Kimberley Cruisers

Kimberley Cruisers

Kimberley Cruisers a 'Swing out Sister' from our Brothers in Arms Kimberley Crusaders doing it for the Girls. Kimberley Cruisers Ladies Team originated in 2019 by the off shoots of Kimberley Crusaders Men’s team, after watching a game, having a beverage or two, chilling back in tent land thinking Hell Yes God Bless the Ladies slugging it out on the field, that’s when we got hit by brainstorming a Congregation of association lets start our own team!!!!. We can do this Sisters..... Captained by Sister never to shy of playing it out with the Chiang Mai Chassis back in the early years of 2001 - 2006 Captaining a team called Dixy Bells bless out Cotton Socks, we never really won a game but hey it wasn’t about winning the game with our Champagne Bottle at the Wickets it was about team work, fund raising, supporting a cause, making a difference, making long term international friendships, donating to a purpose and being part of the Chiang Mai International Sixes, Oh yes and spending all nights at the Sugar Shack. Terri, Middleton our Vice Captain, Raffle Master Midwest Gun Slinger, Mrs 31 our tent Manager organiser who is always monitoring the action, Fines master Lady Gaga you can belt out the tunes on and off the field, Lily our junior wildcard, Shayla our glamour gal, Adele our mentor, Lin our therapist and I will be supporting the International Sixes with our very own Kimberley Cruisers team for 2020 with the support of our supportive, charming, deveiner, gentlemanly handsome Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters. Bring on the fun and excitement for 2020.

Kimberley Cruisers Players

  • Adele 'I got your back' Clancy

    I got your back Ladies

  • Lesina 'Bailey' Bailey

    Welcome back to the Chiang Mai Sixes Lesina, loves an adventure, this can do Girl Power will be where the action is, I am sure of it!! You will probably find Lesina somewhere in the vacinity of getting lost in the night bazzar mixing with the locals and if there is fun to be had, we will find Lesina and her Son

  • Lily 'Power Source' Clancy

    Power Source

  • Meg 'Lady Gaga' Geutjes

    Lady Gaga Smash em and Run Fines Master

  • Shayla 'Is in the house' Clancy

    Is in the house

  • Shazza 'Mrs 31' McKay

    Tent Manager - Bring it on.....

  • Terri 'Bring it on' Middleton

    I am ready for anything.....

  • Tracy 'Sister' Thorgersen


Kimberley Cruisers Supporters

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Supporting the Ladies' to the next level... Now to the Drunken Bar!!!

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Here's hoping we make it to the final function......

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Really cant believe they did it, shall we go to the bar now, No are you crazy theres heaps of women at their tent. True lets go watch them!!

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Do the girls need a hand

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Next Generation

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Forever waiting,... Can we go now

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Team Therapists even if you dont need it

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    Just let us know what you need Ladies, We are here for you.... Just dont ask us to bat for you.....

  • Kimberley Crusaders Players and Supporters

    I think we need Nappies Ill be back around 2am