Nepal's Baluwater CC victorious in 8th Thailand International Sixes

26 October 2015
Nepal's Baluwater CC victorious in 8th Thailand International Sixes

Baluwater CC, capained and managed by former Hong Kong cricketer and coach Sher Lamma were welcomed to the eighth Thailand International Sixes held in Bangkok at the end of October as the first side to take part from the up and coming cricketing nation of Nepal. They did their country proud and showed once more how good the Associate nations are at cricket by winning every match and taking the trophy as they defeated Mariners from Singapore in the Cup final. The top four teams in the Cup were all excellent sides with a young Indian side and a veteran Sri Lankan side defeated in the semi-finals.

Asia United, who boasted the top four in the Thailand national batting line-up, beat Southerners, proving the most generous of hosts once again, in the final of the plate while the bowl was won by Lamma who just overcame CBBs in the final match of an exhausting three-day tournament.

Many of the tournament's officials are familiar faces in Chiang Mai and it is hoped that some of the teams, both quality and social, will be visiting Chiang Mai soon. Special mention should go to Azmir Yusoff, known as Joe, who had come from Malaysia with his wife to play for CBBs and proved an exceptional person and enthusiastic cricketer. He was the deserved winner of the prestigious Spirit of Cricket award