Summer Saints

Summer Saints

Watch out Chang Mai! The Summer Saints are ready to make things happen on and off the field!

Our number 2 team, will boast and age range from 12 to 56

Leading us into to battle at the ripe old age of 12 will be Capt Kobi Maynard. His playing partners are : Grego, Aaron P, Dean, Anthony & AJ. Reserves if required : Tangles, Tweeka, Wolf, Nozz & Pascal.

A touring party of 30+ will drive this team to glory in the Gentleman;s division, while our St Francis De Sales CC ( No 1 Team ) will be striving for CUP Glory.

Summer Saints Players

  • Aaron, Dean, Robyn and Sarah Poskus

    The Poskus’ mean business in Chang Mai this year!

    Will Aaron bowl with his hat on? Will Dean bring his special scoring pen? Will Robyn and Sarah be able to enjoy the Chang Mai serenity and nightlife?

    No doubt the answer to all these questions… is yes!

  • Anthony, Melissa, Heath, Noah and Cassie Blight:

    This motley crew headed by Anthony & Melissa, has grown from 3 trippers a couple of years back, now boast a party of 7 and by all accounts the additional 4 of Heath, Cassie, Ballsey and Kitana know how to party, look out Chiang Mai.

    Anthony and Melissa will try to keep this group in check but I think the fun will begin for the younger ones after Anthony & Melissa have retired for the night. This crew is out to make an impact, not on the cricket ground but in the clubs and Bars.

  • Ez Yiap

    Our trusty travel agent Ez has once again sorted the crew out with team transportation to Chang Mai. A favourite of all, there’d be know St Francis De Sales CC representation in Chang Mai without him!

  • Grant "Tweeka" Smith

    The mover and shaker of the SFDCC outfit, Tweeka’s been pivotal in assembling this star-studded team. His unrelenting peer-pressure strategies worked a treat as Smithy asked every man, woman and dog if they were “coming to Thailand this year?” We’re not sure if we’ll see him re-live the glory days and stand behind the stumps, but the one thing that is for sure, is Smithy’s love for Thailand!

  • Greg "Tangles" Walker

    The crafty veteran is famous for having the ball on a string and terrorising batsmen over the years. He’s even more famous (perhaps ‘infamous’ depending on who you ask) for his jokes by the bar.

  • Greg Blight

    Mr Everywhere! Whether he’s stocking the bar fridges at the club or trundling in with his right arm overs, the ‘Great Aussie Blight’ gives it his all! Grego will be debuting his latest full back tattoo in Chang Mai – a tattoo that used more ink than what’s required for one of his overs in the scorebook… and that’s a lot.

  • Kobi "Kobbles" Maynard

    Dubbed, “most feared player to face in the nets,” the 12-year-old superstar has a track record of embarrassing blokes with his wobbly, swing-both-ways seamers. Word of advice: Get on Kobi’s good side now because once he gets a bit older, stronger and wiser, he’ll be wreaking even more havoc to batsmen than what he does now.

  • Pascal Peren

    For many, Pascal is the most important member of the St Francis De Sales CC outfit – the bar sponsor. Need we say more?