Our team of deaf and blind are ready to visit beautiful Chiang Mai again this year. All the regulars are back with the exception of Terry Williams who has had surgery to remove a melanoma. I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery. Looking forward to laughs and smile and beers with all the competitors and supporters.

Umpires Players

  • Barry Drake

    another globe trotter who splits his time between Cardiff and Melbourne but is a native of Essex. Speeds around on his trusty honda 50 through the Sois of Chiang Mai. Look out everyone

  • Christophe Felton

    Our head Umpire Francais has recently left Worthing and is currently residing in Bangkok. Has stockpiled thousands of face masks as part of his pension fund. No doubt he will keep Hagar on the straight and narrow in Chiang Mai.

  • Gavin Shaw

    Shawry has more air miles than Alan Whicker! I suspect his regular trips to the middle kingdom might be a bit curtailed right now! Always happy to discuss the finer points of cricket in Maxim's late in the evenings.

  • George Appleton

    George needs no introduction as he has been a player and lord high everything else at the sixes for many years. He will be helping us out this year in case of emergencies.

  • Glyn Davies

    Hong Kong based Taff number three. We are taking over ! Was a successful winning captain here with Kowloon CC many years ago. Now a poacher turned gamekeeper

  • Herbie Whitlock

    Recently returned from holidaying in Malta, the Umpires panel senior statesman will be bringing his ukulele and can be found standing on corners or cleaning windows. Beware, look after your lamp stands

  • Jim Ford

    Our Australian senior Umpire. Has just about recovered from Hagar's visit to Darwin just over 12 months ago. Will be spending evenings with his old mate Jim Beam.

  • Jim Middleton

    Official panel expert on absolutely everything, His smile lights up any room and he'll happily talk for an age on any subject. Currently lecturing on global outbreaks

  • Paul "Hagar"Jones

    Chief Umpire Hagar returns for tournament #29. Looking forward to meeting old and new friends at this wonderful place. be nice to see a dry ground after the recent deluge in the UK. Meeting a couple of Beaver's at the Cabbage Patch in early March, no doubt bribes will be offered and accepted.

  • Phil Haines

    Our second Taff on the panel returns for visit number two. Phil is an experienced globe trotter and really enjoyed the cricket and social life of the tournament. Another one whose joib it is to look after Hagar.

  • Rex " Sly Dog" Evans

    Perth based Rex is hugely experienced in sixes cricket, and nocturnal affairs. He does some umpiring too. Also the official panel accountant due to his number crunching expertise.