Cup and Shield groups decided as second round begins today

3 April 2018
Cup and Shield groups decided as second round begins today

Day Three Report

The third day of the Chiang Mai Sixes is an important stage in the week long tournament because the four groups in the Players' Section have been completed so teams know if they have qualified for the Cup and the Shield. NCL Dynamites finished as the highest ranked team in the first round but they were given a fright by the Tom Cats as Faisal took a hat-trick and scored 30 runs as the local Chiang Mai player had the day of his life. St Francis de Sales were second ranked, Kashmir Thunder third and UN Irish Pub fourth as all four sides completed three victories in the first round. Divine Felons and Bristol also qualified for the Cup which gets under way at 1.10 pm on Wednesday. Yorkshire Puddings, Margate, Stray Cats, Got the Runs, Lords Taverners and NCL Masters will compete in the Shield with the first match scheduled for 2.20pm.

The Gentlemen's Section will be completed on Wednesday as teams qualify for the Bowl, Vase, Plate and Spoon and the tournament barbecue will be held early on Wednesday evening with two pigs provided by STEC and plenty more delicious food with the Rasta Cafe Band provide the entertainment.