Looking Ahead to the 2024 Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes

26 May 2023
Looking Ahead to the 2024 Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes

The world-famous Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes was successfully held for the 33rd time in April 2023 after an enforced break since 2019 thanks to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Planning has already started to make the 2024 tournament an even more enjoyable experience both on and off the field.

The dates for 2024 have already been announced with the tournament running for seven days from 31st March to 6th April. There will be a Welcome Party on Saturday 30th March with teams from around the world gathering together and renewing their long-term friendships or meeting new teams for the first time.

The tournament is held at the historic Gymkhana Club in Chiang Mai which is set up with tents for all competing teams and boundary banners circling the ground which has hosted the tournament since 1988. Teams are invited to three social events which were all held at Gymkhana Club n 2023 and there is a food village which serves a variety of food throughout the day. The Boundary Bar is the focus of the socialising throughout the week with the teams taking their refreshments back to their tents or sitting in front of the bar.

The team fee for the tournament in 2024 is likely to be held at i60 000 Baht which as it has been unchanged since 2018. We are looking to rebuild the strength of the tournament to 30 men's teams after we had 24 men's teams in 2023 as well as four ladies teams. Matches are five-overs aside with six players in each team who can have squads of eight players.

Teams vary in strength both in terms of ability and numbers so there are a total of five competitions and you are given a bag, towel, cap and magazine as well as free entry to three social events. The week begins by playing qualifying matches so that teams are then divided into the Cup, Shield, Bowl, Plate and Spoon with each team playing a minimum of five matches.

In 2023 we were able to provide all competing men's teams a total of seven matches including finals and play-offs in all five competitions. In previous years, teams had been divided into gentlemen's and players' sections so that as many contests were evenly matched as possible. The winning teams in each competition will win a replica trophy and the players win an elephant provided by Elephant Parade and there are medals for the runners' up.

Accommodation is not provided but there are a range of hotels in Chiang Mai which teams book themselves with budget and luxury options.

We are looking for strong teams who can play in the Players Section and compete for the Cup and Shield but social teams are just as welcome and they will have a chance of success in the Bowl. Plate and Spoon. The champions in 2023 were Thunders from Bangladesh but we also had competitive teams from Pakistan and India with the Cup completed by Darjeeling from UAE, Margate from Australia and local favourites Thai Thevada,

There is more information available on the website ( with live computer scoring of every match, action and team photos, and live streaming so you can watch matches from any day of the week in recent years.

Teams come to play in the Chiang Mai Sixes for year after year and they come from all over the world from countries near and far. Darjeeling, Drifters and Wombats have played in all 33 events but we also look to welcome new teams every year.