straight one by accident. An absolute gent who whilst he doesn't say much once backed Tiny up drinking a bucket of vodka in under 15 minutes

  • Sahil 'SOS' Rathod

    'Son of Sanjay' makes it on tour with mum's blessing for the first time. A new victim for the Slammer table, look for Sahil moaning about the fact that the Awali fielding map has been allocated on age this year. SOS is a good cricket in his own right but has absolutely no experience touring with these idiots as a result please return the drunken mess to the Awali Cabana

  • Sanjay 'Token' Rathod

    Sanjay is our longstanding token cricketer. A multiple 'Big 10' hitter and defending player of the tournament for years he has been the reason we have won anything, hence we try to ruin him on each and any occasion. Really he likes it & cooperates

    The best news is that Sanjay has recruited other cricketing running around types this year

  • Satpal 'SatNav' Hunjan

    SatNav will have once again deftly researched exactly where and when each member of the touring party can misbehave and how much they are likely to have to invest to do so. Owner of a quite mind boggling array of apps to find 'entertainment' worldwide SatNav should be the go to guy as we try to gather the squad each morning.

    A truly rare breed in that he is an Indian without any cricketing ability whatsoever, but he's still made the squad!!

  • Steve 'Father J' Turner

    Our religious adviser makes his annual pilgrimage to the east deftly bypassing all the normal religious sites on his way to his spiritual temples in Thailand. Look out for Steve claiming slow long hops were his faster ball and salivating over the food stalls and any younger maidens within reach

Awali Taverners Supporters

  • Barrie 'Anti or is Uncle -Corruption' Radburn

    Long part of the Awali Battle Plan, Barrie's successful infiltration the organising committee with a brief to give us late starts and games we could win went seamlessly.

    A great plan was however doomed, for as Barrie rightly points out Awali normally beats themselves and are a shoe in for the first game as they are normally still up.

    Thanks Baz