Stuffed Beavers

Stuffed Beavers

Castor Repletis Athletic Pursuits is a global, multi-disciplinary sporting and social club with players and supporters drawn from many walks of life and corners of the globe. The Club’s versatility is its strength and we are delighted to have representatives from so many of the Club’s broad range of activities on this year’s tour. It is also with some pride that we can boast the presence of all surviving winners of the prestigious Beaver Of The Year award. Lord Adam Barnett was both the inaugural President and the first BOTY and it is fitting that the Beavers are fielding two teams this year to mark his finely-crafted fifty.

Stuffed Beavers Players

  • Chris “Coombesy” Coombes

    5th Tour. BOTY 2015. Mounting Beavers are in thrall to the skills and experience of their fearless leader, Coombesy. Often operating under his preferred pseudonym ‘The Himalayan Limpet’, he holds the club record for the longest stint clinging to the side of the rock face, unable to move up or down.

  • James "Jimbo" Begley

    Debut Tour. Downhill legend James is undoubtedly the most proficient skier in the club. Taking up the sport at the tender age of 35 he spends more time face-planted in the snow than actually descending the slopes. His devotion to the sport was famously summed up by a 7-year old beginner who announced to his mother “Mummy, I think this man has given up”. Astute fellow.

  • Mark “Bagpuss” Sayers

    7th Tour. BOTY 2014. The 25 year-old Mark threw himself into Martial Arts in order to impress girls. His opening Tae Kwon Do bout resulted in a resounding thrashing at the hands of a 14-year old pocket rocket. Undeterred, he volunteered to assist the instructor in demonstrating a particular move – the subsequent kick to the chest propelled him against the fire door, through the safety bar and out into the car park. And out of Tae Kwan Do for ever….

  • Mark “Sluggs” Robinson

    6th Tour. President 2018-19. BOTY 2018. Ever-mindful of his Health and Safety responsibilities, Mark’s leadership of the Fishing Beavers was never better demonstrated then when, feeling a sharp tug on his line, he strapped himself securely into the Fighting Chair before heroically hauling in a supermarket plastic bag.

  • Max "Maximus Begley

    Debut Tour. The Begley family are renowned for their middle-distance running skills and Max is no exception. The Gerards Cross Fun Run saw Max confidently informing his family he would beat them all and true to his word he sprinted away from the start. Needless to say, and as any student of Aesop could have predicted, he came in 5th out of 5 in the 5k.

  • Neil “Morto” Morton

    Debut Tour. Judo requires, amongst other things, the characteristics of concentration, commitment and determination in order to succeed. Morto possessed none of these and quit after a five-second, zero-contact yellow-belt title eliminator. The next morning’s headline read ‘Yellow Woe for Morto in Judo Dojo No-go’.

  • Phil “Forearms” Burgess

    4th Tour. BOTY 2013. Phil’s leadership skills are talked about in hushed tones amongst the sailing fraternity and it is no surprise that he is the undisputed leader of the Floating Beavers, following his frantic radio call to Race Control to enquire where the finishing line was actually situated. Phil later explained that having accidentally found himself in first place, he didn’t have anyone to follow.

  • Robert “Bob” Gall

    6th Tour. Representing the Cycling team, Bob has tackled many of the sport’s most prestigious challenges and has the full set of broken elbows and shoulders along with a nice line in concussion to show for it. Having got to the root of the problem, Bob has set up a crowd-funding page through which he hopes to be able to buy himself some brakes.

Stuffed Beavers Supporters

  • Ariya Begley

    7th Tour. Ariya has made rapid progress in gymnastics over the past year. If you come across a girl twirling around a tent supports or vaulting across the Beaver bar the chances are its Ariya putting in a bit of extra practice. Also a talented footballer.

  • Connor Begley

    4th Tour. The FEC is still showing a disturbing lack of interest in cricket (there’s time) but is he to be congratulated that he no longer sinks in a swimming pool.

  • Ella Begley

    9th Tour. Ella has recently added boxing to her sporting repertoire excelling in just her second lesson by breaking through her Australian coach’s guard to leave him with the split lip. Approach with caution.

  • Katy “KT” Thorogood

    3rd Tour. Katy, ever up for a challenge, entered the Hampstead Heath half-marathon and can proudly boast that not only was she beaten by the rest of the field, she also trailed in behind the fellow taking down the signs and collecting up the cones. In her own words: a born Beaver.

  • Lois Barnett

    Debut Tour. Lois aspires to be a rock star drummer or astronaut! Takes on life pretty much like her parent's....Head on!

  • Maggie Barnett

    Debut Tour. All-rounder Maggie is a champion headbanging, air guitarist, Barbie loving flosser.

  • Nikki Barnett

    3rd Tour. Singer (Oasis a speciality); choreographer (Flash Mobs) & wine connoisseur (Lots).

  • Rachel Begley

    13th Tour. Encyclopaedic knowledge of cricket, limitless karaoke repertoire and a disturbing predilection for doing the splits at random. It can only be Jonesy.

  • Steve Harris

    nth Tour. Steve's ball-by-ball coverage of the Beaver matches has become something of a broadcasting institution. The small inconvenience of his honeymoon is throwing a bit of a spanner in the works this year, but it is hoped he can continue to update the global Beaver following from his villa in Mustique.

  • The Beaverettes

    5th Tour. South-East Asia's finest fillies! See their team page for this multi-national line-up of cricket-loving, cocktail-swilling, Beaver-cheering beauties.